All Things Thrifty has a new look!!

Nov 12th, 2011

Blog Header Thrifty copyAs a celebration of launching All Things Thrifty’s new look, my brother in law Mike’s company has agreed to give away $100 to Home Depot! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment. FOUR separate $25.00 gift cards to give more people the chance to win!
Just for fun, check out what All Things Thrifty used to look like.
This is how All Things Thrifty started out in August 2009.

We gave her a facelift in April 2010
Header new copy Then All Things Thrifty got another tweek in April 2011!
Header ATT copy
Now she looks like this! All Things Thrifty Home Decor and Accessories Header
My brother in law Mike is amazing. He saved us a ton of money on our life insurance policies, and having life insurance is something that I think EVERY household should have. The great thing about his website, is that you can get quotes by the click of a button. It isn’t high pressure AT. ALL.
So if you are curious if he can save you money, head on over and check out his site!
Mikes button 11
Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter one of FOUR $25.00 gift cards to Home Depot!


  1. Love the new flowers and the font in your title :) Very cute! And of course, who doesn't love Home Depot!

  2. I could definitely use a home depot gift card! I'm only 18, but you have inspired me to do so many projects on my own! I even reupholstered a wingback chair! Thanks so much! Fingers crossed!! :)

  3. The new look is fun and classy. Great work! And I *love* Home Depot ;-)

  4. Love your new header and also love Home Depot!

  5. I have been so inspired by your website!! Thank you! I like the new look!!

  6. how awesome! love the look and thanks foe the chance to win!

  7. I love your blog. It gives me some great ideas to use around my house :)

  8. Your site just keeps getting better and better! I love it! What an awesome brother in law you have….
    we have been thinking about L I for a while now, but the economy has not been good to our family…
    Thanks for all you do!

  9. I have a dresser and coffe table just screaming to be spray painted. $25 to Home Depot might make that happen! Thanks for the giveaway – your site looks GREAT!

  10. Love the new look and I'm excited to see even more things you are coming up with every week. I would love to win. Thank you Brooke and Mike!

  11. Agreed! Life insurance is a MUST! Hope I win!!!

    Mallory @ Classy Clutter

  12. Love the new look! And would love a gift card to Home Depot!!

  13. love the new look! woot! i love home depot! woot!

  14. Brooke! I love it!!! It's so classy looking. :)

  15. Love Home Depot! Would love to win one! :)

  16. I think you picked a great look. Congratulations!

  17. YAY! This was my vote! I love the font in the header!

    Did you do the designing? It's lovely.

    And we're doing a reno project right now so a gift card to Home Depot would be amazing.

  18. Great new look!! Very pretty!

  19. I am so glad this is the one I voted for. Home Depot is always great for projects!

  20. Love the new look. The colors are great and I especially love the font. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I really like your new header! That was my favorite one of the two. Pick me, pick me for a home depot gift card! :)

    And since my blog is private (if I win), my email is devrifrandsen(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  22. I found you through Classy Clutter and am still learning my way through blogland, but you and your projects have been such an inspiration to me! I'm refinishing my second piece of furniture this weekend! Thank you!

    Can always use a HD gift card!

  23. Love the face lift! It is amazing, and so are you!

  24. I have so many projects to do! This gift card would be amazing!!

  25. Love the new look! I voted for this one :) And I'd love a gift card to Home Depot for my growing list of projects that need doing. Love it Brook!

  26. I love the new blog look and I'd love to win a Home Depot gift card!

  27. The blog looks fantastic! Great giveaway, too! :)

  28. New blog looks great! I could totally use the $25 to home depot!

  29. Love the new look!

  30. WOOOHOOOO! I love Home Depot! :)

  31. Love the new look, but I love the content even more!!! Great job!

  32. Love it!!!

  33. i love the way it looks!!! this is the one i voted for! :)

  34. That's a little deceptive. $100 to Home Depot headline, but the fine print says differently.

  35. I was at Home Depot just this morning…I'd spend it really quick!! My boys also don't fight me anymore to go now they have popcorn. Yay Home Depot!!!!

  36. Lovin' the new look!!

  37. Love the new look, Brooke! I gave myself a makeover this last week, too. It feels so good! :)

  38. I LOVE your new header! It's so pretty, the colors are great

  39. LOVE the new look! <3

  40. I like to think of "Thrifty" as my middle name…lol!

  41. Me please!

  42. Looks great!

  43. Love the new look!! I loved the other contender, too–maybe next time? :-)

  44. I love the swoop on the G in things!

  45. I could definitely use a home depot card!

  46. Love the new look and all of your great ideas! And who wouldn't love something from home depot!

  47. I love the new site! But honestly, it's the awesome projects you post that keep me coming back to the site religiously. So it doesn't matter what it looks like to me… I will keep coming back no matter what!

