Week of ChairsWelcome to the second All Things Thrifty Week of Chairs Event! Every day this week, you will find a different chair transformation showcased! If you are a seasoned reader, you know that refinishing furniture is a fun way to update your home with a small budget. If you are a new reader, let me officially welcome you to All Things Thrifty! I am thrilled that you are here. I hope that the furniture transformations this week will give you a better idea of what you can do with a few bucks!  

This chair transformation began with a $5.00 chair from the local thrift store. Jills House, Lake, projects 101

When you are searching for a chair to refinish, make sure you follow these three guidelines:

1. The chair MUST be sturdy. A chair that is wobbly is not welcome in my home. :)
2. The foam must be in excellent condition. OR, plan to replace the foam. It can be pricey, so be prepared for the added cost if it needs new foam.
3. Be picky about the shape of the chair. Make sure the shape and style is what you are looking for.
For Jill’s house, I searched for tall-backed chairs with a cottage style shape. The first thing I did to transform this boring chair began with adding the wooden swirl to the back of the chair. I bought the swirl at Lowes for about $4. Then, I sanded the back of the chair so that the swirl would adhere properly. I generously coated the wooden swirl with wood glue and clamped the swirl into place. refinishing furniture 2 I carefully wiped off the excess wood glue with a damp cloth while it was still wet and waited for it to dry. After it was completely dry, the painting process began.
refinishing furnitureI primed and painted the chair with KILZ primer, sanded with 220 grit sand paper, and painted it white with Krylon semi-gloss spray paint. I followed my painting furniture 101 tips. :)refinishing furniture 3Then I took my sander and sanded the heck out of the chair to distress the edges to give it that cottage, beat up look.
I then upholstered the seat with fabric that I bought at the local Urban Renewal Store. I loved the mix of brown, white, lime green and turquoise. In fact, I recognized the fabric from watching Bachelor Pad last season. Ha ha, don’t judge me. Refinishing Furniture
The transformation is pretty amazing, don’t ya think!?!? Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another “Week of Chairs” post!
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  1. says

    I love the accent idea. It might help me create an antique-looking chair as I have had very little joy in trying to find one.I'll be here every day, for every chair!

  2. says

    I love bachelor pad. I think Blake is cool and all, but I like Mike more as well. Brooke your chair looks awesome! I always love week of chairs!

  3. Shelly Traveller says

    I LOVE IT! Ha totally not judging because I totally saw the fabric on the show and was drooling over it and I even tried to find it myself.

  4. says

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  5. says

    that is fabulous! ive been keeping my eye out for an awesome chair that is in need of some love. we need it for a spot in our master. it's making me crazy since i am TOO PICKY!!

  6. says

    OMW I have that same fabric going in our Guest Room. I am going to make a bed scarf aka foot runner for the bed. The bedding is a white with a bark brown block edge! I turned the vanity into a white piece. Would go great with her room.

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