The fight to stay grounded.

Jul 5th, 2011

Sometimes life gets spinning so fast that I feel like all I can do is hold on tight and hope I don’t fall off the ride. I find myself in this on-going cycle that every so often I have to decide to just STOP. I tend to over schedule myself. I love helping people with projects. I love doing projects. If I don’t STOP and think about it, I double, or even triple book myself on a regular basis. Seriously? Why can’t I get my crap together!?! On top of that, I have my regular Mom duties of caring for four kiddos.

The other day, I was suppose to be
1. Going to Zumba with a friend.
2. Watching my husband play softball
3. Going to a BBQ for a family event
4. Watching my other friend’s three kiddos.


I didn’t even realize that I had QUADRUPLE booked myself until that morning. I canceled all other plans and watched the kiddos for the friend. But saying no to the other events was VERY HARD.

Sometimes I have to remember that being HAPPY is more important that doing EVERYTHING that I want to do at that very moment. I have come to realize over the last four years or so that I am happier if I am not as busy.  With that being said, I still need to be busy to a certain degree.

Balancing the need for being busy in my personality and the overload of being too busy that makes you want to scream and takes away the ability to take a deep breath is the hard part for me.

I have found that taking a breath, reading a book and running through the sprinklers with my kids is the “medicine” I need. :)

What do you do to stay grounded?

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