I just got this e-mail from Dani, and to help spread the word I asked her permission to post her letter. I know a lot of you have expressed concern and support for Chase after I have posted about him several times. I just wanted to help out this amazing family by helping get the word out. I can’t imagine the work that has gone into putting together an event like this. I’m disappointed, but as you can tell by her letter, Dani is a very gracious, loving person who always seems to look on the “bright” side of it all.

THE BIGGEST LOSER BOOT CAMP HAS BEEN CANCELED!  Filipe just called me and felt very bad that he was not going to be able to make it.  A very close friend of his died this last weekend and he is speaking at the funeral that is this Sat. So as you can see he can not be in two places at the same time.  
I would show up and lead you all in some work outs if you would like me to.  However, I am sure you do not want to see me up there shaking my post baby booty!  I am so sorry that I have to cancel this again, because as most of you know this is not the first time the date has changed.  I want you to all know that we feel ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT whether through a fundraiser or not.  There is no need to have a fundraiser for us to feel the love from all of you.  I feel that if anything, I would rather us all get together just to work out for fun to support Chase with no money what so ever involved.  The one and only thing I was looking forward to was just to see all the many faces wanting to show their support.  To see everyone cheering little Chaser on.  Just a big day of friends and family coming together in a big fight against this nasty cancer.  Working the hardest we have ever worked, just to show cancer who is boss…..CHASE!!!  

I would love to thank each of you individually for everything that has been done for us.  If I did this I would spend way more time that I have in a day, week, or even a month because of how much support we have been shown.  We have had more meals that I can even count come into our home.  We have had phone calls just to see if we were doing okay.  Neighbors who send a text every time they go to the store just to see if we need something.  So much help with my little girl Abby, knowing that she is also going through a tough time being a sibling of cancer.  Our journey has not been the easiest, but I would not change a single day of it.  The blessings we have received from our Heavenly Father, through you, have been countless.  Even the simplicity of a little prayer we have felt beyond comprehension.   Please know that every little act of service you have shown toward us has been noted not only by us but by our Heavenly Father.  He knows how much love has been shown toward us, and he will bless all of you beyond what my “thank you” can do.  Although, I do want you to know that we are very grateful for all that has been done for us.  We love you all and are so glad that we are apart of such an AMAZING support system!

We love you all,
Dani Prince


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