The paint color for Jill’s house has been chosen!!

Drumroll please…..
And the color is: 
Sauna (ar1223)
Allen Roth by Valspar. You are going to love it! 
It is the perfect color. It is so soothing. I’m considering painting my house the same color (no kidding). I love it THAT much! 
The trim is Bistro White 7006-4 (also by Valspar).
Stay tuned for pictures!


  1. says

    I love it so much! I wish my husband would approve of such a great color. I lost the war on color in our hall bath…it was a similar color to this. I think since he got his color choice for the bathroom, I should get my color choice in the entire rest of the house, right? I really really love this color. A LOT! I can't wait to see it on her walls!

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