Are you one of those lucky Moms who gets to eat whatever foods you like when you are breastfeeding? I am not. :( In fact, my babies are fussy.  My first two were diagnosed with Acid Reflux, and I was excited because I thought that Creed was different. He didn’t spit up from the start, and he was fussy here and there, but not constantly.

At first, I thought he was fussy because I thought he was hungry. But, then his occasional fussiness turned into 4 hour screaming episodes, which is obviously no fun, and VERY stressful to me. Then his fussiness turned into days of constant crying. He would pull his legs to his tummy, clench his little fists, and scream bloody murder. I tried Milicon drops, which didn’t help much.

So, after a few days of that, I conceded and took him into the pediatrician. I was wishing and hoping for it to be an ear infection. (Sad to say that I WISHED for that, huh.) But, no such luck. His ears were perfect. He had gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks, which means he is getting enough to eat.

So, the dr. said it could be one of two things: the DREADED Acid Reflux, surprise, surprise, or Colic.

Since my first two were Acid Reflux babies, we started him on some medication to see if it helps.
The Dr. also said to avoid these foods:
Orange Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Pineapple Juice
Purple Grape Juice
Peppers (all kinds)
Baked Beans
Lima Beans
Chili Beans
Kidney Beans
Peanut Butter
Fresh Peaches
Dairy Products

Ummmm…doesn’t that sound fun!?! I have been omitting these foods from my diet for four days, and I thought he was doing better…until today. Yesterday was great, but he’s cried a lot today. (He is asleep right now, hence why I can be typing this post). Maybe it will pass. I can hope, right!?


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    Hiya hun!! I do not know if this will help you but it sure did me!! My daughter had colic and acted just like that. I remember calling my mom to come over at 4am because I was terrified and did not know what to do. Anyway, I am just sharing what helped us not sure if it will help you! We started giving her a teaspoon of Karo syrup in every bottle "I had to pump of course, also OK'd by her pediatrician whom we LOVE" and within just a few days she was better. This would doubtfully help with AR but I thought I would share incase it is more along the lines of colic! I sure hope you find something that helps, I know how difficult and frightening it is to watch your small child in pain!! Many hugs!! Tammy

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    my second son spent his first few weeks grunting and drawing his legs up in pain – mylicon was of no help to him either. And the thing that worked was ColicCalm, which is gripe water, a natural remedy. An expensive bugger, but it really truly worked, when my diet changes and mylicon drops did not.
    Hope it gets better for you!

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    Oh, One of the girls had colic so bad as a baby. I tried everything the doctor said and nothing worked. One day, we were at the chiropractor and he asked me what was wrong. I told him and he adjusted the baby. She promptly went to sleep and there was no more screaming and crying. I felt terrible that I did not know to try that first instead of on accident!! My mother in law also swears by fennel tea. You can find directions on the internet. It is a weak tea for infants, but does provide some relief. Good luck!! I was so tired for way too long with my daughter!!

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    Oh yuck! Two of my three kids had serious food allergies, and I had to eliminate most foods for months before I gradually re-introduced the foods into my diet. I can totally empathize with you because I know how awful it is when you know that something that you're doing is causing his distress. HOWEVER, I always like to say that these specialized diets helped me make it back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time at all :-). When you can't eat dairy, eggs, soda, or anything terribly good, it automatically turns into a diet. I wish that I had the same will power now – that I don't have nursing babies – to eat better for myself.

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    Dr. Kesterson is a chiropracter in St. George who is wonderful with babies and children. I take my daughter to him regularly for anything from ear aches, teething, to headcolds. Babies bones are significantly manipulated in the process of being born, and getting them adjusted can work miracles. Sending you lots of Love and Luck with your new little one!

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    I always tell people that if my 4th baby had been born first, she would have been any only child. She cried almost every minute she was awake, if she napped, it was only for 10-15 minutes….that was a looong first year! Hang in there momma!

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    My second child seemed to have a food sensitivity. Then I realized we weren't burping her enough. She had to be pounded! It was crazy. That and mylicon helped.

