Faux Brick Panels

Feb 29th, 2012

I know you won’t be surprised when I tell you I have needed a change in my home for awhile now. I am a decorating addict, and I’m afraid that decorating is something that I just can’t seem to ever be “done” with. Ha ha! I love it when people come to my house and they say, “This house is ALWAYS changing!!” It cracks me up {not so much for my husband, but that is besides the point.} When we moved into our home, the plant shelves intimidated me, and I ended up putting all my old decor up there for a few years.
You can get a few little glimpses of the decor that once was below! I know, I know, all you can stare at is my husband’s cute butt sticking straight up in the air…it’s ok. I give you permission to stare. BAHAHA.

colorful kitchen DIY Molding painters tape
 One day I decided I was SICK and TIRED of the clutter up on the plant shelf, so I took it all down. {My hubby wasn’t surprised, but he wasn’t happy either!} But, I NEED change. I’m the type of person that grows my hair out and then suddenly CHOPS it all off because I need something new. He has been married to me for ten years, so I think he is finally getting used to me. Ha ha.
It brought an instant relief because I was “done” with all that stuff up there. Dan and I had talked about adding some molding to the plant shelf edge to dress it up and add contrast, so that was the first thing to change. I posted about adding the molding in a past post, so feel free to check it out. I love how it turned out! When I say I want CHANGE, I mean business. So, after a few months of planning {since I have decorating A.D.D. sometimes} I decided that the space needed TEXTURE. It is quite a large space too, and I’m not much of a knick/knack type of decorator. So, I pondered what to do. DIY molding
Now the story switches to Pinterest. Ha ha. I started getting inspired by OLD brick while searching Pinterest. I’m sure you love Pinterest too. It is the female version of fantasy football. {I saw that quote on Pinterest too.}
I came across these amazing pictures of old, weathered looking brick. I loved the white texture, and I loved the uneven/chippy white paint.

247135098271458703_9fTYwA7k_fSource  157063105724234197_W0NJhlOT_f 247135098271458687_Njmux1gO_f

                      Source                                                                                          Source
Sidenote: If you want to follow my Inspiration board in Pinterest, you are welcome to. :) After I finally decided that I wanted brick on the wall, I had to go on a “convince Dan to like brick” campaign. It took a few months. But, it worked. He loved the idea. I just had to show him my vision. {He tends to question my vision sometimes.} After we had established the plan, we got busy on our plan of attack!
First, we carefully measured the space above the plant shelf and figured out how many panels we would need to go across the entire space. In order for the brick to look even, we needed the bricks to match up perfectly. Then we headed to Lowes to pick up the faux brick panels. Each sheet was 26.36 {SUPER CHEAP!! YAY}.

chair pictures 145 chair pictures 147

Then we started installing the bad boys. Of course when I say “we” I mean HIM. {I’m not much help with this part since I was preventing my children from crawling up the ladder 99.9% of the time}. Mr. All Things Thrifty rocks.
chair pictures 140 Luckily, I know someone who is a MAJOR perfectionist when it comes to this stuff. {Me, not so much…my hubby is super detail-oriented}. chair pictures 143With a few minor hiccups {those darn hiccups} we finally got the brick installed! Want to know the hiccups? Ok, so the brick panels are NOT created equal. Some of them have crooked bricks. Some of the brick panels had broken corners, too. Lameness. Some of the panels had uneven grout lines and wouldn’t line up. So, we learned to be SUPER picky when we were picking out the boards. We even laid them out on the floor at LOWES to make sure they would line up once they were cut and hung on the wall. Listen to me…do NOT make my same mistakes. Look closely BEFORE you get the panels home and realize they won’t work. Ha ha. brick project 001 Are you anxious to see how we made it look OLD!?!? You are just going to have to wait for PART 2!! xoxo.

UPDATE: Here is the link to PART 2: How to make brick look old!

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