Three celebration Giveaways: Part 3: Shabby Apple North Shore Dress

Today is the third and final celebration giveaway for you amazing, talented, spunky, adorable, sweet, wonderful, smart, sassy, lovable, stylish, fabulous, darling, and fun READERS!!! (I could go on and on).

I will not deny that I am absolutely PUMPED about today’s giveaway. I have had my eye on Shabby Apple for a long time. If you have never heard of it, then you have GOT to go check out the women’s dresses. In fact, the little girls dresses from Shabby Apple are equally adorable.

Today I get to giveaway this fabulous dress (pictured below), an $88.00 value from this amazing site! The North Shore Dress is one of hundreds of stylish dresses that Shabby Apple has to offer.

How to enter!?!?
Here’s how you enter to win the North Shore Dress ($88.00 value):
Mandatory Entry: The ONLY thing you need to do is to “like” shabby apple on facebook! Just make sure to come back and leave a comment for this entry to be valid.

For extra entries do the following and leave a separate comment for each one you do:
1. Visit Shabby Apple and tell me (in a comment) which dress is your absolute favorite.
2. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (include a link to the giveaway).
3. Post about All Things Thrifty on Facebook (include a link to the giveaway in your post).

The winner will be announced on Saturday!


  1. 1

    I "liked" shabby apple on facebook

  2. 2

    I LOVE this dress, it is my firs time to see Shabby Apple and I'm lovin' it! :)

  3. 3

    i like shabby apple on facebook!

  4. 4

    I "liked" shabby apple on facebook!

  5. 5

    I really love the shabby apple. I don't have facebook, so I can't "like" them, or leave a comment… but I did look at their site and I LOVE The red fox dress. Its so cute!

  6. 6

    i would like THE ENTIRE south pacific line–please? the pina colada dress is sooooo pretty!

  7. 7

    I think Atlantic fog is my fave! It is fun and fem , you can dress it up or down! :)

  8. 8

    I liked them on facebook. :)

  9. 9

    I "Like" Shabby Apple on FB :)

  10. 10

    I liked shabby apple on facebook. I would LOVE it if I could! I check out their dresses all the time!

  11. 11

    I "Liked" shabby apple on FB!!

  12. 12

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  13. 13

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  14. 14

    This was a very hard decision, but I think I settled on…

    as my fave! :)

  15. 15

    the glacier wold LOVE to have a spot in my closet:)

  16. 16

    My absolute favourite dress from Shabby Apple right now is another from the South Pacific collection and it's the Garden Isle dress.

    I even did a blog post about my love for that collection last week –

  17. 17

    I am also a long time fan of Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  18. 18

    Like, like, love 'em on FB!

  19. 19

    I tweeted about this giveaway!

  20. 20

    I tweeted it!

  21. 21

    I like Shabby Apple on facebook!

  22. 22

    I have already liked shabby apple on fb…beacuse I love their dresses

  23. 23

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB!
    Jennifer B.

  24. 24

    I liked Shabby on FB…I've never heard of them before. My husband is NOT going to be pleased with you :) Thanks!

  25. 25

    Shared on facebook too!

  26. 26

    I love all the LBD's in the hourglass section! I love the Espina Bonita the best!
    Jennifer B.

  27. 27

    Brooke, I need to win. Really bad.:) I have a billion dresses that I can't pick from. Not to mention their accesseries. I seriously look at their site every week wanting to buy one.

  28. 28

    "CAROUSEL" is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! Where has this site been all my life!

  29. 29

    I love the volcano at midnight dress.

    morgans1129 at

  30. 30

    OMG, I want THAT dress!!! I "liked" Shabby Apple on FB

  31. 31

    I chatted about your giveaway on my blog's facebook fanpage enouraging my readers to enter. :)

  32. 32

    I love the northshore dress and the coney island dress.

  33. 33

    Okay, so I just found the 1943 collection. LOVE!
    Jennifer B.

  34. 34

    liked Shabby Apple on facebook :)

  35. 35

    I posted a link to the giveaway on FB!
    Jennifer B.

  36. 36

    I LOVE the Pont Neuf dress! So cute!

  37. 37

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  38. 38

    I think my favorite would be the Broadway, and the entire south pacific collection! Great dresses!

  39. 39

    i liked shabby apple on fb!!!

  40. 40

    I like shabby apple on facebook!

  41. 41

    I can't believe this giveaway! Just two days a go I was lookind to buy this exact dress to wear to my little brothers wedding. It's perfect!

  42. 42

    The are all such beautiful dresses…how can someone pick only one?!! But I love the red caldonia -south pacific line :)

  43. 43

    I liked Shabby Apple. Love the color on this one!!

  44. 44

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  45. 45

    Would love to win!

  46. 46

    I love the Fifth Ave dress. Love animal prints, and this giraffe one is so fun!

  47. 47

    I like shabby apple on facebook

  48. 48

    love all of the southern pacific line..but really like the pina colada dress

  49. 49

    my absolute favorite dress (I think – there are LOTS that I love), is "Bonheur"

  50. 50

    My first time to visit Shabby Applie! I "liked" it a lot. That green dress is so pretty and would look absolutely lovely on my red headed 21 yr. old granddaughter.

