Backyard Landscaping Design: Part 1

Mar 7th, 2011

Landscaping our backyard is our number one priority right now. The climate that we live in is perfect for landscaping projects this time of year, and in order to enjoy the backyard for the entire spring/summer season, we figured that the sooner we get it done, the better.

We want our backyard to be a haven for our family, and we anticipate spending hours and hours out there. We live in St. George, Utah (for those that don’t know), and our climate is sooooo great. We spend most of the year outside. I LOVE IT! The summer gets HOT…but that’s when we spend a lot of time on the lake, so we love the heat.

The backyard has been a work in progress for over a year and a half now. My cute hubsters built the kiddos an ENORMOUS swing set awhile back, we have added two large block walls, we planted trees, and we painted a design on the block wall in the fall. We have worked on it gradually due to financing the projects, but our efforts are finally paying off, and the transformation will soon be over. YAY!!

Here are a few pictures of the projects so far:
The block wall painting has been my favorite backyard project so far. Whenever anyone sees this, they just love it. It makes me happy when that happens!

Here is the swing set. The kid’s favorite project has definitely been the swing set, and we just purchased a turbo tube slide to adorn the side. The kids are going to LOVE it!!!

We planted trees last spring.

Aren’t they cutie pies!?!

We have added two large block walls. We contracted this work out to Stone Tree Landscaping in here in St. George. (Which they did a FAB-U-LOUS job by the way).

The backyard design was something that my husband Dan envisioned since we moved into our home in July 2009. To see it materializing is a lot of fun!

I am a visual person, so drawing the design helps me to see the “vision” he has in mind. Stay tuned for more pictures and projects soon!

It makes be giddy to see this project come to life!!

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