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    Colic usually hits around the 2nd-3rd week of life and no kidding it "magically" goes away around 3 months – you just wake up one day and the baby is suddenly happy and smiley and not having the cry-fests – or scream fests. Allergies are very hard to put your fingers on in babies – though babies may be sensitive to some of those foods I believe that eliminating all of them not only makes mom a little "punished" but it also deprives your baby of a myriad of flavors and things that he was already exposed to in utero and that will hopefully expand his taste palate as a toddler. As a mom who has been there – who did the journaling – tracking of bowel movements and elimation diets – and cried the tears (even though my very wonderful pediatrician assured me that it would go away after 3 months) and as a lactation consultant now I would encourage you to eat what you want to eat (unless you can determine a repeated dramatic reaction to something specific), try the gripe water (I never did but I have friends who have sworn by it and your readers are also recommending it), and take breaks whenever you can – if you can get a mom or sister to come over for the evening hours and take over while you put on your earphones or go somewhere with your other kids, do it. I think too many newborns are overmedicated for reflux – just my opinion. Take care and hang in there!

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    Have you tried probiotics? Worked awesome for me and all of my friends who have tried it! A pinch in a bottle, if you don't mind pumping a couple bottles a day for him. The only problem I ran into was making sure the bottle was warm enough to dissolve the powder. Probiotics are the natural bacteria found in yogurt that helps with digestion….not sure why medical doctors don't tell you about this?? Maybe because it's natural? Wishing you luck…that's so tough.

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    My little boy cried for hours on end. I had tried EVERYTHING. One day, I called my mom and work and begged her to come help me because I just couldn't take it anymore. She showed up with Baby's Bliss Gripe Water. I was very sceptical but I was also very desperate. We gave him a half dose and 15 minutes later he was asleep. I am not exaggerating.

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    Oh, I'm sorry. I don't have any personal experience here, but sisters and sisters-in law galore that swear by Gripe Water. I hope you find something that works for you (and him)!

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    Awww… that stinks!! I nursed both my kids until they were over 12 months old. My daughter had terrible acid reflux. She cried FOREVER- shrieking screams!! I hope this passes fast for you. Just remember when you are up at night dealing with an unhappy child… you're not alone. Some other mother is out there doing the same thing. I know I always felt alone when I delt with stuff like that. :)

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    My first baby had terrible colic when he was a newborn. He would scream for hours! The doctor prescribed a bunch of acid reflux meds, none of which helped at all. I got a recommendation from my sister to try Gripe Water. It's an all natural remedy. It worked wonders! You can get it at smaller pharmacies. I hope you find something that works & that he feels better! I feel for you!

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    Two of my kids have dealt with bad acid reflux. The only thing that really worked for me was eliminating all dairy. I had never heard of eliminating all that other stuff. Try going off dairy, I promise it will help!

    Jill of

  15. Rebecca Phalen says

    We thought my son was colic and gripe water seemed to help most of the time. We thought it might be acid reflux at one point, but it actually turned out that he was allergic to milk (it took us 6 months to figure it out!). It's so frustrating trying to figure out what's making them (and you!) feel so bad. I feel for you hun!

  16. Heather says

    This might be worth a try if it is colic.

    ok this is going to sound crazy! My friend who recently had a baby was having the SAME problem with her baby, so she did some research on the internet about it, and found out you could take your infant to the chiropractor! it helped her so much! She wasn't crying as much, started feeling better and everything. I had never heard of doing such a thing, but she swears by it!

    From one mommy to another, I feel for you and hope it gets better soon!


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    Oh I wish I could hug you and kiss your cheek and bring you a bowl is pasta (with a BUNCH of tomato sauce) and a extra large coffee)!
    When my babe was about a month old he started taking a 4 hour nap in the morning, a 2 hour nap at 3 and them up until bed at 8. He would sleep 12 hours and then we would start again. He would CRY a lot during the day and I could tell he was SO tired but just couldn't sleep.
    About a month later I was praying (like in tears praying) and I realized what it was. I had to stop having my SUPER strong french press coffee first thing in the am. By strong I mean like I actually liked have grounds left over at the bottom of my cup so I could eat them with my last drink.
    My poor boy was unable to nap because I was drugging him….for over a month.
    I gave up coffee (and swore I would have him weaned on his 1 year birthday…which happened, because I was VERY motivated) for a year and he is almost 2 (tear) and I love coffee again.
    I am sorry my dear, I am not sure if I would have stuck with it if it was that big of a list of food. Maybe you will be on a specioal "breastfeeding diet" and be back to pre baby size in no time!
    Sorry, it is sad. I am excited to hear how it all works out!