  51. 51

    I tweeted

  52. 52

    I shared the link on facebook

  53. 53

    My favorite dress is the "Bon Voyage" dress.

  54. 54

    Love the Giverny dress!!

  55. 55

    I "Liked" Shabby Apple on FB. These dresses are BEYOND adorable!!!

  56. 56

    I posted about the giveaway on facebook.

  57. 57

    oh yes, I liked them on Facebook!

  58. 58

    I liked shabby apple

  59. 59

    I "like" shabby apple. hope I win!

  60. 60

    The "Partner" Dress in the "Skyscraper Collection" has my heart!

  61. 61

    Red fox is my favorite dress

  62. 62

    I liked shabby apple on facebook!

  63. 63

    I posted about the contest on my facebook! I hope I win!

  64. 64

    I "like" Shappy apple!!

  65. 65

    My favorite dress is "Sophistique"

    cheese_e_monkey at

  66. 66

    i LIKE shabby apple on facebooK!
    clsch6 at gmail dot com

  67. 67

    so hard to choose but I think Cider is my favorite!
    clsch6 at gmail dot com

  68. 68

    I am totally digging the Bonheur!!

  69. 69

    I tweeted it! Hope I win!

  70. 70
  71. 71

    after visiting Paris for the first time last August, I have to say the Ooh la la line is my very favorite and the Oh la la with the little striped top might be my number 1 fav!

  72. 72

    Love the dress and liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  73. 73

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  74. 74

    i love shabby apple too and this dress is adorable!! i "liked" it on facebook!

  75. 75

    my favorite shabby apple dress is the champs elysees. HOW CUTE IS IT!!

  76. 76

    I love the Azure Coast dress!

  77. 77

    I've liked them on facebook!

  78. 78

    I "liked" shabby apple on facebook

  79. 79

    I Liked them on FB! I hope I win!

  80. 80

    I liked on facebook :)

  81. 81

    Too many cute dresses! love this site! the ballerina is beautiful, and looks flattering I think.

  82. 82

    My favorite (right now) is the
    Azure Coast

  83. 83

    I went and "liked" Shabby Apple (using my hubby's facebook…I don't have one).

  84. 84

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB.

  85. 85

    I like Shabby Apple on FB.

  86. 86

    Ooh, I love the French Quarter dress!

  87. 87

    Also, I really like the dress Pont Neuf. Super cute! Hope I win :)

  88. 88

    I "liked" shabby apple on facebook!

  89. 89

    Oh! And the Black Oak dress is my favourite! SO cute!

  90. 90

    I love the Pina Colada dress!

  91. 91

    Wow…love the dresses!!!!

  92. 92

    Have recently fallen in love with Shabby Apple…like them on fb!

  93. 93

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB!

  94. 94

    I liked on FB!!! shabby apple is SO cute!

  95. 95

    I'm loving the Aloha!! great colour!

  96. 96

    I LOVE shabby apple. black oak is probably my favorite dress.

  97. 97

    posted about this give away on facebook

  98. 98

    I "LIKe" Shabby Apple on FB! Their dresses are gorgeous!

  99. 99

    Ok, the new South Pacific line is FAB!! The Pina Colada dress is my fav…love the yellow!

  100. 100

    Soooo hard to choose, but I think Bugle Boy is my favorite eva!

  101. 101

    I tweeted!!/allyvc

    Crossing my fingers! (and toes!) :)

  102. 102

    I can't decide if the freshwater pearl dress, or the pina colada is my favorite. So lovely!

  103. 103

    I love Shabby Apple and have "liked" them on FB.

  104. 104

    Have to have sleeves, so Pina Colada is my favorite.

  105. 105

    I "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  106. 106

    I like shabby apple on fb :)

  107. 107

    I think my favorite is Tres Jolie. I've been having a terrible week so I could really use a new dress!!!

  108. 108

    Posted on my facebook and like it on Shappy Apple but my favorite dress is ALOHA!!!! It reminds me of home!!!!

  109. 109

    I would love to have one of every kind, but the SEQUOIA caught my eye the most.

  110. 110

    I liked Shabby apple on facebook

  111. 111

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  112. 112

    Cute stuff! I really liked the dress "Bon Voyage"!

  113. 113

    I "LIKED" Shabby Apple! I LOVE their clothes… I'll take whatever dress I can get :)

  114. 114

    I shared the link on facebook. :)

  115. 115

    I like shabby apple!!

  116. 116

    I shared the link on facebook (and by the way the dress I love I cant find the name for… its black, and the girl in the picture is beside a red car… oh my gosh I want that dress)

  117. 117

    I love the bon voyage!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. 118

    I like Shabby Apple on facebook!

  119. 119

    I already like Shabby Apple on Facebook! (Heathery Hebert)

  120. 120

    I LOVE the Bon Voyage dress!

  121. 121

    Okay, i still cant find the name of the dress i like… but I also like the tanglewodd dress

  122. 122

    There's no way I could pick a favorite dress, but randomly, I love the Giverny dress.