  48. The header looksAWESOME!! Love it!! And thanks to the b-i-l for the giveaway $$ :)

  49. Love your new header! I voted for it!! I love home depot…we would sure put a card from there to good use!

  50. New to your site. Love all your cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  51. I honestly love all the looks your site has gone through.

  52. Love your new look! Would love to win a giveway too…thanks for the chance!

  53. I really like the new look. It's my favorite.

  54. Love your new look. Well, I love all of your looks thus far. :) I would have so much fun with a gift card! Thanks!!

  55. Love the new look! I stop by everyday for a dose of inspiration :)

  56. I am loving this new look! Love the flowers!

  57. Love the new look!

  58. we all love gift cards! thanks for the fun giveaway!

  59. Love the new look! I voted for this one!

  60. Love the NEW look~ Awesome job! It is always a pleasure reading your blog~

    Thanks for the giveaway….that would be fab!

  61. I have several items on my Home Depot list right now!

  62. The new look to your site is great.

  63. Oh I would love a gift card to Home Depot! Spend way too much time there…

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Like always, your sense of style is amazing and I think I can come up with many ways to spend $ at Home Depot:)

  66. Love the new look.
    bluebird1018 at gmail dot com

  67. I love the new look and I think it is wonderful that you are doing the Home Depot gift card give away!

  68. It looks great, I'm loving those flowers!!!

  69. i love the font for "all things"!

  70. I love the new look and I love Home Depot!!

  71. I LOVE the new look!! All Things Thrifty was one of the very first blogs I started following. It's been fun seeing the transformations and growth over the years. Not to mention the fabulous tips!!!

  72. I could use some light bulbs… hahaha. I really like your new look. Good job talented one.

  73. Love the new logo! The colors are beautiful! :)

  74. Congrats in the new look! Family is wonderful.

  75. Your new style is fabulous!

  76. I can always use a gift card to Home Depot! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  77. Love the new look…hoping to get a new look on my blog soon too :)

  78. Loving the new look! And loving this giveaway!! Hooray for Home Depot! And Mike too:)

  79. I LOVE the update- and I would LOVE a Home Depot card. I love how your site has grown, your amazing!

  80. Love the new look! Keeping my fingers crossed for a giftcard… just in time to get some Christmas lights! :)

  81. So glad you picked this header and design! I love it! I could always use goodies from home depot. Especially around the holidays! Hello christmas decor!

  82. How generous! I'd love to win. I'm making a shadow box to display my vintage brooch collection- and it will take about $25 in materials to do it!

  83. The new look is great. Its cool to see the change over the years.

  84. Classy Clutter says:

    What a great giveaway!

  85. Definitely love this look the best! Thanks for all your hard work!

  86. just discovered your blog..i'm loving all the inspiration..thank you!

  87. Looks great!

  88. I LOVE your site! I'm on a hyper diy, thrifty kick since moving and tightening our budget, so this is great! :)

  89. Wow…I would definitely spend my giftcard on some paint. I have sooo many white walls. Thanks!

  90. Love the new look! I have always enjoyed your website and the fun things you create.

  91. I love the look! Thanks for the gift cards! :)

  92. Oooooo… likey!!! New looks are so fun! I just got one as well :)

  93. I'd love $100!!

  94. Very cute! Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration!

  95. I like the new look, its sleek. I could use the gift certificate for sure. I'm moving to a new apartment December 1st and this will be the first time in a long time where I get full say on what it looks like.
    Plus will actually have a yard :).

  96. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, I check it every day and tried so many things thanks to your insparation!! Keep up the great ideas. see you soon1

  97. thecollettes says:

    I love the transformation your blog has gone through. I've been a fan since the beginning! A Home Depot gift card would be awesome!

  98. Like the new look – like HD!

  99. Love the new look! I have a project right now that could use some Home Depot cash.. :)

  100. I am a follower and would Love to win a home depot gift card.
    Love the new look of your blog.

  101. I hope I win, it's been awhile since I've won something. Love the new look!

  102. I'm glad you chose #2! It's very cute. And I love Home Depot. We are in the middle of redoing our two bathrooms and would love to win a gift card! :)

  103. Love the updated look!

  104. I love Home Depot!

  105. HD is one of my favorite places! Congrats on the newest design!

  106. Love the new look! And I hope I win :)

  107. I love the new look! Very chic! What a great give-a-way! Thanks!

  108. Yay! We love Home depot!

    living4mydream at msn dot com

  109. Love the look! Especially the title font!!

  110. love the new look. it's nice to switch things up to keep it 'fresh'.

  111. i really like the new look… please count me in for the home depot gift card! Thanks!