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    My daughter was born with AR 9 years ago. As I am sure you have tried many things…this is what worked for us. I had to pump because she was only allowed 5 ounces per feeding….any more and it was just wasted and spit back up. She always acted like she was starved because it hurt she wanted to comfort herself with food. She was not a small baby 9.10 lbs. I watched how often she would eat so she wouldn't over eat. She took liquid Zantac. We fed her cereal starting at one week…just 1 to 2 thick tablespoons before each bottle…it helps to way it down and helps keep it in. We also tilted the mattress in her crib (this worked better than a wedge because it was more dramatic) The wedge we used when we left home to visit friends. We rolled a beach towel just under her feet to keep her from sliding down the crib. We also had her sleep on her tummy. All of this was dr approved. Lastley we noticed that she was a light sleeper because when she would reflux in her sleep it would wake her slightly and if she could hear others outside the room she would cry to join us (At one week old her acid reflux kept her awake for 14 hours straight. She was crying and so was I! To help with this we used a noise maker on babbling brook in her room all the time, and traveled with another. I will say a few prayers as I know how difficult it can be! Bless you and your family! The up side she has out grown it!

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    The Drs said our newest has colic. Lots of crying, screaming and gas. I use the gripe water, it has fennel in it. You can hear it bubbling in her belly as soon as it goes down. Seems to help some. I know it's rough, can't stand to see them hurt. A friend of mine recommended probiotics for my 2 year old and me. At 6 months old she still has a little trouble, but is slowly getting better. I had to switch to formula, because she had jaundice pretty bad. The colic formula was good for a little while, but had to switch to the gentlease. Went through a lot of tears & a lot of prayers. Hope you get it sorted out!

  20. Lanelle says

    I think he might be allergic to milk. He sounds just like my son and we went through all the same until I was told to cut out all dairy from my diet and when I supplemented ( which I did due to low supply early on) to switch to soy did it magically in 2 days went from screaming and pulling up his legs to the sweetest calmest boy in the world. Please try it before putting yourself through weeks of hell. It broke my heart to hear him scream and nothing I tried to help worked. Good luck.

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    Every baby, and every mommy is different . . . if you have a large supply of breast milk you might try pumping a few ounces off first, so that the baby gets not just the thinner stuff at the beginning, but the good, fatty cream too . . . this was the major issue contributing to my first baby's gas. Luckily, with the second it wasn't as big an issue cause I was tandem feeding 😉 That's just one possibility assuming several variables . . . whatever the issue I wish you a smoother breastfeeding journey and a happy, gas/colic/acid reflux free baby!

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    Oh and also with the dairy it can take a few weeks to get completely out of your system, so if the diet seems not to be working….keep it up for at least a month. Having been through this with three kids I am a firm believer in cutting out the dairy. The first two we just did Zantac and it was nearly useless. The third one I cut out the dairy and I always refer to her as my angel child because she has been THE BEST BABY. I'm talking sleeping through the night at 3 months old. Happy all the time. Not spitty at all.

    It is hard and you have to read the labels really well, because it is in everything from bread to snack foods to the french fries at McDonalds! (I am actually serious about that one). One tip, when you are cutting out the dairy….Almond Breeze Almond Milk. It is very yummy and great on cereal and as a substitute in your recipes that call for milk. That really saved my life. Now if I could just find a good substitute for cheese….

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    I bet you'll also find if your baby has had rosy little cheeks those will go away too….it's another sign of a food sensitivity.

    One final thing…sorry, I'm a talker….but I found that I could have butter because it was straight fat. Most babies are sensitive to the protein (casein) and/or the sugar (lactose), but since butter doesn't have either, I could have that. That was also SUPER helpful. I know it sounds crazy, but there's actually a lot of evidence out there to support that dairy can cause problems….

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    I'm sorry you and your baby are going through such a tough time. I breastfeed all three of my kids and my first was by far the most fussy. He only nursed for five months, whereas the other two nursed for nearly two years each.

    My milk seemed to change around three and a half months with my first baby. He was refusing the breast no matter what time of day, crying (and so was I!) and it was just horrible. I wanted to keep feeding him. I know breastmilk is better than formula. I didn't want to go that route with any of my kids.

    Sadly, there wasn't anything we could do. I pumped for a weeks trying to get him to drink, but he still refused. My breastmilk had a blue tinge to it and didn't seem as fatty as it used to be. I hadn't changed my diet, so it wasn't something I was eating differently.

    I tried half formula/half breastmilk, but that was a no-go. Finally, I had to admit that neither of us were happy with breastfeeding any more and we started formula feeding him regularly. I was heartbroken.

    I hope you find something that works for you, but in the end, you have to make a decision based on what both you and your baby need.