  123. 123

    I like them on fb..

  124. 124

    I love the Garden Isle dress. But they are all adorable!

  125. 125

    tweet! @pinkrayne

  126. 126

    I posted on fb..

  127. 127

    I like them on FB

  128. 128

    I love the aloha dress! But it's so hard to pick a favorite! I like the Jazz collection, too!

  129. 129

    I FB'd about their giveaway!

  130. 130

    I like them on facebook!

  131. 131

    I adore "Happy Talk"

  132. 132

    I like them on facebook, and I LOVE them in real life. I got a shabby apple dress this past christmas that I can wear when I'm pregnant. I would love to have this one to wear once all my baby fat is gone!

  133. 133

    I already 'like' shabby apple on facebook.

  134. 134

    I {heart} Shabby Apple! Their dresses are stunning! I "liked" them on facebook.

  135. 135

    Like Shabby Apple on fb-Justforme Andyou

  136. 136

    Why didn't I know about this store? They have the cutest dresses!!
    1. I liked them on facebook
    2. My favorite dress is the Sierra Nevada.

  137. 137

    Love this dress… And I live on The North Shore of Hawaii so I think it is ment to be! Like a Million times on Facebook!

  138. 138

    I've had my eye on the double rainbow dress! So cute!

  139. 139

    I really love the Tanglewood dress. So pretty!

  140. 140

    I shared the link on facebook.

  141. 141

    I liked Shabby Apple on facebook

  142. 142

    I love the black oak dress. I love love love shabby apple. I ordered my bridesmaid dresses from here.

  143. 143

    Im a fan and I posted it!

  144. 144

    This was my first visit to shabby apple! LOVED IT! How did I not know about this. Thanks for passing on the good stuff. Liked it on FB!

  145. 145

    I loveeee the sixteen candles dress!

  146. 146

    I like Shabby Apple on FB!

  147. 147

    I love the Happy Talk dress!

  148. 148

    Liked Shabby Apple on Facebook

  149. 149

    I posted (with a link) about ATT and this giveaway on FB!

  150. 150

    i like Shabby Apple on Facebook

  151. 151

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB!

  152. 152

    There are soooo many cute dresses!! If I had to pick one I would take the Bon Voyage dress in second!

  153. 153

    I love the Madison Ave. in the Manhattan collection.. It's hard to choose a favorite, but that was the first dress of theirs I fell in love with.

  154. 154

    I LIKE Shabby Apple on facebook! But really, I LOVE Shabby Apple. :)

  155. 155

    Just shared this awesome giveaway on Facebook!!

  156. 156

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB

  157. 157

    I "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook! I LOVE their dresses

  158. 158

    And my favorite dress on Shabby Apple web is the San Gabriel dress – so adorable.

  159. 159

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB

  160. 160

    My absolute favorite dress is Gray Fox!

  161. 161

    I would not cry any tears except of happiness if Sky Master, Red Fir, Maple, Carnival, Baja, Rosarita, Marco Polo and Mightnight Garden are to die for. Titzgerald I love but it would look horrible on me, Boogie Woogie, Bettie D., Casablanca, Lindy Hop, The Boss and VP…Well, All I can say i s my credit card bill is going to be high. I even looked at the kids things for my darling and found more to love…Clothing heaven!!! YUM YUM

  162. 162

    MMMk! I have to say that I LOVE all of their dresses! But my most favorite (well at least for today)
    :) would have to be the Giverny! I LOVE the springy feel of it!

  163. 163

    This dress is so pretty! I liked them on facebook and now I am headed to there website to see what other pretty dresses I can find!

  164. 164

    I like Shabby Apple on fb!!

  165. 165

    I like Shabby Apple on FB!

  166. 166

    I love the Moss and Ivy dress!

  167. 167

    I tweeted! @alishawalker

  168. 168

    There are so many on there website that I absolutely love. I'm loving the Liz and Darcy dress but also the Anchors Away dress is very cute and vintage!

  169. 169

    I "Liked" Shabby Apple on Facebook. If I won, I would seriously pass out of happiness. I absolutely adore The ShabApp!

  170. 170

    I love the "Le Seine" dress from the sophisticated collection. Pick me! Please!!! :)

  171. 171

    I tweeted the giveaway and I now follow ShabbyApple on Twitter, please oh please choose me!!!

  172. 172

    Liked on facebook! Been looking at shabby apple dresses for a long time now!

  173. 173

    I liked them on Facebook!

  174. 174

    I "likled them"……but their vody shape thing is all wrong…I am 103 lbs, bra 30j, waist 23-24 and it said I was Pear shaped…I have ZERO hiney…so much so I have thought of getting some of those fake butt panties. lol

  175. 175

    Have the "ANTIQUATED" dress booked marked… someday, someday…

  176. 176

    I love so many. So hard to choose. But I like Ming, Cider, and Ribbon Flows. So cute!

  177. 177

    I think the North Shore Dress is my favorite but they are all gorgeous:)

  178. 178

    Like Shabby Apple on FB!

