Enter to win $2500.00 from and! Have you been naughty or nice lately? I might be in the naughty category, I’m not going to lie. I have been a bit of a GROUCH lately. I’ve been playing “catch up” since I got back from a girl’s trip to L.A. to see WICKED. It was sooooo fun, and now I have ten loads of laundry to do. Ha ha. Isn’t it funny how fast that happens!?! A family of six can make laundry like bunnies make babies.

I can think of about a ba-dillion things that I would do with $2500.00. Anyone could use this mula this time a year, right!?! Whether you need to money to get ahead, want it to go on a cruise, or need to feed your decorating obsession (ahem), wouldn’t it be FREAKIN’ AMAZING to have that extra cash right about now!?!?

It is super easy to enter, and on top of their $2500.00 grand prize, these lovely ladies are giving away $100.00 weekly gift card prizes too. Your first entry counts toward the $2500.00 prize.

How to enter!?!?

1. “Like” and/or on Facebook and fill out the entry form located on the left side on the Naughty or Nice tab under the profile picture.

2. Refer the contest to friends and family by using the “refer a friend” option. Doing this increases your chance of winning!

Good Luck everyone! Contest ends at 12pm EST on December 16, 2011. Grand prize and weekly winners will be emailed and announced on Facebook! hired me to promote this contest. I would FREAK OUT with excitement if one of my readers won. So, go enter the contest RIGHT NOW before you get side tracked with your own laundry pile…or pinterest. :)


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