  112. Who doesn't love gift cards especially when used to spice up home decor

  113. Love your blog and the Home Depot. Your new header is beautiful and unique.

  114. So glad you went with the turquoise! Love it! And would LOVE a gift card too. ;)

  115. The new look is gorgeous! Congrats on all the success!

  116. I love the new look and the colors

  117. Annie Nielson says:

    A gift card to Home Depot would definitely get used at our house! I hope I win :)

  118. Your new look is beautiful :)

  119. Loving the new look.

  120. Shelly Traveller says:

    I love the look and love to win!!!

  121. Yes, please! And I love the new look!

  122. Love the new look. Who couldn't use a gift card from Home Depot! You rock!

  123. Everyone can always use a Home Depot gift card. The new look is great! I voted for it! ;)

  124. Because of you and your awesome pictures and instructions I tackled my first project this weekend turning a nasty 70s oak table and chairs into a masterpiece! Thanks for all your simple how to do it advice as they are amazingly beautiful! The total cost- 45.00 dollars for sandpaper and paint!,

  125. Love your blog, any which way you have it! Thanks for your awesome ideas!

  126. I adored this blog before the makeover, but I must say it is even more fabulous after. I have projects in my garage that would definitely put a gift card to great use!

  127. Love the new look! Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. Love your new look!!! Thnks

  129. Love the new look! Just buying my first house so a HD gift card would be awesome!

  130. I'm brand new to your blog and to the whole blogging thing but I've already shared your website with my facebook friends. I can't wait to read your how to articles. Thanks for all your hard work sharing what you create. :)

  131. great progression over the years! kudos and thanks for the giveaway!

  132. I can hardly wait to read your daily blog sent to my email. The new website design fits your identity nicely. Keep up the inspirational work! Thanks, Kathy

  133. A gift card to home depot would paint my laundry room a brIght and cheery color! That would be fantastic!

  134. Ah, so you chose number two. Loved this one, so I say good pick!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. I love your new look!

  136. Love to have one for all the projects on my list

  137. YAY Home Depot! Liking the new site design!!

  138. LOVE the new design… I know you secretly were waiting to see which one I voted for =)

    Sweet Home Depot giveaway!!!

  139. Love the new look! As always your blog never disappoints.

  140. That is the one I voted for, I love it!

  141. Love the new blog look. Hope I win!

  142. Great blog….and love Home Depot!!

  143. You get better with age!!

  144. oh the things I could buy @ Home Depot =) Love the new look

  145. I recently discovered your blog and one of the first things I did was vote on this hip new look.

  146. Like the new look and I think it is great you are giving away gift cards.

  147. I love the new look. So many good tips and I hope I win the gift card!

  148. I think every design you've had has been adorable! And I'd love to win a gift card :)

  149. Charlie and Cassie says:

    Thanks for all of the ideas, hope I win!

  150. Looking good!!!

  151. What a fabulous giveaway!!! Please count me in.

  152. Crossing my fingers!

  153. I love the new look!

  154. Your blog is one that I have on my google reader, so I check by every day!! Way to go!

  155. Love the new look!! So cute! I love all the things you show us how to do on here. Would love to go shopping at Home Depot!

  156. Your new look is awesome!! I like how you showed us how your blogs has evolved through the years, too cool! I could use a $25 gift card from Home Depot.
    Thanks for the giveaway or should I say thanks to your brother in law!

    Andrea xx

  157. home depot here i come!!

  158. Brooke- I love your website. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  159. Chelsea and Rory says:

    lOVE the new look!

  160. Love your new look, and I could totally use that Home Depot card!

  161. Love Home Depot…since my husband lost his job at Lowes…thanks for a chance …I could use some Poinsettia's this time of year…

  162. Love the new design! Yes I would love a home depot GC :) Thanks!

  163. YAY for Home Depot! I'm always over there!

  164. Please let me win!!! :) moving into our house in about a month but we need to get our paint first!! Yeayy!!

  165. I love the new look! I love anything in the family of minty blue/greens :)

  166. love the new website! I didnt' know if your site could get any better but it has! P.S. would love the home depot gift card!

  167. LOVE the new look! I love your website and endless inspiration. I'm a first time mother, and I always say "If brooke can do it with more than one kid I have no excuse ; )"

  168. The new look is awesome! I make a daily trip to Home Depot so a gift card would be amazing!

  169. Yay! I love the new look!

  170. Hey, thanks Mike. I love the new graphics.

  171. Love the new look!

  172. I love the font and the colors. Nice transformation!

  173. Looks FANTASTIC!!! Well done!!! :)

  174. I love your blog and home depot! Please let me win!

  175. My husband and I just moved into our first home together… I would LOVE a gift card! Love you website! :)

  176. Kelly Gubler says:

    Love the new look just as much as I love Home Depot!!