  179. 179

    I love Shabby Apple! I can't pick my favorite dress. Anything from the 1943 collection… Or that beautiful houndstooth dress Madison Ave. LOve it!

  180. 180

    I am a follower of Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

  181. 181

    I've had my eye on Shabby Apple for a while too. I adore their dresses!
    I liked it on Facebook.

  182. 182

    I linked to your blog too! I think I'll become a regular visitor, your blog looks great!

  183. 183

    I love Ballerina, Black Oak, and Bon Voyage!

  184. 184

    I like Shabby Apple on FB!!

  185. 185

    I love shabby apple! Ever since my sister showed it to me I look at their website way too often. Their dresses are just so cute!

  186. 186

    I posted on FB about the giveaway and had a link to get here!!

    here is the link to fb!/profile.php?id=611828820

  187. 187

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB.

  188. 188

    Okay, so as the additional comment/entry I had a hard time picking a favorite. I really like Cockeyed Optimist from the south pacific. and i have always loved fifth ave from manhattan.

  189. 189

    oops..i forgot to say that I "liked" shabby apple on facebook. and have also shared a link on my profile.

  190. 190

    huge fan of shabby apple. i have always loved the nantucket dress.

  191. 191

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  192. 192

    My absolute fave shabby apple dress is 5th Ave in their manhattan collection.

  193. 193

    I posted on facebook about this givaway with a link!

  194. 194

    just visited! I love North Shore and Aloha…and many others. those are just a few :D i hope i win!!! I need a new dress!

  195. 195

    I liked them on fb.

  196. 196

    I love the chic shirt dress! Very cute!

  197. 197

    Oh man! Which ones don't I like? My favorites are:
    Black Oak
    Gray Fox
    Mauna Kea
    Shakespeare Garden

  198. 198

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on Facebook. I so hope I win!

  199. 199

    I like Shabby Apple on FB

  200. 200

    I absolutely love the Champs Elysees dress. so cute!

  201. 201

    I've "liked" Shabby Apple on Facebook for ever! I would love to get this dress!

  202. 202

    I absolutely adore the Fifth Ave. dress! When I get back to my pre-baby size, I'm buying it!

  203. 203

    i "like" shabby apple on facebook!

  204. 204

    i love love love the pina colada dress!

  205. 205

    I liked Shabby Apple on facebook! dianejjarvis at

  206. 206

    I can't just pick one favorite!! But if I had to … pina colada! Gorgeous dresses!

  207. 207

    I 'Liked' Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  208. 208

    I could pour over these dresses for hours, but my eye was drawn to the Black Oak dress as my favorite….for now. ;)

  209. 209

    My favorite is the "Garden Isle"

  210. 210

    I love 'Appalachia'. And earlier what I meant by 'have my eye on them' was frequently pouring over their images, like for hours, with my mom and sister on the phone. Like that.

  211. 211

    I "liked" them on Facebook!

  212. 212

    I "LiKE" shabby apple on facebook!

  213. 213

    I "liked" them!

  214. 214

    I tweeted this giveaway. I'm CanadianSheila on Twitter.

  215. 215

    I love the Cider dress!

  216. 216

    I really love the northshore dress but I also love the Mauna Kea dress too!

  217. 217

    Love the colors of the J. Muir dress!

  218. 218

    I like Shabby Apple on FB.

    lindsfitch at hotmail dot com

  219. 219

    i liked shabby apple on facebook!

  220. 220

    So many cute dresses, I do love the "Ming" dress.

    lindsfitch at hotmail dot com

  221. 221

    i love the La Noche Negra dress! oh amazing!

  222. 222

    I like Shabby Apple on FB

  223. 223

    I think the Anchors Away dress is pretty darn cute!

  224. 224

    I "liked" it on facebook!

  225. 225

    I LOVE the Pink South Pacific dress!

  226. 226

    I "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  227. 227

    OHHH I am lovin' the Black Oak dress… fabulous!

  228. 228

    I liked shabby apple on face book : )

  229. 229

    My fav dress is called I think happy talk…. Same dress as the teal but in yellow : )

  230. 230

    I just gave all things thrifty a shout out on Facebook with a link to the contest! LOVE your blog! Thanks for the contest! :)

  231. 231

    i "liked" shabby apple on facebook ;)

  232. 232

    i love the "daisy" dress. it would be perfect for the summer ;)

  233. 233

    I did it! Ohh I want to win so much!

  234. 234

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  235. 235

    I love the whole Manhattan collection!

  236. 236

    I LOVE this dress!!! So gorgeous!

  237. 237

    B just said that looks like something his Aunt Brookie would wear… :) LOVE YOU SIS!!!

  238. 238

    Pick me, pick me! I have wanted the Ingrid dress for a long time- it's so elegant and looks like it would nicely hide my mommy gut.

  239. 239

    I liked them on FB :)

  240. 240

    My favorite dress is Trapeze from the Carousel line :)

  241. 241

    I "Like" Shabby Apple on FB :)

  242. 242

    I not only 'like' Shabby Apple on Facebook, I LOVE Shabby Apple ;)

  243. 243

    i like shabby apple in FB!

