We ended up with 80 pumpkins this year. Phew! We are exhausted.

Which one is your favorite?

We had a lot of help carving these from a lot of friends and family. We had a blast! We bought our pumpkins from Staheli Farms. We had a fun Ulrich Family Pumpkin Extravaganza.


  1. says

    The feet with the Toe tag! Great job on them all! We got brave (thanks to you) and made some with our favorite NFL team name and logo, they came out great!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Jackie says

    We came by your house, and we were so amazed at how awesome these are in person. If you didn't go, you need to add it to your list next year. It was so worth it. We had to walk around it like 4 times and we still couldn't pick just one. Great Job!!

  3. says

    Jack Skelington, the gargoyle, Thor, Spiderman. My girls all vote for princesses and Harry Potter. Thanks for the tutorials!
    I am so glad I got to come see your creations in person and meet YOU! That was better than meeting a rock star for me. Thanks for being you and sharing your awesome ideas and energy!

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