The backyard landscaping project is basically finished! I cannot wait to unveil the entire backyard this week for you all to see the progress from start to finish. It has been soooo much work, but it is finally done, and I can’t wait to show you.

My husband designed the landscaping plan himself. 

The next project to showcase here at all things thrifty is the side yard patio project. The before picture is pretty boring.

The hubs (a.k.a. Awesomeness) built the concrete forms for the cement to pour into.

The purpose of the patio is to house an above the ground swimming pool for the HOT summer months here in St. George, and for a patio set for the rest of the year. I live in St. George, Utah, and it gets to about 115 degrees between July-end of August. Without a way to cool off, it is pretty impossible to play outside during those HOT months.

The patio is about 12 feet wide and 18 feet long.

If you missed the post about how to put your trampoline in the ground, you should check it out!

The guys from Rocky Mountain Materials (866-FRESHMUD) were very nice, and even more importantly SUPER fast. They backed up the cement truck right into our side yard and within minutes were ready to start pouring! It was so fun to see the transformation! (Sidenote: I don’t have a sponsorship relationship with Rocky Mountain Materials, but when I have a great experience with a supplier, I like to share it with my readers.)

My neighbor and my Hubby did the finish work of the concrete, and I have to say that I HAD NO IDEA how much work this would be. Holy cow. It was amazing how hard these boys worked.

The concrete patio alone probably gave them five blisters on their hands.

It turned out amazing though, and now I owe my neighbor a BA-DILLION plates of cookies. 😉 If you have a great cookie recipe, e-mail it to me, seriously!

Stay tuned (are you getting sick of hearing that!?!?) for the backyard unveiling. I promise it is sooner than later. xoxo.


  1. The Yoder's Four says

    Wow, I didn't know Dan knew how to finish concrete! Then again, is there anything he CAN'T do??! Everything is looking great! :)

  2. Christophe Carlier says

    Thank you for sharing, the pictures you shared were very helpful. I really like the way you remodeled your backyard. I bet the finished product looks very nice! My wife and I just moved into our new home and the backyard is still empty. I would like to put some concrete in some areas so I would need that to be delivered. I hope it will look as nice as yours. Thanks again!
    -Chris |

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