Freakin' Fabulous  button copy Today I’m going to show you some of my favorite blogs (and feature some amazing furniture while we are at it!) I have met a few of these ladies in real life, and I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing I think they all are! I hope to be able to meet all of them someday, and today I am going to show off their FREAKIN’ Fantastic Furniture! If you aren’t already an avid reader of these four blogs, you should be. I’ll tell you why I like them and why they have influenced me in my blog journey.


The first freakin’ fantastic furniture comes from Amy at the Idea Room! Check out the cuteness of her girl’s bed that she MADE!!! I got to meet Amy for the first time at the Scentsy Blogger event, and she was so kind, warm and fun! I enjoy getting to know other bloggers, because sometimes I get so wrapped up in my “to do list’” that I miss amazing posts from my blog list.

This cute little bed is adorable. I love the stencil across the back, and the colors are so calming! I love the white too. Amy is as cool in person as she is on her blog. She is soooo stinkin’ nice, AND more importantly she is soooo funny! Whenever I have chatted with her, she hits my funny bone with her sense of humor. She has sooo many fun crafting ideas, and her blog has been on my “favorite list” for a really really long time. (Could I say sooooooo any more times in this paragraph!?!?)

To check out Amy’s post about this adorable (ahem I mean freakin’ fantastic furniture) visit her constructing a bed post.

headboardsteps5_thumb3 headboardDIY_thumb2

The next freakin’ fantastic furniture comes from a blog superstar (in my book, and probably yours too!). Marian at Miss Mustard Seed is one of the most talented people I know in blogland. I say blogland because I have yet to meet her in real life. It’s on my bucket list peeps, believe me. I would probably be so “star struck” that I wouldn’t even be able to talk in her presence. It was hard to choose which furniture to feature today from her site because she has SOOOO many pieces of furniture that I would. die. for. This amazing sofa caught my eye, so today you get to see one amazing transformation! Check out how this dainty (and dirty) girl looked before Miss magic hands (ahem Mustard Seed) got a hold of it!

before 1I know, you want to die right now with lust. It is absolutely gorgeous. I dream of having furniture like this. To see the furniture transformation post from the master, head over to Miss Mustard Seed’s post. In fact, while you are there, check out ALL of her before and after posts. I could look at them all day.after 1The next amazing blogger that has some freakin’ fantastic furniture is Kami from No Biggie. Kami was also at the Scentsy Blogger event, and so I have luckily gotten to meet this amazing, talented blogger in person (checked off of bucket list). I have been thinking about Kami for months, but I’m not great at keeping in touch sometimes.

I have adored this lovely credenza over at No biggie for months and months, and today I went to check in on her blog, and found myself crying my eyes out. (And that is not the first time either). Kami’s little baby Afton passed away two months ago after being born really early. My heart just breaks for her. I cannot imagine what she is going through. beforeI love Kami’s credenza, but I mainly just wanted Kami to know that I was thinking about her. afterLast, but certainly not least is the furniture goddess Ana White. Ana is freaktasticly amazing. She inspires thousands and thousands (if not millions) of DIYers every single day. I have admired her for years, and cannot even begin to tell you how amazing she is. I love this fun apothecary table plan that she drew up. She is mega talented, and I hope to meet her in person someday. Ana gives people confidence by the way she so brilliantly organizes her building plans. She is great at helping people feel that “they can do it,” and I love that about her. Heck, she makes me feel like I can do it, and I haven’t even built any of her plans yet! (I will, though, someday).

andover pottery barn apothecary cabinet 1103-edit-470x313 

Who are some of your favorite bloggers?


  1. The Yoder's Four says

    That headboard is SO CUTE! I've never even thought of building one like that! Miss Mustard Seed is amazing….I wouldn't have touched that nasty couch in the "before" picture!

  2. says

    I agree with you, Miss Mustard Seed is a favorite. I also discovered European Paint Finishes through her blog and love to see what they come up with next! I could stay up all night. It's like a bad addiction and you are my enabler! Thanks :)

  3. says

    Okay, is this so bad? I have to say that I love my blog. I do, I really do! It’s a great outlet for my anxiety AND my creative juices! I really hope you take a chance to check it out – I looooooove what you do, you are seriously an inspiration to all of us artsy fartsy creative folk!


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