A Scentsy Giveaway for my Amazing READERS!!! {Giveaway Closed}

Nov 25th, 2010

As many of you know, I love SCENTSY! I am so excited to announce another Scentsy giveaway for my amazing readers! This giveaway is sponsored by Kristen Mabb a Scentsy Independent Consultant!

What is the PRIZE??? We will have two lucky winners of $25.00 gift certificates for you to choose for yourself what Scentsy items you would like!

For those that are not familiar with Scentsy, let me tell you why I love it. I love how strong the scents smell. I actually have three Scentsy warmers that are spreading wonderfully smelling aromas in my home constantly. (Do you think I’m obsessed?). I love that the wax does not get too hot, and I love that they are safe to keep on when you leave unlike a candle that can burn your house down if left unattended.

My favorite scents this holiday are: Pumpkin Roll, Cranberry Spice, and Cranberry Muffin.

My favorite scents for everyday are:
#1: Perfectly Pomegranate 
#2: Black Raspberry Vanilla
#3: Clean Breeze (This one smells like bleach, and on cleaning day, it makes my house smell EXTRA clean!)

The warmers are so stinkin cute, and they have them for every holiday, decorating style, and preference.

  The plug ins are great too!

This one is darling for the holidays!

And my newest favorite is the Scentsy sprays.

How to enter?
Mandatory Entry:The ONLY thing you need to do is to be a public follower of All Things Thrifty. CLICK THE “Follow” BUTTON TO THE LEFT! Just make sure to leave a comment for this entry to be valid.

For extra entries do the following and leave a comment for each one you do:
1. Tell me (in a comment) what scentsy scent is your absolute favorite.
2. Post about All Things Thrifty on Facebook (include a link to the giveaway in your post).
3. Like All Things Thrifty on Facebook
4. Add All Things Thrifty to your blog roll
5. Follow All Things Thrifty on Twitter
6. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (include a link to the giveaway).

7. For five extra entries: Make an order on Kristin’s website on the All Things Thrifty party! (make sure to leave 5 comments)
The two winners will be announced on Monday. 


  1. I'm a follower & I like!

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  3. I've added you to my blog roll!

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  5. I'm a follower!

  6. I'm more than a follower… I think I've become officially OBSESSED! Love ya Brookie! Oh yeah… and I'm obsessed with Scentsy too! :)

  7. I'm a follower!

  8. Clean Breeze is my favorite, followed by Spiced Grapefruit :)

  9. Following All Things Thrifty on FB!

  10. I'm a follower!!

  11. I already follow ATT :)

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  13. My favorite scent is Satin Sheets :) But right now Im LOVING Silver Bells!!

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  17. I'm a follower!

  18. Your on my blogroll!

  19. I would love my house to smell like a cranberry muffin all winter!

  20. I'm a follower!

  21. I just went to a scentsy party and I'm trying to remember which scent was my favorite. I like the Thunderstorm and the Christmasy one that smells like pine.

  22. I like All things Thrifty on FB!

  23. posted on FB about the giveaway

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  25. Cool prizes ^^
    I follow you!

  26. I also follow you on twitter as RiechansWorld

  27. I haven't used scentsy before but would love to start as I have seen it in so many homes.

  28. I liked you on facebook too ^^ (I'm the one with the sailor moon image ;) )

  29. And my favourite scent would be …
    Cranberry Spice … 'cause I have absolutely no idea how this would smell but I love cranberries ^^ or Black Raspberry … or Cranberry Mango … omg SO many scents!!

  30. I am a follower :0)

  31. I love the Cinnamon Vanilla!!!

  32. I like All Things Thrifty on FB.

  33. I follow you on twitter @nmbrumfield

  34. I'm a follower!!

  35. My favorite Scentsy is one they don't make anymore – I can't remember the name, but it smells like babies!! I think it's nursery-something. Mmm, I love that one.

  36. I am a follower. What a great holiday giveaway!

  37. I am afollower!!!

  38. I'm a follower!

  39. I know it's winter but the beach scentsy has my name on it.

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  41. I'm a follower!

  42. I'm following you on Twitter! (I'm @tnajk)

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  44. My favorite scent is welcome home. :) It smells exactly as you'd picture it!

  45. I liked you on facebook, too!

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  47. I follow ATT :)

  48. Black Raspberry Vanilla is my favorite.

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  52. I am a follower!

