Yes, yes, I know that it is 1:21 in the morning (at least that is the time here in UT). I tried to go to bed. I really did. I laid in bed for an hour and a half, and for some reason (OK let’s be honest…I took a nap today!) I CAN’T SLEEP, and when I can’t sleep, I either blog, or I PIN! Pinterest is totally addicting, and I love all of the amazing spaces I see! For someone like me who is ADDICTED to decorating, pinterest is pretty dangerous. It makes me want to re-decorate my entire house!! Ok not really, but it makes me want a farmhouse, a cabin, a house by the ocean, a house in Texas, and a house in New York….heck I want a house in every style and color after looking at all those BEEEUTIFUL pictures. 

Random sidenote: For someone who is trying to lose weight…all those delicious looking recipes….no bueno. Ha ha….Sorry, back to loving Pinterest…

Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am!?!? For heaven’s sake…it has the potential to replace magazines in my eyes. You can find the. most. beautiful. pictures on Pinterest. I love to search for inspiration. I don’t allow myself to get on Pinterest every day due to the fact that my laundry wouldn’t get done, and my kids would be behind on their homework forever, but when I get to spend a little time, it is REALLY fun!! Pinning

What do you think about the above saying? Is “pinning” the new “commenting” in blogland? Is that how you show a blogger that you like something? I’m interested…tell me your thoughts.

If you are a pinner who has found All Things Thrifty through Pinterest, first of all WELCOME!!! I am super excited to have you here on my site, and I am honored that “someone” thought my project {whichever project it was that lured you in} was cool enough to pin. That makes a girl feel good. :)

What did I learn today!?! Napping is great in the moment….but when I am WIDE AWAKE at 1:30 in the morning, I regret it! (I’m sure I’m going to be SUPER NICE tomorrow, and by NICE I actually mean grouchy). This Mom doesn’t do well without sleep. So, I’d better say ta ta for now. Maybe I’ll be able to close my eyes now!  Thanks for reading my insomnia rant!


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    I do think that if people like a post on your blog they are more likely to "Pin-It" than comment these days BUT I think that those who are now Pinning are not necessarily the same ones who were reading blogs before. Pinning has made it easier to both bookmark stuff you like (revolutionized it in fact) and share it with others, and I am now getting many thousands of hits a day from Pinterest – from people who would have probably NEVER looked at a scrapbooking/papercrafting site before!!
    On the flip side I have found my work is increasingly copied or re-published with no permission or credit as people assume that if they found it on Pinterest then it "belongs" to no-one. I had someone say to me "but the photo was on Pinterest, an image sharing site so you can't tell me I can't copy it"
    Napping is awesome during the day (with 3 kids under 5 I know how easy it is to snatch sleep when you can) but I always pay for it at night too!!

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    I just signed up for Pinterest yesterday! Already, i am completely enamoured by it =D

    Pinners are popping up all over the place! Buttons on blogs i read – that's what got me interested =) Bloggers have really embraced it, so it wouldn't suprise me if Pinning Does become the new Commenting.

    I think i'd miss the conversation of comments though =)

    Fellow Can't Sleeper, Chloe =D

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    I agree with Chloe, as a blogger I miss actually interacting with people who like my stuff and are pinning it. I'm still a new blogger so I LOVE comments and pinning somewhat takes out that step. BUT it's always cool to see my stuff on pinterest.

    Moore Babies

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    I do pin the things I find on various blogs, but I usually leave a comment as well, even a comment that says "you've been pinned…I liked it that much" along with other comments I might leave. Pinterest has become an awesome design tool as well as a wealth of inspiration and knowlege. I love it. total addict, but blogging and blogs is still my first love

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    I do love Pinterest as well but I would like to have people visit my blog more – we put a lot of work into our blogs, making them pretty and inviting. It's like visiting me at my house. Pinning is just way too easy.

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    I have been on blogs for years and finally am working on my own blog. I do love to pin and I think a lot of the people who pin are not people that went to blogs before but I do think people are pinning instead of commenting. It is kind of sad in one way. Like email- I used to get tons of email in the past.

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    I'm still waiting my "acceptance" for an account with Pinterest. What's up with that? Anyway I'm sure when I discover all it's glory I'll be up till 1:00 too. I really have to get an ipad, at least I could lay in my snuggly bed with my addiction.


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    I did find you through Pinterest, in a long round about way. You've been added to my favourites, so I check in with you every day. I'm not much of a commenter, I dont know why, I feel weird, I guess. Some random person who thinks their opinion counts, yup! Anyway, Pinterest has actually changed my life, I am checking things off my bucket/to do list and loving every minute. My husband, however, is not as happy! Thanks for pointing out how important comment is for you.

    Happy pinning!

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    I adore Pinterest and I'm as addicted as you are… so many fabulous designs, furniture, fashion, gardens…. AHHHHHHH!!!! It's so hard to choose what to copy when you have thousands of fabulous ideas!!

    Keep on pinnin'!


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    No…don't think it's the new comments. I didn't find u thru Pint. probably from another blog. I personally prefer comments…but I'm new and I kind of need validation (I've been told by my daughter). I love, love love Pint. It actually inspired me to get my post-work life started and gave me direction for my blog. I DO agree with you that it is kind of the new MAGAZINE. I used to cut out pictures I loved and put them in a binder….but no more. I too need PINTEREST ANONYMOUS…..just not anytime soon please.

    P.S. I'm always up late. I try to view Pinterest like caffiene…don't start it too late.