    (My other two children never tasted formula and never had bottles). I'm very proud of that :)

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    I am not a doctor but I am a breastfeeding counselor. Instead of avoiding those other foods I'd actually suggest that you go completely and totally dairy free for 3-6 weeks. That means no lactose, casein, buttermilk, cream, etc. That does not mean "dairy free" creamer or whipped cream is okay as those still usually contain dairy proteins.

    Dairy is more often the culprit than spicy foods.

    Think of all the children living in cultures that routinely eat spicy foods. Reflux is no more common there than in the US where we eat a more bland diet.

    This is just my opinion and is not meant to substitute for other medical care. Unless your doctor specializes in breastfeeding, though, s/he may not be relying on actually medical data but more or less old wives' tales.

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    I'm so sorry! I feel for you! My baby cried and cried for two months straight. She's the sweetest one year old I could ever ask for now, so just remember "this too shall pass"

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    The only problem with switching to formula is that if it is a dairy allergy you have to do soy, which is expensive and slightly controversial lately. OR you have to do Nutrimigen, which the first two ingredients are Corn Syrup and Vegetable Oils…and also VERY expensive :( I struggled with that too though. It is rough to go on an elimination diet!

  28. The Yoder's Four says

    No fun! So sorry–restrictive diets suck!! Don't hesitate to go back to the pediatrician if things don't get better soon. There are colic meds out there that can be a lifesaver.

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    So sorry to hear this news. I wish you and Creed comfort and peace. I wish I had a magic solution to your problem. Hopefully, this will be solved soon so each of you can rest and enjoy each day. Wanda

  30. Sharps says

    Some people might not like what i have to say BUT…If it were me, I would be like TO HELL with the breastfeeding! :) just saying:) and I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby right now, so I am totally about nursing your baby…but really, you both are suffering and you cant eat anything! Man o Man. i am a wuss:)Good luck! Let us know if you need anything…

  31. Brooke says

    I feel for you. I have 3 kids and the first 2 had colic soooo bad, with reflux on top of it. Horrible, horrible memories. Sometimes I am surprised I had more. LOL I tried watching what I ate, but it didn't seam to help. They eventually grew out of it at about 3 months. Not much help here, but wanted you to know your not alone. One thing that did help a little was taking them to a chiropractor. I was scared to death at first, but once I got the first appointment over with and it helped I decided it wasn't so bad. If you do this just make sure you ask if they work on babies. Good luck!

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    I didn't finish reading all the comments, but it sounds like most of the things I would have said have been touched on. Milk for sure, a baby isn't supposed to drink a cow's milk. If you need to go with milk (soy can be just as hard on the digestive system) go with goat or sheep milk, it is way easier on the digestive system and FAR healthier.

    Both my wee guys had issues, but the first one was diagnosed with AR and I gave him the meds once and when the nurse said that almost all babies had to take them (I looked it up and it turned out to be an adult Reflux medication) I thought it was worth looking into. I don't know if you have access to a LaLeche League? They are amazing groups all over who help with feeding issues… the one lady here told me that it might be that he was over feeding. I happened to have "over active letdown" which means that the milk would pour out of me and his poor tummy would take in more than it should have each time I used that breast. She taught me to feed him by having him sort of up above my breast with me laying back against the chair or in bed against a pillow so he had to suck upwards and only got what he needed. I am telling you, the number of women who I have told this story to who have had a lightbulb moment? It's crazy… ALL of them had their teeny babies on unecessary meds. It is so SO sad! And such a simple fix!

    The other thing I was going to say is that Gripe water (which is amazing) is basically Fennel, Ginger, Chamomile, and Peppermint. Gripe water is terribly expensive, but you can buy teas of all these (or if you can find a bulk tea place) and either drink it yourself, or make a tea up for the baby (cooled down and diluted of course). If they won't take it straight, add it to the pumped milk. Don't ever give a baby honey like we would do :)It can cause botulism in infants.

    Also, my second, after I tried all of these things, ended up just needing a trip to the chiropractor. Two actually… he was born breech… sideways… yeah. That's a whole other story :)

    Hope this helps!!!

  33. says

    I have been there!!!!! We had this problem with our daughter. She was wonderful in the hospital, and then a few days later- the screaming started. The only thing that worked (and by worked, I mean changed my life) was putting her on SIMILAC ALIMENTUM. It's expensive, $25/12oz. can, but we didn't have another sleepless night or screaming with tummy pain day again. Apparently, it was all due to a protein allergy, not colic as everyone had told us and we had thought. If you're open to formula feeding instead of breast feeding, I would HIGHLY recommend you try this :) Best of luck!!!