  53. my favorite scent is snoberry!! :)

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  55. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    I'm a follower!

  56. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Cranberry spice is perfect for the holidays!

  57. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    You are on my blog roll!

  58. I am a follower of your blog!

  59. I don't know which scent is my favorite because I have never tried Scentsy but there are so many that sound lovely!

  60. I don't have a favorite because I don't have one, but I would love to get one!

  61. You're on my blog roll!

  62. I'm new to the Scentsy line, but the Silver Bells scent sounds wonderful.

  63. I'm following on Twitter.

  64. You're add to my blog roll.

  65. I'm a follower!

  66. I've never checked out the scents, but the CLEAN BREEZE sounds amazing!!

  67. Im a follower too and I love scentsy.

  68. I'm a public follower (because your blog is far too good to keep secret)! :)

  69. I also follow you on Twitter. (Publicly, but quietly since I'm shy.)

  70. Hi. I'm a follower of your blog and on FB. Thanks.

  71. I like you on FB! I really, really like you on FB! (Thus concludes my Sally Field impression.)

  72. I am a follower!

  73. I'm now a follower of your blog!

  74. I've never actually smelled any of the scents before, but the Mochadoodle scent sounds like it would smell amazing!

  75. I like the spiced grapefruit

  76. And I follow your blog

  77. I posted on FB

  78. i'm a follower
    wigsla at gmail dot com

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  80. i've never tried scentsy before but i would really like to try the cozy fireside scent
    wigsla at gmail dot com

  81. I am a follower :)

  82. You are on my blog roll!

  83. I like you on FB :)

  84. I haven't used any scentsy products yet, but I'd love to! Especially if they have a good apple cinnamon scent!

  85. I love the cinnamon!

  86. I follow you!

  87. I am a public follower!

  88. My favorite is the black raspberry vanilla, although your theory about the clean breeze making my house smell clean sounds like something I need to try!

  89. I like you on Facebook!

  90. I'm a follower on bloglovin'–does that count?

  91. I'd love the pomegranate scent!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  92. Okie Annie says:

    I've now "joined the club"!

  93. Okie Annie says:

    I love Scentsy! My favorite scent is Camu Camu hands down. So girly! :) Love it.

  94. Joy McDaniel says:

    I love french kiss.

  95. I'm a follower! Shayla

  96. I love Habana Cabana! Shayla

  97. All Things Thrifty is on my blog roll! Shayla

  98. Quinn Family says:

    I am totally following you! Amazing ideas – love it!

  99. Quinn Family says:

    My fave scent is Cinnamon Cider right now!

  100. Slim Pickings says:

    Haven't tried it yet but I'd love to try!

  101. I'm a follower!

  102. Now following you on FB!

  103. I'm a follower! Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. I like ATT on FB!

  105. I love black raspberry vanilla too!

  106. I am a follower!

  107. I am now a public follower of All THings Thrifty :)

  108. I am now a public follower of All THings Thrifty :)

  109. My Favorite Scensty smell is Cloves and Cinnamon…mmmm…so gooooooood!

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  111. I like All Things Thrifty on Facebook

  112. I added you to my blog roll too :)

  113. I'm a follower!

  114. I am a follower!

  115. I'm a follower and I love Scentsy!! Perfectly Paomegranate is also my favorite scent. I would love to have a pumpkin roll scent for the holidays!

  116. You're on my blog roll!

  117. I like you on facebook!

  118. follower :)

  119. my fave scent is Toasted Caramel Sugar…

  120. I am already a follower of your blog!

  121. RIght now my favorite it white tea w/ cactus!

  122. i "like" all things thrifty on FB!

  123. & i now follow all things thrifty on twitter! YAH!

  124. i'm a follower!

  125. i am a follower.

  126. my favorite is bubblegum…which is being brought back in january!!!

  127. I'm a follower!!

  128. I like you on Facebook!

  129. My favorite scent is Toasted Carmel Sugar! I also love any of the ones with Cinnamon!

  130. My house stinks. I need this.

  131. ABCDE Family says:

    I'm a follower

  132. I'm a new follower! Love your blog and all the many inspiration decor I found here. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  133. I already follow you…for a while now! Thanks for the chance to win!