  244. 244

    shabby apple dress glacier is my FAV!!!

  245. 245

    posted a link to ATT with this giveaway

  246. 246

    My favorite dress is the 'Ballerina'

  247. 247

    I "Like" shabbly apple on facebook :)

  248. 248

    I love All of the dresses from shabby apple….this one is adorable tho! and i would LOVE to win!

  249. 249

    My favorite dress is L'Artiste!!!!

  250. 250

    I follow Shabby Apple on facebook

  251. 251

    I liked them on FB

  252. 252

    I now follow all things thrifty on facebook!

  253. 253

    I posted about them on FB also

  254. 254

    My FAVORITE dress is Sierra Nevada! <3

  255. 255

    I've been known to spend hours viewing the dresses over and over. I love them all.

  256. 256

    I like Shabby Apple on fb

  257. 257

    I've always "liked" Shabby Apple on FB!

  258. 258

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  259. 259

    Umm, OMG! I love THIS dress you have posted, a ton! I heard about Shabby Apple about a year ago when I ran into the cutest mom from Cali and totally dug her dress, and she told me about it. SO i Have pretty much stalked it ever since! Love it and freaking love your dang blog!!! Yay I can't wait!

  260. 260

    I love the anchors away dress. AMAZING!!

  261. 261

    I love the Pina Colada Dress

  262. 262

    I liked shabby apple on FB! I checked out Shabby Apple's website and love everything but my favorite dress is the blue Ribbon Falls! It is gorgeous!

  263. 263

    I "like" shabby apple!!!

    suzieqmckeon at yahoo dot com

  264. 264

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook! :)

  265. 265

    I like the L'Artiste dress!

  266. 266

    I like them!

  267. 267

    i love shabby apple!! i always look at their stuff and wish i had the extra $$ to get one. i am crossing everything i can to bring me luck!!

  268. 268

    My favorite dress is the Le Soleil

  269. 269

    sooo hard to pick one dress- but i LOVE the Sequoia dress. Gorgeous!

    suzieqmckeon at yahoo dot com

  270. 270

    Hmm, my absolute favorite dress would have to be Bonheur. They're all gorgeous though!

  271. 271

    i tweeted it!

  272. 272

    i posted the contest on fb!! so excited!!

  273. 273
    ThatGirl in Tattoos says:

    I "Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  274. 274

    i "like" shabby apple! a lot!!

  275. 275
    The Petunia says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on facebook!

  276. 276

    ok i am in love with the freshwater pearl dress!! it screams summer to me! ah…. i just want it to be warm!

  277. 277

    I LOVE the 16 Candles dress. Love their whole site with such beautiful dresses!

  278. 278

    I love Shabby Apple!
    And I've liked them on facebook.

  279. 279
    ThatGirl in Tattoos says:

    My favorite is everything in the South Pacific collection, mainly the Aloha!

  280. 280

    Choosing my favorite is super hard but I really like West Coast Swing!

  281. 281
    The Petunia says:

    Bonheur is my favorite! Classy & simple, perfect for a summer picnic date with the mister :)

  282. 282

    I posted a link to the giveaway on my facebook. :)

  283. 283
    The Petunia says:

    I shared on facebook about the giveaway!

  284. 284
    ThatGirl in Tattoos says:

    I tweeted (for the first time)!/thatgirl1223

  285. 285

    Already "like" Shabby Apple on FB. Love the "ramble" dress and all of the south pacific line! Also love your blog! Thanks for the great ideas!

  286. 286

    The Aloha dress is sooo cute!

  287. 287

    I LOVE this dress!

  288. 288

    and i liked them of FB

  289. 289

    I like Shabby Apple on facebook.

  290. 290

    I liked on facebook!

  291. 291

    There are so many dresses to choose from, but I really like the Bon Voyage dress!

  292. 292
    Heidi, Greg, and Jackson says:

    I love Shabby Apple. I have spent many many hours browsing through their dresses and drooling!

    I definitely liked them on facebook!

  293. 293
    Heidi, Greg, and Jackson says:

    I also LOVE the sequoia dress. So feminine and sophisticated.

  294. 294
    Mary Mea Jaden Jensen Jared says:

    I'm a fan of Shabby Apple on FB!

  295. 295
    Mary Mea Jaden Jensen Jared says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cider dress; the purple zipper is AMAZING!

  296. 296

    My favorite dress is the Amethyst! Love it!

  297. 297

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on FB.

  298. 298

    I'm loving the Cortez! Sooo cute! Finger & toes crossed!

  299. 299

    I like shabby apple on FB :)

  300. 300

    I liked Shabby Apple on fb! Love this dress!

  301. 301

    Liked Shabby Apple on FB. Glad you introduced me to the site! So many great dresses!

  302. 302

    Mauna Kea is one of my favorites!

  303. 303

    I looked at the Shabby Apple site and love the Bethesda Fountain dress. So classy

  304. 304

    I like Shabby Apple on facebook.

  305. 305
    Crazy Conley Clan says:

    I like shabby apple on FB!

  306. 306

    I like shabby apple on facebook!

