I get excited about finding fun pillows. The perfect throw pillow can tie all of your color choices together in a room. I am right in the middle of a huge home re-design job. I am having a BLAST! I cannot wait to show you the fun projects we are doing.

This pillow from Homegoods is a little hint at what is to come! Isn’t it DARLING!?! I love the colors and textures.

I love the deep brown velvety feel to the fabric. I love the splash of limey green. I love the turquoise (surprise, surprise!), and I can’t get enough of the vintage yet modern pattern.

The velevety brown outlines in the fabric protrude out a bit, and I love it. Plus, the linen texture to the tan, green, and turquoise adds a fun texture!

When I found this pillow at Homegoods, I did a little jig in the store. I had been going there almost every day for three weeks to search for the perfect pillows, and when I found them, I was a bit excited as you can probably imagine!


  1. says

    That pillow is amazing! I so wish my HomeGoods was closer so I could visit it more often – I need to score some pillows like that for my couch!

  2. says

    That's such an awesome pillow!!

    I also have an obsession with throw pillows. They're such a nice way to add interest and colour to a room. We have 2 in the bedroom, 1 in the spare bedroom, and 5 in the living room!

  3. says

    Holy smokes!!! I bought two of these pillows in Houston, TX and then when to 6 different Homegoods stores to find two more (for the other couch!) Really hurting for them and it would make my wife sooo happy to have them, any ideas, or can you keep an eye out for me!? Your blog actually did pop up when I was searching the internet in desperate hope of finding them!

    (you are right…they are remarkable pillows!)

    Hope you are well!

  4. Jenni says

    I’ve been looking to match up those pillows for two years! If you decide you are done with yours please let me know!!

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