Brandon BryantI JUST HAD to share this cute picture of my daughter Oaklyn and Brandon Bryant from SYTYCD. I LOVE THAT SHOW, and this weekend Oaklyn had a dance competition and he was a guest at the competition. She even got to take a masters class from him. HOW FUN!!! I kind of wanted his autograph because I loved him on the show. I was totally star struck!

On the flip side, my little one {Creed who is 14 months old} is super sick. We spent the evening at the urgent care clinic, and the Dr. said he has “almost” pneumonia and double ear infections. He is miserable. We got a prescription and the medicine to do some breathing treatments, and I hope he starts feeling better soon. I should have taken him in sooner, but I thought he had a virus since his brothers and sisters have all been sick too and gotten better on their own. Now I feel like the parent of the year. I feel so bad. His fever was pretty low grade before yesterday, but then yesterday it spiked up past 103 degrees. I waited to see the Dr. for nearly 2 hours, but I’m glad I went.

Is it me or has this winter been EXTRA bad with sickness? I’m ready for warm weather and for my kiddos to stay healthy for longer than two days at a time! Have you had a hard winter with sick kids like us?


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    What a great time for you daughter.
    On the sickiness, we have been hit like crazy. In our house at least one of the 5 of us have been sick for the last 12 weeks. I think this is a really bad year. It will make spring that much more appreaciated. Hang in there.

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