I’m going to start with the good news since it’s more than just good, IT’S GREAT!! To get right to the point, my brother Court {the person that my baby Creed Courtney is named after} is one of the most amazing people I have in my life. AND, I got to help him PROPOSE to his beautiful girlfriend a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to post about the proposal until they had told all of their friends and family themselves, so I gave it a few weeks! BUT, I have to say that it was one of the coolest proposals I have EVER seen!!
AND I GOT TO SEE IT ALL! :) Look how cute they are!!!Marriage Proposal Court and Carrie If you look closely at the picture below, you will see “Carrie, will you marry me??” in a field below. Court and Carrie were in a helicopter on a fun helicopter tour in Northern Utah, and as the pilot got closer and closer, Carrie figured out what the message said below! I wish I could have heard her reaction, because Court said it was priceless. As soon as she figured out it was for her, Court whipped out the ring and popped the question. AAAAAHHHHHH, isn’t that the cutest thing you have ever heard!?!?marriage proposalRewind 1 day. We had a few challenges. #1: We needed power, #2: We needed a big enough spot in the helicopter flight path to set up our boards, #3: The helicopter could not wait until it was completely dark before flying overhead because of the logistics of the tour, so the lights needed to be BRIGHT enough for them to see at dusk. #4: The words needed to be BIG because she needed to be able to read them from FAR above the ground.  #5: We had to have enough lights to make these bad boys, BUT there was absolutely no idea how to know how many lights to buy.
The entire family {well those that were available at the time!} helped.Everyone else was there in spirit. We bought the most inexpensive ply wood available at Lowes, and I painted it black We painted it black to help the lights look as BRIGHT as possible from above. Then my Mom wrote the words onto the boards with chalk to mark where the lights needed to go.Court proposal january 2012 002

After my Mom had written out the words, Jason, my hard working brother in law, drilled holes about 2 inches apart along the chalk lines. We wanted the words to be as bright as a Las Vegas sign. :) We came across a few little challenges. Our bulbs would not fit through the drilled holes {even with the biggest drill bit available}. So we had to remove each bulb, place the wire through the hole and replace the bulb on the other side of the board. It ended up being better this way because the bulbs were held into the right spot by the tension in the wires. BUT, while we were doing it, we were well aware that if one bulb was damaged, we stood the risk that all or part of the string would not light up! Ya know how annoying it is when half your Christmas tree doesn’t light up!?!? Well, this would NOT be ok. It couldn’t say “C  RRI  W  LL     M   RR  M  ?” Ha ha. So, we were VERY very careful.
Court proposal january 2012 015Court proposal january 2012 013

After we had our system down, we started an assembly line. My sister Natalie was a rock star and so was Dad and my 12 year old nephew Bracken! We were on a roll! {Not to mention it was 2:00 in the morning!!}

Court proposal january 2012 008 Court proposal january 2012 010
My little brother Eric helped a lot too and took over the drilling at times. Plus, we decided to use some red lights.
OF COURSE, the heart had to be red!! {Isn’t Eric Handsome!?}
Court proposal january 2012 012

The end result was absolutely perfection! Here they are standing up in my parent’s garage!!

Court proposal january 2012 017 Court proposal january 2012 018 Court proposal january 2012 019 Court proposal january 2012 020 Court proposal january 2012 021Court proposal january 2012 022

BUT, we weren’t out of deep water yet. My parents live in Central Utah, and these bad boys needed to be in Northern Utah by 4:00 the next day. So, we loaded the bad boys into my van oh-so-carefully! We even put blankets in between them and crossed our fingers that when we got there all the lights would work! 
On our way, we stopped by my in-law’s house and borrowed their rolling gas powered generator! {Thanks guys for letting us borrow it!} Then we went to the specified park and began setting up the boards.
When we started unloading the boards, we found broken bulbs LIKE CRAZY. I was freaking out. I’m not one of those “calm” people in a crisis either. I start yelling at people. Ha ha. But, my little brother Eric had “MAGIC” fingers and was able to find the trouble areas in a Jiffy. Then we plugged in the bad boys and started the generator…SUCCESS!!! They all worked perfectly. We had some guardian angels helping us that day. Court proposal january 2012 038  Here is my Mom and Dad, my sister Nat, and my brother Eric! Court proposal january 2012 026 The boards were all hooked together with extension cords. We used LED Christmas lights because otherwise we couldn’t have used that many Christmas lights all hooked together on one circuit. But, with LED lights, you can hook a lot of Christmas lights together no problem! Court proposal january 2012 027 My other sister Adrian came down with her four kiddos to see it all too!
Court proposal january 2012 031 Then we waited {for what felt like a million years} until we saw the helicopter!! We were hiding underneath the tree! I wish we could have heard what Court was saying, but I can only imagine how cute it was!!  It was seriously so much fun, I was like a little kid! We could even see the flash from their camera in the window of the helicopter as they took pictures of the words below! Court proposal january 2012 050 Here is another shot of how good it looked!! marriage proposal After their helicopter tour ended, Court and Carrie came to check out the boards in person and see us all before they went to their dinner reservation that night. We leaned the board against the baseball backdrop so they could see them better. Court proposal january 2012 087 We were all so excited for them! Court proposal january 2012 083 What a cute way to propose!!!
Oh, and the bad news!?!? I won’t be going to SNAP after all. The wedding is April 20th in Mesa Arizona, and I wouldn’t miss it in a million years. BUT, I know that SNAP is going to be awesome with or without me. :) If you are thinking about going, you should. There is absolutely no question. GO to SNAP. You won’t regret it.


  1. says

    What an awesome story. I loved reading this. Congrats to your brother and his beautiful fiancee. I laughed when I read the part about you stressing and yelling at everyone. I hardly ever stress but when I do, I do the exact same thing. I'll bet it was a lot of fun being a part of this. A story that will be past down for generations :)

  2. says

    Wow, that was a great story to read. Put a smile on my face. Your family is great and lucky to be able to share in the beginning of your brother and soon to be sister in laws new life together. Congrats to your brother and his fiancee.

  3. Caryn says

    Carrie is an amazing girl! I've known her since forever. So excited for her and for your family. She'll be a great addition! And I loved all the photos! I saw hers on FB but seein your behind the scenes was super fun!

  4. Meladie says

    Oh my gosh! First of all, what a freakin' AWESOME proposal idea!! Second, I'm so happy for Courtney, she's beautiful (!!) and they look super cute together. Tell him congrats for me…and third, holy crap that can't be your little brother Eric!?!? I think that makes me really old :) haha. Your family is adorable and I love that you all worked together on this. Very Cute. And how exciting for you guys!!!

  5. The Yoder's Four says

    That is seriously so cool! Leave it to you to figure out how to pull it off!! Congrats to the happy couple! :)

  6. says

    That's pretty fantastic! Wow, what a sister, and I laughed out loud at the part that you were freaking out and "not a calm person" when something goes wrong. What a good sis you are. It's fun that I've seen Court in action in the hangout, now I need to search around for wedding pics on here b/c his wife is gorg (love her yellow jacket) though I can't see a great pic of her here. Good reason to miss snap, but so glad our fates collided at EVO:)

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