  34. says

    I had that with my baby last year, I tried to eliminate everything and felt like I was going to go nuts! Finally her Dr said he thought it would be better for both of us if we could both feel a little more relaxed and happy, so he gave her an antacid prescription. What a difference that made! She was suddenly a different baby, happy, slept well, ate well, and I was a happy Mom for it. The only thing I had to eliminate was processed peanut butter (homemade was fine) I'm not one for meds, but sometimes it is a better choice. Hope this will pass for you soon. Good Luck!

  35. says

    * I just finished reading all the other comments :)

    The protein allergy was dairy related, so if you are dedicated to breast feeding, I would go with Kristy's suggestion and try only cutting out the dairy related products. BEST OF LUCK!!! Let us know!

  36. says

    I know how you feel, although I have only been through it once. It was a nightmare. I am 36 weeks pregnant and frequently pray that this baby will not have reflux (although he hiccups a lot, which leads me to think that he will.)

    Anyway, MSG. MSG was Adam's trigger. I never found it on any list anywhere, but my mom is ultra sensitive to MSG (migraines) so we don't have too much in the house. After a few weeks, I noticed that if I ate something that had a lot of MSG (ramen noodles!) then he would be extra, extra spitty and fussy.

  37. says

    I feel your pain completely! My baby and I had such a hard time with breastfeeding. She had acid reflux, too, and was sensitive to some things I would eat. But one of her major sensitive foods isn't on your list–chicken. Maybe your baby is the same?
    I hope things get better for you!

  38. Laura says

    I had the SAME issue with my son. A lightswitch went off and one day he went from being a great newborn to a screaming, miserable non sleeping infant 24/7. We tried several medications, I omited every single food on the list you have for a whole month. It seemed to work, but then he went right back to the way he was. We tried specialists and he did have a severe case of reflux (which i saw with my own eyes on a scan) but we found nothing that helped. He DID grow out if it, around 10 or 11 months when he became more mobile. In the meantime I found that a slanted place to sleep helps (either a swing or a changing pad with one end propped up with towels) helped him sleep better. He also slept better when he was sleeping with us-being help comforted him. I know it can be so stressful! I hope you find a remedy soon!

  39. Ken says

    hey- my now one year old boy had acid reflux. My previous three also had it. I was desperate to not have to go through the same thing again. I found a product called Colic Calm online (I have no affiliation at all with them) and let me tell you it changed my life. It is safe to use, a HUGE mess as it can stain everything black, but WORTH it. It is also spendy, but within two weeks I had a happy baby. At first I followed the directions on the bottle and it didn't seem to help, but I called them and they had different dosage recommendations and within a few days I saw improvement and like I said within two weeks he was a new baby. Good luck, I feel for you as I've been there before.

  40. Crazy Conley Clan says

    Good-Luck! don't we all wish for the babies that don't cry like "so and so's."
    I had to cut out a LOT of foods and it is no fun. One thing that seemed to help with my kids was cutting out dairy. But that is just one more thing for you to cut out!

  41. Jaelyn says

    Hey Brooke,

    You know my brother and sister-in-law back from your sunset ridge glory days! Jared and LeAnn Barnes. Anyway….I love your blog! I usually don't comment, but I had to on this one because my first baby was the same way! I don't believe in the "colic" diagnosis because obviously something is causing them pain. After omitting the usual things from my diet and nothing working, I was frustrated. I was out of town at a family reunion and hadn't had dairy for one day. My baby was a saint that day! It was then that I realized I couldn't eat dairy! Anything dairy. It was sooo hard for me but so worth it! Turns out, dairy is one of the biggest reasons for fussy babies. If you haven't tried that yet, just try it and see. She grew out of it at about 4 months. It was amazing how no one had even mentioned that to me either. Anyway….I am soooo sorry! I hope you figure it out!

  42. says

    I feel your pain and totally understand where you are coming from. My two out of three kids suffered terribly, non-stop crying, obvious pain, but nothing I tried helped, no medication herbal or prescribed worked, I had absolutely no help from family or friends, totally alone…it was some of the darkest days of my life. Thankfully with time and as they got older everything started to change (thank God), but the traumatising, and self-questioning of myself and my mothering skills still remain…scars for life perhaps?

