Halloween Ideas: Introducing All Things Spooky

Sep 27th, 2011

If you have been around All Things Thrifty for awhile, you know that I LOVE HALLOWEEN. (Yep, in all caps). It is my favorite holiday. I know, I know, you may think I am weird now that you know this, and I’m ok with it. Halloween to me signifies a lot of fun with family and friends.

Let me give you a little background so that you believe me. It all started seven years ago. We decided to stay up late and carve pumpkins with our brother and sister in law (Mike and Jessica). We ran out of pumpkins to carve and went to the store at midnight searching for more pumpkins and more pumpkin carving tools. We found some at the local grocery store and stayed up all night carving pumpkins. Ever since that first night of carving pumpkins, the event has gotten bigger and bigger. Last year, we carved 85 pumpkins. Some of those pumpkins even had multiple carvings. Ha ha. Check them out. (Just be open minded because after you see these, you may think we are NUTS).

As you can see, Halloween is one of the busiest and most fun times of the year around here. We start carving several days before Halloween, and we stay up for several nights in a row to get it all carved. Every year we have hundreds of people that come and see the pumpkin display.

As a celebration for Halloween, I have decided to incorporate my love for the holiday into my blog. So, over the next few weeks (leading up to Halloween) I will be sharing some fun Halloween tips, pumpkin carving patterns, carving instructions, Halloween party ideas and Halloween decor ideas for all of you, and I am REALLY excited to announce that I will be hosting a Halloween linky party every Friday for you to share your ideas also. I don’t care if the ideas are from this year, last year or ten years ago for that matter. That is the great thing about Halloween, everything goes!

The All Things Spooky Linky Party will be every Friday (starting this Friday Sept 30) and will be specifically geared toward Halloween ideas. Feel free to link up costume ideas, Halloween party ideas, and Halloween decor ideas, heck, even link up pictures of your carved pumpkins. I would love to see!

Which pumpkin is your favorite from our party last year? (click to enlarge)

Stay tuned, I will be sharing tips and instructional videos soon on how to carve pumpkins. YAY for Halloween season! Have you started to decorate yet?


  1. Great pumpkins !!!

  2. Holy Moly! 85 pumpkins??? That is too awesome! ;)

  3. I love the owl punkin! Super cute. Can't wait to start decorating this weekend.

  4. This makes me so happy. I made my husband go get our Halloween decorations from my moms place today so we can start decorating tonight. So excited

  5. I love Halloween too, but have a hard time decoring for it…I lack the creativity, so I'm excited for your linky party!!

    And I love all your pumpkins…that is amazing!!

  6. So amazing!!! Love them all!!!! I just started to decorate yesterday!

  7. That was actually the first time I saw your blog. It was love at first projector project :) A how to for black out halloween window art (I don't know what the heck it's techinically called…you know what I mean though???) I spent hours with a friend at the church with a projector doing my awesome windowscape. I should have taken a picture…DANG!!! I am stoked to see your house all Halloween-i-fied.

  8. I don't live in St. George, but I have a sister who lives in Diamond Valley. I am sure she'd love to bring her kids to see this next years Pumpkin Parade. Will you be posting where it's located?

  9. Wow. That is amazing! I notice you zoomed in on the UofU pumpkin and just brushed right on by the BYU pumpkin…Hmm. ;)

  10. thanks for sharing, those are crazy cool -Halloween is our favorite too, so I can't wait to see what you do this year:)

  11. I started today! Almost done with my mantle. I only decorate the first floor, but do even creepy curtains! Such fun! We'll do a bit outside, but wait to put the whole graveyard or other scene up on Halloween night. Last year we did a Creepy Campsite. Haven't decided what this year's will be!

  12. Definitely the Dwight Shrute one. :) :) And I am super excited about this series!

  13. brooken'dus says:

    AWESOME!! I love all the Disney Characters!! I live in SG and would LOVE to come see all the pumpkins you carve this year!! Where do you get all your pumpkin patterns?

  14. Toothless! And yes, this looks like a real labour of love. And a lot of fun.

  15. Cool!!

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