All Things Thrifty on Fresh LivingI had a great time on Fresh Living today. Casey and Jill were sooo nice, and the producers were great too. You should have seen their crew throwing the rope through their ceiling pipes to hang my advent calendar. Way to go the extra mile! Why did I say, “Thanks for coming” at the end!?!? Ha ha. Gotta love TV!!


  1. says

    You were awesome! It's so intimidating to be on tv but you did great. Loved the 'thanks for coming' part but I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. I hope you have many more opportunities in the future.

  2. Leslie says

    You looked and sounded great! I too wouldn't have noticed your last comment had you not pointed it out either! At least the camera wasn't on you when you said it so it could have been the other gal. :O) It is very intimidating to be on live TV and you were awesome! I love your blog and think what you are doing is amazing! Keep up the great work you crafty girl :o)

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