Today is the third and final celebration giveaway for you amazing, talented, spunky, adorable, sweet, wonderful, smart, sassy, lovable, stylish, fabulous, darling, and fun READERS!!! (I could go on and on).

I will not deny that I am absolutely PUMPED about today’s giveaway. I have had my eye on Shabby Apple for a long time. If you have never heard of it, then you have GOT to go check out the women’s dresses. In fact, the little girls dresses from Shabby Apple are equally adorable.

Today I get to giveaway this fabulous dress (pictured below), an $88.00 value from this amazing site! The North Shore Dress is one of hundreds of stylish dresses that Shabby Apple has to offer.

How to enter!?!?
Here’s how you enter to win the North Shore Dress ($88.00 value):
Mandatory Entry: The ONLY thing you need to do is to “like” shabby apple on facebook! Just make sure to come back and leave a comment for this entry to be valid.

For extra entries do the following and leave a separate comment for each one you do:
1. Visit Shabby Apple and tell me (in a comment) which dress is your absolute favorite.
2. Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (include a link to the giveaway).
3. Post about All Things Thrifty on Facebook (include a link to the giveaway in your post).

The winner will be announced on Saturday!


  1. says

    I really love the shabby apple. I don't have facebook, so I can't "like" them, or leave a comment… but I did look at their site and I LOVE The red fox dress. Its so cute!

  2. says

    My first time to visit Shabby Applie! I "liked" it a lot. That green dress is so pretty and would look absolutely lovely on my red headed 21 yr. old granddaughter.

  3. says

    after visiting Paris for the first time last August, I have to say the Ooh la la line is my very favorite and the Oh la la with the little striped top might be my number 1 fav!

  4. says

    I would not cry any tears except of happiness if Sky Master, Red Fir, Maple, Carnival, Baja, Rosarita, Marco Polo and Mightnight Garden are to die for. Titzgerald I love but it would look horrible on me, Boogie Woogie, Bettie D., Casablanca, Lindy Hop, The Boss and VP…Well, All I can say i s my credit card bill is going to be high. I even looked at the kids things for my darling and found more to love…Clothing heaven!!! YUM YUM

  5. says

    MMMk! I have to say that I LOVE all of their dresses! But my most favorite (well at least for today)
    :) would have to be the Giverny! I LOVE the springy feel of it!

  6. says

    I "likled them"……but their vody shape thing is all wrong…I am 103 lbs, bra 30j, waist 23-24 and it said I was Pear shaped…I have ZERO hiney…so much so I have thought of getting some of those fake butt panties. lol

  7. says

    Okay, so as the additional comment/entry I had a hard time picking a favorite. I really like Cockeyed Optimist from the south pacific. and i have always loved fifth ave from manhattan.

  8. says

    Umm, OMG! I love THIS dress you have posted, a ton! I heard about Shabby Apple about a year ago when I ran into the cutest mom from Cali and totally dug her dress, and she told me about it. SO i Have pretty much stalked it ever since! Love it and freaking love your dang blog!!! Yay I can't wait!

  9. Anne says

    i love shabby apple!! i always look at their stuff and wish i had the extra $$ to get one. i am crossing everything i can to bring me luck!!

  10. Heidi, Greg, and Jackson says

    I love Shabby Apple. I have spent many many hours browsing through their dresses and drooling!

    I definitely liked them on facebook!

  11. says

    I could never pick a favorite at shabby apple. I would gladly give up all my cloths and just restock my closet with everything in shabby apple line :) If I had to choose one I would pick the Frida :)

    amym_1 at netzero dot net

  12. collegebeauty_05 says

    I can't choose between he bali Ha'i' dress and the Mauna Kea. I like both of them. These are cute dresses. And I like that there long and have sleeves.

  13. Lil' LeBaron Family says

    Just like them on facebook and can't believe I haven't done it sooner! I see their stuff on Grosgrain all the time! LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses!

  14. Lil' LeBaron Family says

    Mauna Kea is by absolute favorite! I love it because it's dressy enough to wear with heels, but also fits the casual bill in that you could pair it with boot or flats! Love the color and the flower on the shoulder detail! I cinched natural waist line is always good to cover the belly too!

  15. Lil' LeBaron Family says

    If you're ever in the need for design or DIY inspiration, then head over to! She does reupholstering, refinishing and much much more! I check it every day!!! Here's what I posted and I didn't do twitter because I don't have it….but I would have for this dress!!!

  16. Christine says

    I have had my eye on this company and their dresses for years. Never felt like I could spend more than $30 on a dress for myself. Wouldn't that be amazing?

  17. wadesummers says

    I love love love Shabby Apple! Pick me, pick me! I liked them on Facebook and visited their site. My favorite is the Cleopatra dress, but I would buy sandstone first due to it's versatility.

  18. wadesummers says

    I posted a link to the giveaway on Facebook! I really want to win!!! My daughter is graduating from high school in a few months and this would make a FABULOUS dress for her graduation!!

  19. says

    first your blog is adorable.
    and congrats with the great success.

    andd oh my goodness.
    you can never have too many positive comments :]
    thank you so much that would be absolutely fantastic
    i am glad you like the blog so much.

    love m.
    keep in touch

  20. says

    Since I'm currently prego, I looked into the maternity dresses. I LOVe the Mama Mia AND the Raven Mama in green, AND the Odyssey! Seems like I just found where my nice maternity dress will be coming from!

  21. says

    I "like" shabby apple on my face book, but am IN LOVE with their clothes! And am in LOVE with this give away! Thanks for the opportunity, my fingers are crossed!

  22. says

    I went to the Shabby Apple website and I love, love, love the Classic Collection. I couldn't pick just one but here are my three favs…. "Azure Coast," "Martha's Vineyard," or "I'Ete." Such a cute selection, love this site!

  23. Vanessa says

    I have discovered Shabby Apple through your blog, and I am in love… well, like since I could only "like" them on facebook.

  24. Lance and Melissa says

    I "liked" Shabby Apple on facebook, and I would LOVE to win! I love their Antiquated dress, and I've been needing a new dress for a formal banquet coming up!

  25. Ashley says

    i LOVE Shabby Apple! It's hard to pick just one favorite but I have been eyeing Lois Lane for a while now. I am on a teacher's budget so this would be such a treat for me!!!

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