Today I get to show you three amazing projects from my wonderful readers. I love when I get emails with pictures of projects! It is so fun for me to see what everyone has been up to, and the projects are just amazing!

The first shout out goes to Tiffany, her mom and her sisters! All I can say is WOW!!! It takes a lot of love, patience, endurance and heck TIME to do what these amazing gals did for their brother.

They did a surprise makeover for their brother’s bachelor pad while the boys were hunting in South Africa.

Here is a small sneak peak of the project:

I won’t give away the entire makeover, but you have GOT to go check out this transformation. They painted a TON of furniture and painted a TON of walls. Believe me, I know how much time this all took. They deserve a week at a VERY nice spa (hint hint brother named Greg). :)

Check out the before posts found HERE and HERE, and the reveal posts found HERE and HERE. Hop on over and give them some ? and comments. They deserve it! Thank you Tiffany for sending me your amazing project. I had a BLAST reading about it. I felt like I was watching Extreme Home Makeover take place on my computer screen!!!

The next feature Friday goes to: Jessica Elliot!!! I couldn’t help but show all of you her AMAZING set of mismatched chairs. I love it!!! Refinishing furniture is the best!

I am dying over how UNIQUE each chair is!! I will be patiently searching for chairs like these amazing finds. :) Seeing projects like this make me INSPIRED. It makes me want to go to the thrift store RIGHT NOW.

Last but not least, check out what Shawn and Laura have done in their family room!
Check out their before picture:

Check out the after picture!!! I love this TV frame, and I L.O.V.E. the flowers on the wall!

I also love her zebra rug and her adorable pillows! (Not to mention her freaking DARLING girls!)

Way to go Laura (and her hubsters Shawn). I love what you have done!!!

Thank you for sending me your projects. I LOVE TO SEE what you have all been up to. It makes my day! XOXO!


  1. says

    Needless to tell you that your blog inspires me is not it?
    I come visit you every day, love!
    when you want to come pay a visit to this Brazilian friend who admires you.
    Good weekend

    hptt: / /

  2. says

    Where on earth did she get her rug?! I'm loving her chunky frame for her tv too…and the chairs are a.mazing! I love feature fridays!

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