Remember my fun Lima Bean Wreath project, I wrote about clear back a badillion months ago!?! Well, the bad boy has finally been put to rest. (Actually it fell off for the millionth time and finally broke into too many pieces to repair.) Darn it! I loved it. If I could go back, I wouldn’t have used a Styrofoam wreath. I would have made it on a grass wreath instead. It would have held up much better in the long run.

By the way, this project was inspired by Dana’s Acorn Wreath from MADE. (One of my fave blogs…for sure).

I’ll be searching for the perfect wreath to take it’s place.

Any ideas for me? It can’t just be any old wreath.  Leave me a link if you have one you think I might like for me to check out!


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    haha. funny that both our wreaths had similar deaths. yours lasted longer than mine though. RIP friend! Hope you find another fun wreath project :)
    And thanks for the link. Some fun traffic came over from your site.

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    I was JUST thinking about putting something like the moss wreath on my front door. I was thinking maybe doing a letter shape covered in moss and hung with ribbon like you have done. I've seen them in many wedding blogs and I just thought- Why couldn't I use that at home too? So I am! :)

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