I have a good friend who I have posted about before here on All Things Thrifty named Dani. Her son Chase was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (a.k.a. ALL) in July of this year. Since then Chase has undergone treatment after treatment. This amazing family has taken everything in stride. I honestly live less than a block away from them, and I am in awe at how strong they are. Chase now has a little brother Mason who is absolutely adorable. Can you imagine having a baby in the middle of going through treatments for Chase? I am lucky to know this great family.

This is Chase. If you would like to know more about Chase, or could donate (even the smallest amount is appreciated), check out Chaser’s fund HERE, or to read more about the Prince Family, check out their blog HERE. To donate directly to Chaser’s Fund, click HERE to go to Paypal.

A special event is being planned on behalf of Chase. Two participants from the Biggest Loser are sponsoring a boot-camp here in St. George on January 15, 2011. Click HERE for more details.

I hopped over to Dani’s blog this morning to check in on her, and found this story about Jessica Schmitt. Jessica is a 4 year old that also lives here in St. George. For me it especially hits home to find out that this family lives right here, but regardless of the location, my heart is broken for this family. PLUS, since I’m pregnant, I can’t control my emotions anyway. So, you can imagine what a mess I was after reading this story about Jessica.

Jessica’s mom was worried about her daughter for a few weeks because she wasn’t “eating well.” So, on Dec. 21st, they took her to the Dr. and immediately needed more tests. That night, Jessica and her parents (along with her baby brother) were on a flight to Primary Children’s hospital in Salt Lake City where she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. She has been diagnosed with Wilms Tumor which has spread throughout her body and organs.

I cannot imagine how this family feels since before this whirlwind of events, they were probably planning for a relaxing Christmas with their beautiful family.

Jessica is currently in the ICU at Primary Children’s Hospital. To check out her story go to Jessica’s Miracle HERE. 

A special event is being organized to help Jessica and the Schmitt family.

January 8th at 7:30 AM @ 163 South 2060 East
Saint George, Utah
Donate items to address listed above until
January 8th. Bring baked goods the day of.
Come and shop or simply donate. ALL
proceeds will be put in a trust fund for
the Schmitts to help pay medical bills.
Questions: Call Ann or John (435)656-2688
Call Mary or Kelton (435)703-1217 

If you don’t live nearby and would still like to help, you can donate (even the tiniest amount is wonderful) to Jessica’s paypal fund found HERE. 

Please pray for Chase and Jessica. I know prayers will help. 


  1. says

    So many sad stories I know. If it gives any hope to the Prince family I am an ALL survivor =) I was diagnosed at age 7. I went through rounds of chemo, bone marrow transplant, spinal taps etc… I'll never forget. My mother also got pregnant with my sister 3 months into my treatments. I am now 31, mother of three healthy children and happily married. Luckily ALL is highly treatable and there is a very high success rate for treatments.
    I will keep the Schmitts in all my positive thoughts. Tumors are very scary and take many lives. I lost a friend in the hospital to this very kind. May god bless these little children and their families with a full recovery.

  2. says

    My daughter 17 years ago this past Dec 22 had wilms tumor at the age of 4 mos…this hits home..She is fine now lost her right kidney…my prayers and thoughts go to both families..the treatment now is wonderful for wilms tumor, I pray both have the best outcomes.

  3. says

    I will be praying for both families. As a mama, I can't even begin to comprehend how challenging something like that must be to deal with. I am so proud of every woman who has the courage to go on with the struggles that they face involving their children's health.

  4. says

    I just want to add my two cents. I am the mother of Chase. As wonderful as Brooke thinks our family is we are just one normal little family with our own set of trials. After having dealt with my two year old having cancer, and then hearing of stories of others we truly feel so blessed. Chase is doing wonderful. He has his bad days but most are good. I want to thank all of the readers of All Things Thrifty for your thoughts and prayers. We feel the effects of every single one. Brooke is an amazing, talented, wonderful friend and I am so lucky that she is my neighbor. Thanks Brooke…You are the BEST!!!

  5. matt and katrina says

    I am a frequent reader of this blog and was surprised to find this posting since I haven't visited the site for a few weeks. We spent Christmas in the hospital as well. My 2 1/2 year old daughter had a brain tumor removed a week ago and will start chemo this coming tuesday. It has opened my eyes to a different world. It's comforting to see others be strong through similar experiences. I have also been on bedrest for 5 weeks and will have the baby any day. Crazy life! I hope all the efforts to raise money and help these families are successful. Best wishes from New Hampshire!

  6. says

    These stories have touched my heart. I have a little guy right around Chase's age and I can't even image what they are going through! I would love to donate but don't use paypal. Do you know of any other way to donate? Thanks!

  7. Brooke @ www.allthingsthrifty.com says

    Matt and Katrina,
    Thank you for your sweet comment. I will pray for your precious family as well. I am humbled by your story. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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