  43. says

    Oh man, I'm still pregnant and that list looks forever long. Do you feel like there is anything you can eat? So sorry. I have heard that the gripe water does work wonders, I think I heard that it originated in Canada? Not sure if that's true.
    I think that breastfeeding is hard work when you don't have to watch your diet, just makes you hope it's all worth the work!! Hope it gets better from here on out!!

  44. says

    I know EXACTLY what you are sayin'!!! Docs said that my little lady had refux. The meds didn't help though. Turned out she was lactose intol. Yep, no eating what I want anymore!!! You can do it…. it turns out to be second nature. They say you can pump and dump, but I work to hard for that milk! LOL

    You can read more about my EXTRA special girl at

    I love your blog!

  45. says

    That is so sad, i have never really had a fussy baby until my last and he was mild, but KideCol by Dr. Christopher (any health food store will have it) always worked. I also have a friends that swears by gripe water and she always has colicy/acid reflux babies. Good luck!

  46. says

    i just stumbled onto your blog. i'm sorry your wee one is miserable. i experienced this with my second babe.
    he began fine, then at a few months old he started crying horridly. the doc was of no help, so i did an elimination diet.
    in the end i had to be off: gluten, all legumes, all nightshades (tomato, potato, peppers, eggplant), & all grains. it was brutal, and i felt hungry all the time. BUT IT WORKED!!
    he was back to his happy self. after a few months passed i tested the bad foods, and put things back in when he didn't react. by the time a year had passed i was back to eating everything.
    good luck to you! you can ask me any questions about this

  47. says

    How about the kazillionth unsolicited suggestion – sorry if its a duplicate as I didn't read all of the others! A friend recommended NAET, which I have done before for myself with tons of success. So, I took Bella to Dr. Pinkston and two visits later she was a happy baby and has been ever since! Not a single diet change on my part – bonus. :)

  48. says

    I saw your list and it didn't include wheat – try watching your wheat intake. It's honestly in everything.

    I just had a similar experience with my new baby who is now 7 months old. I will tell you I don't believe in colic. I believe you as the mom know if your baby is fussy or in pain. My little one was in pain 24/7 and would never stop crying unless she was asleep. We took her everywhere trying to figure out what was wrong. The doctors always resorted to "colic" and would push more drugs. I had finally had enough. I took her off all the drugs and started watching very closely what I ate.

    I've learned her issue is with grains, all kinds but especially wheat (along with dairy). I mentioned it to my doctor the other day and he say, "oh yes, that is common until they are one." I was so mad because I never once had a doctor tell me to watch out for wheat.

    Good luck!

  49. Laura says

    I didn't eat Pizza for 6 months!!

    It's really hard, but totally helped my little girl, who had projectile spit-up whenever I ate anything acidic, like tomoato stuff (pizza, spagetti, etc.), oj, onions, peppers, lots of stuff from your list. But she changed in a matter of days.

    She is just a sensitive child, even now at 2, she is lactose intolerant and needs Lactaid, gets diareha easily, it's great!

    Sorry, I know it's hard, just remember that you are not alone!

  50. says

    Run out and get the book, "Nursing your baby" – it talks a lot about this. Good luck! I've found, that really cutting out foods doesn't make that much of a difference. So sorry!

  51. says

    Looks like it would be more helpful to have a list of what you can eat instead of what you can't! hopefully your little one's system grows up fast and can handle more variety in your diet soon!

  52. says

    my first three babies were the same way…didn't figure things out on the first two, but FINALLY on the third, I got it! I know on your list it says dairy…I would say more specifically milk…like milk in a cup, milk on cereal…most people know don't give baby cow's milk for the first year…with me it was "don't give mommy milk for the first 4 month's. there is a protein in milk that babies cannot break down, so it just makes their tummies grumble and churn. It was REALLY hard for me to go without milk…as I am a big milk drinker…but so worth it, cause it sure made my babies happier. Once I quit drinking milk…my list of things I could eat…grew considerably…in fact, I could pretty much eat anything else…just not milk. Hope things are going better for you!

  53. says

    I'm so sorry!! All three of my kids were this same way (reflux and colic). It seems I tried everything! I breastfed all three babies and didn't eat anything on the list you posted. I read every label of everything I ate! Although they were still colicky, the difference was night and day!! As hard as it is, it's worth not eating those things for a happier baby and a little more sleep! All three babies slept in their bouncer so they could be propped up. I also only fed them a little at a time, but more often (a pain, I know…especially with four kids!).

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