Every so often I come across a blog out there that catches your eye. Well, to make a long story short, my friend made this AMAZING dessert the other day, and I about died and went to heaven. WELL…then I get this e-mail with a DIY coffee table turned ottoman project. 

The dessert and the ottoman came from the same blog. 
She made this….

 from this coffee table.

 AND she posted this recipe from her friend Kelsey on her blog too.

It. was. fate. Somehow, the stars aligned. We are meant to be friends. :)
The place where these two amazing projects came from is Alina’s website My yellow umbrella
Hop on over and give her some ? and comments. 
My next feature Friday goes to Carol from Kentucky!
Thank you Carol for sending me a picture of your amazing furniture transformation!

 She painted and glazed this $20.00 goodwill treasure.

 It looks great! She did a fabulous job!

And LAST, but not LEAST, Colleen transformed this old table:

 With a little love and paint…it is a unique furniture piece for her home!

I am super proud of all of you readers who have begun to transform furniture yourselves! It is VERY fun for me to see your projects. Don’t hesitate to send them to me! If you have been featured at All Things Thrifty, grab a “featured button” to display! xoxo.
Have a great weekend. I have to clean out my garage and organize all the projects I have coming up. The “All Things Thrifty Headquarters” A.K.A. the garage, is getting quite full! 


  1. says

    just wanted to say–you've inspired me….all i can think about is how fast i can get to the nearest garage sale/thrift store. it's consuming my brain! lol. we are moving into a much larger house soon and i need furniture–on a budget! sooo excited to find your blog. i bought my first piece today, a bookshelf for my daughter's room!! wish me luck! 😉

  2. says

    Just found your blog and am in L.O.V.E! I'm so going to make me some yellow nightstands!! Just need to hit up the DI to find some good ones…thank you!

  3. Juliya says

    Oh, my!! Love all this stuff!!! I am definitely set to refinish/paint my old coffee table/end tables!! So excited!! Hubby’s rolling his eyes already! : )

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