  307. 307

    I liked Shabby Apple

  308. 308

    I liked Shabby Apple on facebook!

  309. 309

    I liked Shabby Apple on facebook.

  310. 310

    Ok, really I want about 90% of the dresses at Shabby Apple but one of my favorites is the L'Artiste

  311. 311

    I couldn't decide…I love all of them, but my favorite 3 are…Champs Elysees, Black Oak and Garden Isle. Love them!!!

  312. 312

    I posted the link on facebook!!! I hope I win!! :)

  313. 313

    I love the scarletter raven dress!!!! If only I was the winner!

  314. 314

    I "love" shabby apple on facebook!
    amym_1 at netzero dot net

  315. 315

    i really love the 16 candles dress!

  316. 316

    i liked Shabby Apple on facebook

  317. 317

    I could never pick a favorite at shabby apple. I would gladly give up all my cloths and just restock my closet with everything in shabby apple line :) If I had to choose one I would pick the Frida :)

    amym_1 at netzero dot net

  318. 318
    Blake & Mandi says:

    I liked shabby apple on fb!

  319. 319


    amym_1 at netzero dot net

  320. 320

    shared on facebook!!/amy.weglarz/posts/147321821996100
    amym_1 at netzero dot net

  321. 321

    i liked shabby apple on fbook!

  322. 322

    I love love love them all! ah! the cider dress, the new caledonia dress, the cortez dress…on and on…

  323. 323

    I like Shabby Apple on FB!

  324. 324
  325. 325

    I like shabby apple on facebook.

  326. 326

    I want the pina colada dress!

  327. 327

    My all time favorite Shabby Apple is the Madison Avenue. One of these days I'm going to buy it…

  328. 328

    I posted about this on FB.

  329. 329

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

  330. 330

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on Facebook :)

  331. 331

    i love Atlantic Fog :) casual and cute!

  332. 332

    I posted the link to my FB page :)

  333. 333
    collegebeauty_05 says:

    I can't choose between he bali Ha'i' dress and the Mauna Kea. I like both of them. These are cute dresses. And I like that there long and have sleeves.

  334. 334

    I "liked" the Shabby Apple on FB! AND I'm absolutely in love with this dress and would be so so happy if I won it! Pick me!

  335. 335
    Lil' LeBaron Family says:

    Just like them on facebook and can't believe I haven't done it sooner! I see their stuff on Grosgrain all the time! LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses!

  336. 336

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on facebook!

  337. 337
    Lil' LeBaron Family says:

    Mauna Kea is by absolute favorite! I love it because it's dressy enough to wear with heels, but also fits the casual bill in that you could pair it with boot or flats! Love the color and the flower on the shoulder detail! I cinched natural waist line is always good to cover the belly too!

  338. 338

    I love, love the Nantucket dress! It was hard to choose a favorite. They are all so cute.

  339. 339
    Lil' LeBaron Family says:

    If you're ever in the need for design or DIY inspiration, then head over to! She does reupholstering, refinishing and much much more! I check it every day!!! Here's what I posted and I didn't do twitter because I don't have it….but I would have for this dress!!!

  340. 340

    I LOVE Shabby Apple!! I love the French Quarter dress!! SO pretty!

  341. 341

    love the color and the style! please send it my way!!!

  342. 342

    forgot to mention that I "likeed" shabby apple on facebook!!!!

  343. 343

    Oh I really want to win this one! I love their dresses! I liked them on facebook!

  344. 344

    I "like" Shabby Apple on FB!

  345. 345

    My favorite dress right now is Five to Nine!

  346. 346

    My wife loves Shabby Apple! I'm intering in the hopes that I can surprise her with a win!

  347. 347

    I visited Shabby Apple's website &I; adore the Appalachia dress! They are all so cute!

  348. 348

    Love the Anne and Andy dress :)

  349. 349
    Ben and Rainee In Alaska says:

    Sure hope I win. We love Shabby Apple!

  350. 350

    I like Shabby Apple of FB

  351. 351

    I love 'Nothing like a Dame' dress!!

  352. 352

    I have had my eye on this company and their dresses for years. Never felt like I could spend more than $30 on a dress for myself. Wouldn't that be amazing?

  353. 353

    I "liked" them!

    saw99a AT yahoo DOT com

  354. 354

    Liz & Darcy!!
    gotta have it!

    saw99a AT yahoo DOT com

  355. 355

    I am a fan on Facebook!


  356. 356

    I love the carnival dress! It is fabulous!


  357. 357

    My favorite dress in def. the one on your post–love the bright color :)

  358. 358

    I LOVE this site. Thanks for introducing me to it. I love all the dresses!!!

  359. 359

    I liked 'em on FB! But I'd "LURVE" that dress!

  360. 360

    All the dresses are cute, but I'm drawn to the flirty look of the Champs Elysees :)

  361. 361

    They are all BEAUTIFUL!! Love the Ming dress but so very hard to pick just one favorite :) Thanks!!

  362. 362

    I "liked" Shabby Apple

  363. 363

    Love the Bon Voyage dress!

