I promised a few of you readers from out of town that I would post the television segment that I did yesterday. As promised, here is the video! I was honored to be invited to participate in this fun show. We had a BLAST. These ladies are absolutely adorable. They were all soooo stinkin’ nice! I felt very welcome. The producer contacted me a few months ago right when I had the baby, so I had to postpone a bit, and she was sooo nice to let me do that. I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Dan came with me AKA “Awesomeness” lol. Luckily he was there because right before the segment, one of the ladies on the set tried to move my lamp to another spot and pulled too hard and it came apart. I was a little frazzled and yelled for him to come over as they said we had “15 seconds” to fix it. He ran over and fixed the lamp in two seconds flat. What a man!!!

I got to take my sister in law Whitney and my sister Adrian with me too. Oh, and baby Creed came too!
Thank you to the Good Things Utah staff for being so nice!


  1. says

    You did such a great job speaking! I'd have been so nervous I wouldn't have been able to say a word. I'm in love with the mirror idea and actually pinned it to pinterest yesterday!

  2. says

    I saw the segment yesterday on GTU. I loved all of it, especially the mirror. And I just have to ask. What D.I. are you hitting? I don't ever have that kind of luck. I love your stuff, so creative.

  3. says

    Brooke! That was awesome! My mom called me the day you did that and said, "I think your roommate Brooke is on Good Things Utah!" ha ha… you're so famous! You did great and I love all your stuff!
    Love ya,
    PS damndanman is awesomeness! ha ha ha

  4. says

    Brooke, you are amazing! LOVED watching you on this show. You explained everything really great also and motivated me to get my spring decorating on. You look awesome too! Great job all around.

  5. says

    Brooke, you looked so cute on that show! All of your furniture looked amazing on camera, and I really love that you're able to transition from blog to TV just like that! Congrats on a wonderful segment!

  6. Crystal Lyman says

    I saw it! And you did great!! I'll bet it was a blast. Good luck on your next projects. I'll still be following you while I'm gone for 2 months in Europe! 😉

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