Hi Peeps! I hope you are having a fabulous Friday and an even more fabulouso July. Things around here are wacky crazy as always. I got to watch my Sister Natalie’s kiddos for a few days and it was really fun to have them. But having six kiddos around the house was kind of crazy. How did my Mom do it? Let me re-phraze that, how did she stay SANE while she raised SIX kids? Ha ha. I did my best, but I went to bed early (like 8:30) last night. I can definitely say that it kicked my trash. Good thing I have a great husband who helps me around here. Yay for the Hubsters. Ok, I’ll stop rambling and start showing off some amazing projects.

This first feature Friday goes to Jessica who was inspired by All Things Thrifty to glaze her furniture. I get this question all the time. “Can you glaze BLACK furniture?”

YES!!! I have never tried it personally, but I knew it would work in theory. So, THANK YOU Jessica for sending me a photo of your fabulous bedroom makeover. (hop over there and give her some ? and comments. :)

Jessica glazed her black furniture with SILVER. I wish I could see her picture a little better, but you can tell that she has glazed the nooks and crannies with silver glaze. All she did was add silver metallic paint to her glaze to tint it silver. Then , she used the same glazing techniques that I have explained several times here at All Things Thrifty! Way to go Jessica. I know how much work it is to refinish furniture and you did a great job!

The next two Feature Fridays are both inspired by my Window Valance DIY post. They both saw my DIY post about how to make a window valance, and they both made their own! Here is a reminder of how mine turned out:

Now check out these amazing renditions:

I love this one from Tam over at Sew Dang Cute . I love her fabric version! What a great idea!

Now hop over to her site and give her some ? and comments.

Next, cute Savannah (and her sister Scarlett) from over at Classy Clutter made a white version that turned out DARLING!

I thought it turned out great. She deserves some ? and comments peeps. Go check out her entire window valance post. 

 Listen peeps, my window valance project is soooooo easy. Really. I promise. Look at how amazing these two ladies did on theirs. Don’t they look FAB-DABULOUS!?!? I love them. Think of all the renditions you could do with endless color changes and fabric choices. My mind is spinning with ideas.

Don’t forget. My window valance only cost me $29.00. I am not kidding when I say I DON’T SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ON DECORATING. (Yes, I’m screaming….ok not really, but do you get the point!?!). Decorating can be inexpensive!

Love ya! xoxo. Have a great weekend!


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    Okay. I'm totally annoyed with myself. I just barely did an upholstered valance and had the guy at Lowes help me when it came to hardware and I guarantee he over sold me on hardware that was too big for what I needed. I payed over $30 just in hardware!!! Plus fabric! Project cost over $60! I'm just annoyed now. BUT it turned out AWESOME. I'll send pics.

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    Thanks so much Brooke for mentioning my fabric-covered valance! You are so sweet!!! And seriously thank you for the fabulous valance tutorial. You are a genius and this was exactly what I wanted for my room.

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    I know this has really nothing to do with the post but i LOVE LOVE your bedding set where did you get it from? I have been looking for something exactly like it? Thanks.

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