  364. 364

    I liked shappy apple on facebook

    clovecg at gmail dot com

  365. 365

    I love their Ingrid Dress

    clovecg at gmail dot com

  366. 366

    I love North shore and Bon Voyage. BEAUTIFUL DRESSES!

  367. 367

    I love North Shore and bon Voyage. Beautiful Dresses!!!

  368. 368

    that dress is adorable.

    taryntravis @ gmail . com

  369. 369
    Ty and Whitty says:

    I liked Shabby apple on facebook.

  370. 370
    Brittney Musterman says:

    I am a follower of Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  371. 371
    Ty and Whitty says:

    My favorite is the aloha dress. But I really really like this one too. They are all so beautiful

  372. 372
    Brittney Musterman says:

    I looove the dress Jacob's Pillow! Absolutely adorable!

  373. 373
    Cole and Paige Barnett says:

    I now "like" shabby apple on facebook!

  374. 374

    I "like" Shabby Apple

  375. 375
    Megan Morgan says:

    I love THIS north shore dress!!!!!!

  376. 376

    I like shabby apple on facebook.

  377. 377

    The north shore dress is my absolute favorite and the one I would pick!!!

  378. 378

    There are so many styles to choose from and the bright colours are fantastic! From the Berkshires Collection, the Glacier is my favorite.

  379. 379
    Tristie hearts Dax says:

    i love the l'opera dress. thanks for the giveaway!

  380. 380
    Tristie hearts Dax says:

    I "like" shabby apple on facebook.

  381. 381
    Tristie hearts Dax says:

    posted about ATT and the giveaway on Facebook. Dress please!

  382. 382

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  383. 383

    I just saw the Carousel dress for the first time today. I am in LOVE with it!!!

  384. 384

    I liked them on Facebook! I'm excited for this giveaway!

  385. 385
    The Riebeek Family says:

    I like shabby apple on fb!

  386. 386
    The Riebeek Family says:

    Favorite: New Caledonia

  387. 387

    I'm a facebook fan of Shabby Apple!

  388. 388

    My FAVORITE dress is the Frida K, but the North Shore was recently added to my want list. Love the color!

  389. 389
    Courtney @ Scraps and Scribbles says:

    I "like" Shabby Apple on FB!

  390. 390
    Courtney @ Scraps and Scribbles says:

    The cider dress and le soliel dress are my faves!

  391. 391

    Oh, the FithAvenue dress is my total fave! I hope to get it post baby!

  392. 392
    wadesummers says:

    I love love love Shabby Apple! Pick me, pick me! I liked them on Facebook and visited their site. My favorite is the Cleopatra dress, but I would buy sandstone first due to it's versatility.

  393. 393
    wadesummers says:

    i love all the dresses! Seriously! But I especially love the sandstone dress!

  394. 394
    wadesummers says:

    I posted a link to the giveaway on Facebook! I really want to win!!! My daughter is graduating from high school in a few months and this would make a FABULOUS dress for her graduation!!

  395. 395
    Rebecca Phalen says:

    love shabby apple dresses! I've always wanted one.

  396. 396

    I love Shabby Apple! I have been a secret admirer for years!

  397. 397
    Crystal Lyman says:

    Wow! Super cute website. I have 'liked' shabby apple on facebook!

  398. 398

    I love the ribbon falls dress!

  399. 399

    I posted about the blog on facebook!

  400. 400

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB!

  401. 401

    I also visited the site.. love the bugle boy dress.. it's been one of my favorites for a while now. LOVE shabby apple!

  402. 402

    And I posted about the giveaway on my fb page! come on.. I want to win ;)

  403. 403

    And I posted about the giveaway on my fb page! come on.. I want to win ;)

  404. 404

    I am loving shabby apple. even if i dont win i am buying a new dress.

  405. 405

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  406. 406

    I love shabby apple, my daughter told me about them, we both love it on FB

  407. 407

    first your blog is adorable.
    and congrats with the great success.

    andd oh my goodness.
    you can never have too many positive comments :]
    thank you so much that would be absolutely fantastic
    i am glad you like the blog so much.

    love m.
    keep in touch

  408. 408

    I absolutely love Shabby Apple. I have looked on their site many of time and I have put it on my wish list. LOVE probably every dress

  409. 409

    "liked" the Shabby Apple on FB. This dress is so cute!

  410. 410

    Black Apple dress is my favorite!

  411. 411

    Liked Shabby apple on FAcebook

  412. 412

    Very hard to decide, but I love the Ingrid dress

  413. 413

    Liked on Facebook!

  414. 414

    Went online and love the Black Oak Shabby Apple Dress.. gorgeous!!!

  415. 415

    I "liked" Shabby Apple!

  416. 416

    From the website, I like the Cider dress. A daring color to pull off but it is worth a try.

  417. 417

    I liked them on Facebook!

  418. 418

    I liked shabby apple on facebook, because I absolutely LOVE their dresses!

  419. 419

    My favorite dress is Black Oak on Shabby Apple.

  420. 420

    Liked Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  421. 421

    Posted on Facebook!

  422. 422


  423. 423

    Since I'm currently prego, I looked into the maternity dresses. I LOVe the Mama Mia AND the Raven Mama in green, AND the Odyssey! Seems like I just found where my nice maternity dress will be coming from!

