Did I cross the line?

Aug 4th, 2011

I love these earrings from H&M;, and as you can see, I’ve had them for a long time. They were very tarnished. So, I grabbed my trusty Krylon paint and gave the earrings a new life. :) I’ve already had three comments from strangers about them! Have I crossed the line into the “CRAZY SPRAY PAINT LADY REALM!?!?”

I have had a DARN busy week. I am pretty much exhausted. I got a REALLY bad migraine headache that lasted for three days. What the!?!? But, I am really excited to go on Good Things Utah, and more so to show you the projects I have been working on. I’m pretty pumped. Don’t forget to watch the show tomorrow morning at 10am (on ABC). If you are not in Utah, don’t worry, I will post a link for you to see.

Wish me luck and send me positive vibes. Lack of sleep makes me cranky, but it’s all worth it for fun projects!!!


  1. haha, you totally didn't…good idea!

  2. sending lots of positive vibes your way. also, last time you asked what you should wear; please wear those earrings for the show! :)

  3. Earings look great!!!!! So what if you are a crazy spray paint lady, now you are a crazy spray paint lady with super cute earings! Hope all goes well for you!

  4. It's so cute!!! Come on is there really sucha thing as crossing the line when you being creative? Well,….maybe there is but you didn't cross it!!!

  5. I'd say you just crossed the line to being SUPER resourceful! I spray cheap jewelry like that with clear paint all the time so I can wear it (metal allergy). Personally I like the new look better!

  6. Haha! I love it…I totally almost spray painted a pair of earrings last week…NO KIDDING! I am going to do it for SURE now..thanks! CUTE!

  7. The line is officially crossed. Totally kidding, those are SO cute! I might have to look at some of my old jewelery to see if I can spruce it up!

  8. Bahaha!! THos earrings are adorable!! Don't worry, I spray paint anything that holds still long enough- including jewelry!

  9. ha! I started spray painting a mirror last night, and then was searching the house for more things to paint! I ended up spray painting a glass vase and my husband was just looking at me and shaking his head :)

  10. What a great way to update your jewelery – totally not crossing the line!

  11. hahaha! No. You're repurposing which is so in right now ;0

  12. If you did then I am right there with you. The yellow necklace I wore on GTU last time was totally spray painted. I just couldn't find a yellow necklace! I spray paint anything that doesn't move. . .

  13. NOT AT ALL… I did the exact same thing weeks ago with Krylon. I took gold rose earrings same gold as yours and spray painted them Cherry Red… Spray paint is a beautiful thing. The new color on yours is much better. winks-jen

  14. That's look cute… you should cross the lines and be out of the box more often … and show off more amazing stuff and talent of yours!

  15. The only thing I'd worry about is spraying the wire part that actually goes into your ear. You won't know till you wear them if that will irritate your ears or not. Some folks are sensitive to certain metal and I'm not sure what might be in metal colored spray paints and how that'd react to skin. I guess time will tell! They look great, though! :) – Karen

  16. I love it !! Great idea :)


  17. Decorating with Cents says:

    Ummmm, I may never have to buy new costume jewelry again….

  18. What an awesome idea! Spray paint has become a staple right up there with duct tape!

  19. I love them! I have some H&M; earrings that are starting to look a little yucky themselves!
    Brooke, drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. I get migraines when I'm stressed and I've found that dehydration contributes. I guess I get so busy, I forget to drink! :) I'm excited to see you on TV on Friday!

  20. I've never thought of that! they totally look better blue! and will surely bring you lots of compliments.

    Just be happy with your status of crazy spray paint lady.. why not??

  21. So funny, I thought about it the other day and the only thing that stopped me was I would have to buy the spraypaint – didn't like the colors I had – and I thought I could buy some cheapo earrings for what I am going to spend on spraypaint. Not to mention that I thought I might be crossing the crafter/crazy line. So happy to know I'm not the only one! Ha! They look great:)

  22. Nope, not crazy, BRILLIANT!

  23. LOVE the earrings. I agree that you should wear them on the show. And your last comment that fun projects are worth the loss of sleep–I wish I had that will power. Sleep seems to win out these days for me. And the pile of projects grows.

  24. Not crazy, but don't forget that TOOTHPASTE will clean tarnish. ;)

  25. Kati @ Obscured Flair- says:

    super idea! Now I know what to do with my favorite pairs that I couldn't get rid of!!

  26. And thats why we are friends!!! LOVE IT!!!!Hahahahaha

  27. My husband JUST said to me "If I catch you spray painting anything that goes on your body, I will start to get worried" HAHAHA.

  28. You've only crossed the line if that line is fabulous! I love this idea and can think of a few earrings to try this out on. Thanks for sharing!

  29. funny. i bought a pair of earrings (clearance $3) with the intention of spray painting them. i don't like the brassy color – i'm thinking hot pink :)

    so, great idea!

  30. Love these! I want to do one with a faux green copper petina!

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