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    I love Pinterest and hate it all at the same time. It is the ultimate go-to inspiration site and yet it also is kind of the depressing in the "I could never afford/make/try that in my own 1200 sq. ft. ranch house with 7 and a half foot ceilings" kind of a way. It has really helped me recognize and define my style but also stirs up a discontent within me that I'm not altogether ok with.
    All that to say, I pin more as a bookmarking strategy or as vision casting for a room/project I'm working on and less to share the love with bloggers. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, because as a blogger I'd love for people to pin my stuff to share the love. But there is just nothing like a slew of comments (especially ones that form a conversation thread) to make blogging feel like a community. And I like community.

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    for me pinning is not the new commenting. I have always bookmarked crafts, recipes, etc. that I'd like to try in the future. Visual bookmarks are the most brilliant invention. Ever.

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    Pinning is not the new commenting for me. I've been a blogfan of yours for almost a year and I realized a couple weeks ago how nice it can be for a reader to comment….especially when it's not a giveaway post. Lol I've been trying to comment more often even if it's just to say good job or great post.

    I was up last night until 2:30am…not by choice…just couldn't sleep and yes…I was on pinterest part of that time. Lol

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    Pinning is probably a truer indicator of whether someone likes your post/project than commenting is. Pinning is something you do for yourself, to remember or refer back to, while commenting is something you do out of the goodness of your heart to encourage the blog writer. No matter how many resolutions we make to be better people and give to others it's just in human nature to get around to taking care of yourself first (pinning) and if all the planets align we might get to the commenting later. While I don't expect commenting to stop altogether I would say pinning is a nicer compliment to you because it's pretty much based on the project/post alone. Just my two cents :)

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    No, I don't think it's going to replace commenting… at least I hope not! I love it for decorating and keeping track of inspirations. I also use it to communicate and work with my decorating clients.

    I find I'm not really pinning a lot from the blogs I follow… I follow so many on Pinterest that my favorite bloggers seem to get lost in the crowd. I like keeping them separate. Of course, if they have something I really want to try myself, it goes right on my boards!

    My latest post is also about Pinterest. I have a lot of clients and friends on Facebook who have no idea about this "other world." Thought I'd try to educate a bit and get the whole world hooked!

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    I love Pinterest and was devistated when my work blocked the site as a 'social networking' site. BUMMED that I can only check it out on weekends now.

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    well i left a comment yesterday and it went into a black hole. what the heck if i take the time to comment i expect to see it. i do prefer the blogs to pinterest but am still learning how to use it.

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    I still comment if I have something to say… I more use Pinterest as a quick and easy ways of visually and CATEGORICALLY bookmarking something. I'm following a lot of blogs right now and I'd never remember where I saw such-and-such recipe. So I really like Pinterest for that aspect. I try not to spend TOO much time looking at other people's pins, just because I could easily lose myself in it and forget to feed the children. :)

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    I totally agree. I love comments (love them), but I'm incredibly flattered when I not only see one of my projects pinned, but when I see them RE-PINNED. That's some real blogger joy there!! I love Pinterest as well and did a fun thing over the weekend. I invited all of my FB followers to a "Pinning Party". To participate, they had to pin 5 things from my Etsy Shop… email me so I could follow them and they each got to choose a free printable from my shop. It caused a complete frenzy and took me almost 6 hours to respond to everyone and send their freebies. Since then, my Pinterest hits have nearly doubled. WOW. The power of a single pin… love it!! I can't wait to host another one. :)

    Fun post… love your blog!

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    Pinning is awesome-and I agree with you it's like reading a new magazine every time you open it. I do go on daily, but I keep my time under an hour.

    I don't apologize for doing it at all; it's certainly not as bad as watching something stupid on TV, and I have gleaned lots more info than I would have in a shorter amount of time and without having to spend heaps of cash on magazines!

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    I'm convinced that God should have made women exempt from sleep so that we, as moms, could fit it all in, including our Pinterest obsession. LOL. I am so inspired by the images, as well as made to feel inept at creating something as beautiful as the projects/recipes/outfits, etc., that I see. I also have 3 kids under age 5, so finding the time to do my projects and my Pinterest-inspired projects is next to impossible. Thus the reason I often TRY to stay up past 1am. Lol.

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    I'm crazy for Pinterest! It has made such a positive impact on me. I used to see all these wonderful ideas on blogs that I would log away, or copy the link or picture, and then I'd never think about it again. With pinterest, you see the same wonderful ideas popping up again and again, and you an revisit your boards frequently. I've actually completed projects and tried recipes. I really love it.

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    I was horrible at commenting on blogs to begin with. Pinterest didn't change that for me. I always bookmarked things I wanted to go back to and Pinterest makes it so much easier for me to do that. I'm still horrible at commenting but am trying to do better!

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    Brookity Brooke Brooke Brookerson Why, oh why have I not thought of following you on Pinterest? Forgive me :) I've been addicted especially lately. I am going to the land down under in April and I have to come up with 18 knock your socks off outfits. Count 'em…18…I've needed ideas and my trusty Pinterest is pulling me through quite nicely. Thanks Polyvore! It has also thrusted me into a 'get strong' phase. Have you seen some of the ladies muscles on there? D.ANG! I've gotta look decent in the pics of me holding my first koala :) Off to follow you…G' day mate!

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    I will admit…I LOVE to receive comments on my blog. I do leave comments with others, but if it is a project that I really want to save for later…I pin it. And you know how that goes…sometimes once I am there, I get all kinds of distracted and that's the end of the train of thought to leave a comment. :)


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    I love, Love, LoVe, LOVE pinterest! Any time I find a cool project, I always look at the blog it came from. That's how I discovered Vintage Revivals and, through Mandi, your blog! Personally, I don't use Pinterest as a social networking site; I never really saw it that way. I pin things so I don't forget about them. :)

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