Hi Peeps! I hope you had a great weekend! My weekend was full of fun! I got to be on the Good Things Utah television show on Friday, and it was a blast. The ladies there are absolutely darling, and they are very very nice. They made me feel welcome, and even though I was nervous, I thought it went pretty well. I wanted to post a link for those of you who may have missed it or for those readers who are not Utahns.

The segment was about DIY decorating, and DIY decorating is what All Things Thrifty is all about. It’s amazing how much money you can save by eliminating the “middle man.” I tend to gravitate to projects that make a huge impact in a room but since I am thrifty to the core, I don’t spend a lot of money.

If you missed the tutorial about how to make these yourself, go HERE.

How did I do on the show? Be nice, watching myself is a tiny bit nerve racking. :)


  1. says

    You did a GREAT job! I used to do TV commercials for our furniture store and I hated to see them actually run on TV. I'm so glad you got recognized for your creativity and hope you get more "hits" on your blog due to this spot. Congratulations!

  2. says

    Such a great idea! I might never attempt reupholstering (i'm fabric challenged) BUT your MDF projects are so inspiring! Big fan of your blog. Love all the pics you show of your house. U R awesome!

  3. says

    Good job! You're always so cute! Love the wall hanging and the chair! If I had the patience to do a larger chair I'd have to try it, but after a kid's chair I think I'm done with that! We'll just let the pros do that (you)! 😉

  4. The Jackson's says

    You did AWESOME!! also on a side note…my sister-in-law went to Euro Treasures Antique store just MINUTES after you left! We were so sad to have just missed you, but we were SO overwhelmed with the store. Thanks to you and your wonderful friend for sharing about the store!!
    You are GREAT!!

  5. says

    That is SO cool! If I didn't have so many other projects in the running, I would try to get my hubs to help me with that. I have drooled over your other wall art that you made a while back, too. You did a great job on the show!

    Okay, so your little foot bench there on the end of your bed….I have to note that the fabric looks very, very similiar to some fabric that I recovered my couches with. Except that mine has red flowers and yours has yellow. You have to check out my blog post and let me know! I will be SO pleased because I picked that out before even seeing that fabric was what you have, too! Maybe I actually have good taste! :)
    Here goes:

  6. says

    Brooke, I loved the projects and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your outfit and hair. You looked great! And seriously, I often look at your master bedroom and dream about my house one day – we still rent and can't wait to own and try these new things!!!

  7. says

    I love this! I am trying to convince my hubby to help me make some for my bedroom! btw… you did great on the show!

    Did you say you have the stencil and the size of what you made it somewhere on your site?

    Crystal :)

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