  177. I could ALWAYS use a gift card for Home Depot!

  178. Been following sincethe first design….absolutely love this new one though. Feel like I lived at hd this weekend. would love to win.I

  179. I love your latest blog makeover. So cute!

  180. Could definitely use some spending credit towards Home Depot! Love the updated look and your site in general!

  181. I'm so glad you picked this one! I love it!

  182. how fun to have a new look! (and i love me my home depot, so i'm crossing my fingers bigtime!!)

  183. love the new design! clean and polished. id love a home depot card to replenish my mini flower garden in my apt :)

  184. Love the new site as much as much as I love Home Depot! (which is a lot!!)

  185. I love the look! The hubs and I are trying to save up enough to be able to get life insurance,but we also think it is very important!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  186. I love the new look, and I want to thank you because you were the first diy blogger i started following and inspired me to start my own blog last week! the site and everything it has taught me! thank you!

  187. Love your new look! I wondered when I started following you and now I know it was 2010!! – Karen

  188. Yay I REALLY liked this lay out!! Thanks for all the inspiration you give!

  189. home depot?! yess! i hope i can win this one! thanks for the giveaway!

  190. Love love the new look – and a Home Depot gift card would be wonderful!

  191. Love the new look! And great giveaway! Thanks!

  192. here's to hoping…Love the new look

  193. I love the new look!

  194. Love the new look, especially the color choice!!

  195. Sign me up! Love the new blog layout :)

  196. Oh yes! I need this for the Steampunk Sherlock Victorian Study. I need chair rails! Good luck, everybody!

  197. Love the new look! Suits you just perfectly!

    Gotta luv Home Depot too!

  198. woot woot!! put your hands up in the air for the new look…snazzy

  199. I love the new look! I'm glad that's the header you ended up with…it was my favorite!

  200. I love the new look!! HD is always good too!!!

  201. I <3 Home Depot :)

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!!

  202. Love the new look, and the colors are perfect.

  203. We've got lots of projects going on at our house!

  204. Snaps for the new look!!! Always great inspiration found here thanks for sharing!!! (snaps for Home Depot too!!)

  205. I love it a million!

  206. We are always remodeling and could use the gift card!

  207. Looks great! Could always use home depot $$!

  208. Love the new look. Thanks for sharing.

  209. Thanks for the opportunity for the gift card!

  210. So excited for you and the new look!

  211. I love your blog, you inspire me!

  212. I love the new look…a gift card would be such a boost to my DIY budget…thanks, jlk

  213. Love the chair makeover … And I would love one of the $25.00 gift card.

  214. Would love to have one of those Home Depot gift cards!

  215. Steele, Amy, Abi says:

    Love the new look and your site. Do you have links to the pictures on your previous header? Thanks.

  216. Love the new look!

  217. Neat to see how the blog has changed. I like your new look!

  218. Love the new look!! Hope I win!!

  219. I love your new look, but I must admit I liked the old one too! Thanks for continuing to inspire with your new posts!

  220. Love the new look!!! Hope I win a gift card, there's so many projects that need to get done at my house!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  221. Love it! Pick me, pick me! Thanks!!

  222. The new look is great and we are always heading to Home Depot for something!

  223. Loving the new look, so different and so awesome!!!

  224. woot! count me as entered! thanks so much for offering this!

  225. Love your site and the new look is awesome!

  226. $25 HD Giftcard equals FIVE cans of spray paint!! :-)

  227. This is amazing thank you! I love all or your chairs they look fabulous!

  228. I am loving the new look!!!

  229. A home depot gift card would be great! I love all the chair posts & am very excited for the week of chairs!

  230. Love the new header- I voted for it!

  231. Love the redesign.


  232. I love the way your blog looks now! Great work, I'd love $25 at Home Depot! I have a ton of projects that need motivation! :)

  233. you totally got the website it. PICK ME THERE'S LOTS CAN GET AT HOME DEPOT

  234. I can always use another excuse to go to Home Depot. And having a gift card would be a perfect one to have.

  235. Tristie hearts Dax says:

    Brookey-Bang-Bang: You are shooga with a tang. You are one hot, decorating THANG!

    That one came off a little weird, sorry. But thanks for the chance to win!

  236. Love the new site look – and LOVE LOVE LOVE your site. So much inspiration!!

  237. LOVE the new look!!!

  238. Your current header is my fav!

  239. I would love to win a home depot gift card!

  240. love it!

  241. Just found you but I love the cleaner look, the font and the flowers, great blog too! I'll be back!

  242. Love the new look of the blog.

  243. I love the new blog! Thanks for the sharing your talents:)

  244. I hope your brother get's a lot of traffic from here so he gets a good return on his investment. I do like home depot.

  245. Donna Smith says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog using Pinterest. LOVE IT! I learned some tricks and plan to put them to use. OH, I could purchase the materials from Home Depot if I win!

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