I have to tell you how fun it is for me to be finally sitting down at the computer. Things have been a bit crazy around here, and I have a lot of posts in the works! Plus adding a fourth child to the mix has been an adjustment around here, and I’m not sure how long it will take for me to feel settled again! :) Maybe…ummmm…never? Ha ha. I just can’t believe I have FOUR kids. It seems like yesterday that I got married. Ok, ten years (almost) ago is not YESTERDAY, but it feels like it.

Ok, I’ll quit jabbering and get on with the show. I’m just excited to show you this amazing project.

This blue ribbon award goes to Stacey over at House of Chic and Penoche! I love what she did with Chalkboard paint in her living room. I LOVE unique decor like this! Go check out her post.

I love the detail, and can’t imagine how long this took to draw.

I love her pillows too. :)

 Keep the submissions coming! I love seeing the amazing projects out there in blogland!

If you have seen a project out there (your own or someone else’s) that has blown you away and that fits this criteria:1: Ultra Unique
2. Demonstrates Originality
3. Crazily Creative
4. Thrifty
5. and you LOVE it!
It qualifies for a blue ribbon from All Things Thrifty. Submit it to me by sending me a link to allthingsthrifty at gmail dot com. :)



  1. says

    Thanks for featuring me! I made those pillows (except for the yellow rose one) I'm opening an etsy shop soon!
    Thanks again for the nice comments!

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