As you may have guessed, I love to change my decor. White bedding allows me to change my pillows and decor in my master bedroom as often as I would like. I love having white bedding. It makes my room feel light and airy. My old white comforter has gotten stained from the kiddos, and the comforter that was once white, was now of tinge of yellowish sadness. I had tried to dry it in my drier, and it was too big to fit. When I removed it, it had gotten burned on one side. I was lazy and should have taken the comforter to an industrial sized washer and drier at the landromat. Darn it. Good thing the comforter wasn’t expensive, or I would have been even more ticked.

Someday I may opt for a more expensive comforter, but nowadays, it seems silly to put something expensive on a bed that is constantly spit up on, spilled on, and crawled on by our four kiddos. I love down comforters, but this time I found an alternative down comforter for about $25.00 at Ross so, I went for it.

The comforter has individual squares throughout the design, and I wanted to add a little charm and character to the plain white comforter.

I started by buying some white buttons at Wal-Mart.


 I decided to create a pin-tuck look by adding some buttons around the sides of the comforter. It is a subtle change, but it adds a little character and charm to the boring white bedding.

I measured each square to make sure the button was perfectly center.

I used a needle and thread to sew a small gathered area at the center of the squares.

Then, I added a button to each one to finish off the look.

It was VERY simple, and it added just the right amount of love and charm to my new white bedding.

If you have missed my previous posts about my headboard project in my master bedroom, you have GOT to check it out. It is one of my favorite projects of all time. :)


  1. says

    I think we have the same comforter:)

    Mine is tucked into a super-extra-pretty duvet, that – while it doesn't get quite the attention yours does – is looooooooooved on by my very black, very shed-y cat.

    Considering the duvet is white, too [brilliant plan, eh?] we see quite a bit of the comforter in all its un-buttoned glory as I painstakingly and delicately rid said duvet of said cat hair, like, daily.

    Perhaps buttons were the way to go!

  2. says

    Great idea! My master bedroom is in for a makeover in the next month or so, and I'm thinking of doing white, so I'll keep this in mind…

  3. says

    I have always loved down comforters. I used to have a white comforter but gave it up because of all the hassle with the stains my dog or cat kept leaving. It was much easier when I was single and no pets. But I have always loved the look of it.

  4. Rochelle says

    Do you mention in any previous posts what paint color you used? One of the walls in the picture looks yellow and I am desperately trying to find a soft yellow. What color did you use Brooke?

  5. says

    Ah, you have great timing! My dog just chewed a hole in my comforter and I've been trying to think of what to do for a new, cheap, but cute one. great idea!

  6. The Owen Family says

    I am seriously in love with your blog…. I am in the process of updating my bedroom and I am in love with your colors! Thanks for the inspiration! Is the yellow blanket at the bottom of your bed a blanket/throw or just a big sheet of fabric? where can I get one like it?
    Your stuff is incredible, thanks for sharing!

  7. says

    i would also like to know where the blanket at the foot of the bed came from? i'm trying to make a throw blanket for the bottom of my bed. i picked out yellow fabric and want it to be like this one. how did you do it? made it or bought it?

  8. says

    i would also like to know the answer to the above question. i love the beautiful blanket at the foot of the bed. i picked out a yellow fabric that i would like to make it with. how did you do it?

  9. Brooke @ says

    The yellow and white at the foot of the bed is just fabric folded. :) I bought it from Home fabrics and rugs in Las Vegas Nevada two years ago. I don't think they would have it anymore. :(

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