I am super excited to announce that All Things Thrifty is now part of élan woman magazine!! Every bi-monthly issue will showcase a project by Mandi (from Vintage Revivals) and me! Holy cow, what an honor to be asked to participate in PRINT!

The “Essence of Southwest Life” is the focus of élan woman, and their mission is “to provide a unique venue for passionate and creative women to share their stories; to celebrate the accomplishments of women who dare to be different; empower women with the courage to discover their own strengths and talents to chart their own course of history. Our own grassroots origin honors the true entrepreneurial spirit.”

What an amazing compliment to be included in those categories! Thank you for the opportunity. I am VERY excited!  

Here is our first debut article. (click on the article to enlarge the image).  

From now on, if you see this logo, it means that the project I am showcasing it also in the magazine!


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    People really do need to hear the message that you can do anything you want and be thrifty and frugal at the same time. And make it look classy and cool!! I love it!!!

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    holy moly donut shop! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! u both work soooo haaarrrddd n deserve it! i never heard of that magazine but im on the prowl for it now, here in ohio!? enjoy your blessings ladies! xo

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