  134. You're already on my blogroll!

  135. My most favorite scent is the hazelnut latte. So sweet and yummy!!!

  136. I'm a follower for sure! I heart All Things Thrifty:)

  137. I follow you on facebook too! Can't get enough of your page!

  138. I'm with you!! One of my favorite Scentsy scents is the Black Rasberry Vanilla! Mmm! It's burning in my kitchen right now!

  139. Follower!

  140. Facebooker too!

  141. I love the pumpkin roll right now!!!

  142. I'm a follower!

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  145. Just posted about it too!!!!

  146. I'm a follower!

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  148. I love snowberry!

  149. I bought a cute scensy stuffed animal for my nephew!

  150. I made a purchase

  151. I made a purchase

  152. I made a purchase

  153. I made a purchase

  154. I made a purchase

  155. I am a follower. I absolutely love Lemon Coconut Grass!!!

  156. I am a follower. I absolutely love Lemon Coconut Grass!!!

  157. You're on my blog roll.

  158. I follow all things thrifty now

  159. my favorite is cranberry mango

  160. I follow!

  161. I've never tried Scentsy before… but my family SWEARS by it!

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  164. pumpkin roll! i love pumpkin.
    a follower. =)

  165. I am a follower.

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  167. My favorite is scent is inner peace.

  168. I am a follower on your site! :)

  169. I Like you on Facebook, heck, I like you anywhere. LOL

  170. My all time favorite scent is a cucumber melon scent. I don't have a Scentsy, but I bet they have a scent that has something to do with that! I've also been looking for a Christmas scent, or maybe Mulberry?

  171. Color me a Follower!

  172. I Like you on FaceBook!

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  174. Black Raspberry Vanilla is my absolute favorite!

  175. Kelly Lundy

  176. Kelly Lundy: I love Maple Butter right now.

  177. I liked you on FB! (Kelly Lundy)

  178. follower


  179. Ty and Whitty says:

    I am a follower of your blog :)

  180. Ty and Whitty says:

    Christmas tree because I have a fake one and this way i still have the smell in my home during christmas

  181. I am a HAPPY public follower of All Things Thrift Home…

  182. My fave scent right now is PUMPKIN ROLL!

  183. I like ATT on FB!

  184. I'm following ATT on Twitter but Twitter is acting up this morn.

  185. I FBed about this giveaway @SceneoftheGrime.

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  187. I'm a new follower!
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  188. I love the 'camu camu' scent.
    arizonarachel at hotmail dot com

  189. ATT is on my blogroll and daily reading list! Thanks SO MUCH for the giveaway OPP!

  190. Ty and Whitty says:

    All things thrifty is on my blog roll

  191. I ordered a room spray – sticky cinnamon bun scent!

  192. I ordered an item from Kristin!

  193. I ordered an item from Kristin!

  194. I ordered an item from Kristin!

  195. I ordered an item from Kristin!

  196. I'm a public follower! :) Scentsy is the BEST!

  197. I love the blueberry cheesecake smell! Yum!!

  198. I like All Things Thrifty on facebook!! :)

  199. Yay! You're on my blog roll! :)

  200. i am currently using Home Sweet Home

  201. I would love to try the central park pralines scent.

  202. I posted a link about the giveaway on facebook.

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  206. i love the mocha doodle scent:) hope i win!

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  209. Already a follower!

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  212. I don't know if it is still made, but I have and LOVE the Toasted Caramel Sugar scent!

  213. I liked ATT on Facebook!

  214. Posted on Facebook about the giveaway!

  215. Definitely black raspberry vanilla is my favorite.

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  223. I really like clean breeze.
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  227. I'm a follower!

  228. My all time favorite is Perfectly Pomegranate – seriously so good!

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  232. I just got a air freshener tag that I hang in my car and I believe the scent is Autumn Spice. I LOVE it!!!!! It's my favorite. Especially this time of year.

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  235. totally a follower!!!

  236. I'm a follower!

  237. I like the CamuCamu scent!! Great gievaway!

  238. I am a follower. I do not have anything Scentsy, but keep hearing more and more about it. This would be a great way for me to become more familiar with the product!

  239. I love toasted caramel sugar. It fills the whole house and seems to last a lot longer

  240. I like on facebook

  241. I posted a link on facebook

  242. Perfectly Pomegranate is my favorite too!

  243. my favorite scent is jingele