All Things Thrifty was asked to participate in IZZE’s Holiday Crafting Challenge Contest, and we had fun deciding what to make! They sent us a mystery box of random crafting supplies, and we got to use our creative nature to come up with a Holiday Craft to enter into the contest. We couldn’t just throw something small together because our motto around here is always “Go BIG or go HOME.” As a result, we created a five foot Christmas Tree!

IZZE project 4First, we bought a shiz load of IZZE, and got to drink every last drop of the yummy flavors. Ha ha. Then, we sparkled the inside of the “sparkling” beverage bottles with the glitter that was included in the box. We figured that an IZZE Christmas tree needed to be sparkly!   IZZE project 006Then Dan (my amazing hubby) hot glued the bottles into an enormous Christmas tree.

While he was doing amazing job with his gun (glue gun that is… HA HA), I was making the ornament for the top of the tree. In the crafting supplies box, I found some small squares of tissue paper. I decided to make the IZZE logo and give it some pizzaz with texture. Three hours later, it was done! WHAT THE!?!? I must be a slow gluer these days. I wrapped the tissue paper around the end of a pen and glued each tissue paper square separately.IZZE project 0Then I chopped up the packaging to make the colorful ornaments…IZZE project 001 and adorned the tree with a few ribbons to add some glam.

IZZE project 1 IZZE project 2

I’m quite proud of our IZZE holiday Crafting project! So, will you PLEASE head over there and vote for us!?!? We would love you forever!! (Oh wait, I will love you forever not matter what.) WelcomeGraphic


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