Silhouette’s SECRET Black Friday SALE!!

Nov 21st, 2011

Silhouette is having a RIDICULOUS sale coming up this Friday (black Friday)- Monday the 28th. Stay tuned for more details. I was really excited so I just had to tell you!!!
As always, you need to use the code “THRIFTY” to get the promotional price on items! I will give you the details as soon as I know.

[The store will already be having a sale, and with my promo code “THRIFTY” you will get an ADDITIONAL discount!] I will give you details as soon as I know.


  1. O-M-GEEEEEEE! You just made my day! I have been waiting to buy the Cameo and it sounds like this Friday will be my chance!!! Thank you SO much for sharing. I'll be checking back soon for more deets!


  2. Dang it! My SILs and I just bought this for each other for Christmas. We should have waited for the sale. It has already been delivered. Boohoo.

  3. Will we actually be able to use this secret discount on the Cameo? Their 30% off everything sale excludes the Cameo, so I'm just wondering.

  4. Brooke @ says:

    I am assuming that it will include a secret discount on the CAMEO because this is what the rep said,

    "Feel free to let your readers know that a nice deal is coming their way! This Black Friday Special will be an ideal time to pick up the new Silhouette CAMEO!"

    As soon as I have more details, I will pass them on. I do also know that the silhouette store will already be having a sale, and with my discount code "THRIFTY", you will receive an additional discount on top of the other discount!!!

    Yay for saving money!

  5. But; how is that possible? They don't sell the cameo from their site!

  6. what website will that be at? looks like it still is not available at the site…says only in stores…

  7. Maybe they have a different site to purchase from? Thought that was their only store….

  8. I can't get the code to work, and they don't sell the Cameo on site. Help? Am I at the wrong site?

  9. Thanks Brooke for letting us know about it!! Soo stinking excited!! You are the best!!

  10. Brooke @ says:

    Ok peeps, don't worry. The Cameo will be available on a secret site. The code will not work until Friday. I will give you all the details when it is ok with the Silhouette peeps. :)

  11. Brooke @ says:

    OK Peeps, the sale for the CAMEO will only be available at:
    I don't know the actual discount for the CAMEO yet.

    The rest of the sale will take place at their regular website. Just make sure that you use the code "black" to get 30% off and then use the code "thrifty" to get an additional 10% off.

  12. yay! Thank you SO much!! Do you happen to know what time they are starting their Black Friday deals?

  13. Brooke @ says:

    I will try and find out. I just posted the secret site link so go check it out!

  14. so it appears the site won't let you input two codes. I have tried in both orders and it will only take one. Also, black says 30% off all items, but does not adjust the cart. Only thrifty works and takes the price of the cameo to $249

  15. do you know if they will have a black friday sale again this year?

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