  424. 424

    Love the color!

  425. 425

    I "like" shabby apple on my face book, but am IN LOVE with their clothes! And am in LOVE with this give away! Thanks for the opportunity, my fingers are crossed!

  426. 426

    My Favorite dress is the Le Soleil from the Oh la la collection. Seriously how summery is this! Makes me wish summer were here NOW!

  427. 427

    AND I posted about the give away on my FB page… I'm in this to win! Thanks again!

  428. 428

    I "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook!

  429. 429

    I went to the Shabby Apple website and I love, love, love the Classic Collection. I couldn't pick just one but here are my three favs…. "Azure Coast," "Martha's Vineyard," or "I'Ete." Such a cute selection, love this site!

  430. 430

    I like them on Facebook!

  431. 431

    Love the stork dress!!! I would definately buy that one.

  432. 432

    I had never heard of Shabby Apple before… so fun and totally fabulous! I've tweeted the giveaway!

  433. 433

    I am not pregnant but I love their maternity line – especially Finding Out and Sicily!
    But I also love Cortex from the Baja collection :)

  434. 434

    oh I Liked them on facebook!

  435. 435

    I "liked" shabby apple on facebook!

  436. 436

    I visited their website, the Black Oak is my favorite. GORGEOUS!!

  437. 437

    I posted about All things thrifty on facebook and included a link to the giveaway.. thanks!!

  438. 438

    love this dress! love shabby apple!

  439. 439

    hOw can I choose just one?! I love the "Cider" the "Champs Elysees" and the "Daisy" b/c I feeling Spring is finally in the air!

  440. 440

    "liked" shabby apple on FB

  441. 441

    Like Shabby Apple on FB

  442. 442

    Visited Shabby Apple and fell in love with the chickaree dress!

  443. 443

    I liked Shabby Apple on Facebook

  444. 444

    My favorite dress is the Bugle Boy. So So Cute!!!! Thanks

  445. 445

    I like Shabby apple on facebook!

  446. 446

    I like the fifth ave dress, and the aloha dress and every other dress that they make- I love shabby apple!

  447. 447

    i like shabby apple on FB

  448. 448

    i love the tuileries dress!!

  449. 449

    I have discovered Shabby Apple through your blog, and I am in love… well, like since I could only "like" them on facebook.

  450. 450

    I like Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  451. 451

    I love the Washington Square Park dress. I would love to win!

  452. 452
    Lance and Melissa says:

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on facebook, and I would LOVE to win! I love their Antiquated dress, and I've been needing a new dress for a formal banquet coming up!

  453. 453
    ** Adrian ** says:

    I liked Shabby Apple on FB!! The dress is beautiful!!

  454. 454

    I like SA on Facebook!

  455. 455

    Also, the El Capitan dress is my favorite on the site. It'd be so perfect for a Spring bridal shower I have coming up!

  456. 456

    I "liked" them on facebook! LOVE them in real life…

  457. 457

    I love the CIDER dress!

  458. 458

    I like them on facebook!

  459. 459

    i LOVE Shabby Apple! It's hard to pick just one favorite but I have been eyeing Lois Lane for a while now. I am on a teacher's budget so this would be such a treat for me!!!

  460. 460

    I also like Shabby Apple on FB!

  461. 461

    I "Liked" Shabby Apple on FB. I love there modest stylish dresses!

  462. 462
    Michelle & Todd says:

    I liked them on facebook.

  463. 463

    Thanks for your blog I just love it, i also just added your button to it… Here is my URL if you would like to become a follower and add my button.

  464. 464

    Liking Shabby Apple on Facebook.

  465. 465

    Love the dress!

  466. 466

    I love Shabby Apple and YOU! I LIKE it on Facebook as well :)

  467. 467

    My fave dress on Shabby Apple is the Tuileries dress…so summery!

  468. 468

    I like Shabby Apple on FB!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  469. 469

    I like the G. Cooper dress!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  470. 470

    Tweeted here:
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  471. 471

    liked them on FB! come on come on I need this dress!

  472. 472

    im a shabby facebook follower!

  473. 473

    i love aloha dress!

  474. 474

    It's kinda pathetic how much I love shabby apple. I don't own a dress but love to go "window" shopping weekly on line. Hope I win!!! I liked them on facebook

  475. 475

    I love the skyscraper series… especially the consultant. But pretty much every dress has something that draws me!!!

  476. 476

    I "LIKED" on Facebook!!!

  477. 477

    I love it!

  478. 478

    I like shabby apple on FB.

  479. 479

    I really like the North Shore Dress. I love the big flower on it!

  480. 480

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on facebook!

  481. 481

    I also checked out the website and love ALL of the dresses but one of my favorites is the black SEQUOIA dress! Love them!

  482. 482

    I "like" it on fb, Mt Greylock is my fave dress!

  483. 483

    I like you on fb!!

  484. 484

    I can't pick just one favorite! I think one of my favorite has to be the Yosemite.

  485. 485

    I liked shabby apple on FB

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