Fours reasons to CELEBRATE!!!

Aug 11th, 2011

#1: School starts Monday! Maybe I can actually get something done around here! Am I a bad Mom for being excited for this?!? I have two kiddos in all day school this year! Yipeee skippy.

#2: All Things Thrifty is TWO years old!!! What the heck? Time has FLOWN by. All Things Thrifty is getting a MAKEOVER! I can’t wait to unveil the new look. She is going to look much skinnier and beautimus. Ha ha. How can a blog look skinnier, you ask? I have no idea. I just know that I look better when I’m skinnier. BAHAHA.

#3: I am turning 30 (ahem I mean 29 again) in a week or two. I. am. having. a. hard. time. Be nice to me. Tell me I look young when you see me next um,kay!??!

#4: Creed is almost SEVEN months old! I cannot believe it. He is a chuncky monkey too! I have to show you a picture. He is the cutest baby in the world. I am a little biased though. He is teething, and life is disrupted a bit. Having a fourth kid has kicked my trash. How do you Moms DO IT!?!?

Are you excited about my celebrations!?!

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