I am REALLY excited to show you the AMAZING, OLD, COLORFUL electric sign that we picked up at a sign graveyard! I have ALWAYS wanted an old sign in my house, and I have been searching for one for FOREVER!! I’ve found that old signs are hard to come by, and they are VERY expensive. What a bad combination. I have been on the hunt for months, heck even YEARS for something like this, but the stars just hadn’t aligned yet!! Ha ha.
The old electric sign is 14 feet long, and we needed a trailer to bring the bad boy home. mantle, sign, chandelier 043 Just think how fun it is going to look hanging on the wall INSIDE!! I have just the place waiting for it {Hint, hint…the old brick wall!}. I loved the combination of colors and the uneven paint job was perfect! If you know me, you know I LOVE COLORS!! I decorate with bright colors a LOT! mantle, sign, chandelier 044The sign happens to be an old movie theatre sign and it even has a tracer!! What is a tracer, you ask? It has an electrical element that makes the lights trace each other in a circle. It is going to be sweet!  The room might look like Las Vegas, but heck I’m stoked. mantle, sign, chandelier 045

I’m excited because the inside tracks are in great shape so we will be able to switch out old letters throughout the year! I’m pumped to put “Welcome to our Pumpkin Carving Party!” or “Welcome Grandma and Grandpa!” or even “Happy Birthday Oaklyn!” too!
Were you the one that was in charge of your marquee outside your high school!?! My husband keeps cracking up because that was his job when he was on the student counsel of good ‘ol Murray High School! All I need is a long pole with a suction cup on the end to do the trick!! Ha ha. Stay tuned for pictures of the bad boy inside the house! I’d by lying if I told you it was still outside. 😉
{The company that we got the sign from asked us to not spread the word about where it came from. They don’t like people showing up trying to buy their old signs from them, and the process to buy this sign was quite intense. It took weeks to finally get the ok to purchase this bad boy. Come to find out that when a company decides they need a new sign, the sign company comes and removes the old sign for them and saves it in their sign graveyard, but the sign company does not OWN the sign. It belongs to the company they removed it from. The company agrees to store the sign in case they ever want to use the sign again or if they ever want a new sign installed. Plus they often re-use old signs by painting them, reusing the parts..etc. So, in order for us to buy THIS sign, we had to wait for approval from the owners that it was ok. After the process of waiting {on pins and needles because I WANTED IT SOOO BAD!!} a few weeks, we got the call that they would sell it to us for $100.00. I was so excited I about fell off my chair!}
When we originally approached the company about obtaining the sign, they asked us where the sign would be used and if we were a business or not. We indicated that it would just be hung in our home, and that seemed to move the process along a little faster. I’m guessing that a sign like this would cost a LOT more if you were a business that needed a sign on your building. So, over all I feel very lucky and quite proud that we were able to get this old, vintage, movie theatre marquee for soooo cheap.
Now I just need to get some old letters!! :)


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    I am green with envy and it's not even St. Patricks Day now. $100????? No flipping way! I can't wait to see it installed. Maybe my name in lights on your wall huh?… 'Bliss Ranch'. I want one. So even though the process is like adopting a sign, maybe you can do a tutorial on how to find one without mentioning that sign company.

    Jealous. So Jealous. $100. Jealous of that too.


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    I was in Home depot today and someone was talking about your tutorial on how to make brick look old. we are all the way in GA, it made me giggle because blogging is another world.
    Stop by Happy Homes and have a look! Please join because we all had to start out somewhere


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    There is a place called "Hunt and Gather" in Minneapolis, where I live, that carries all those old letters that you can change out for this type sign. We bought an old "S" from Hunt and Gather, but it was very spendy. I love it in the house, too. Congrats on your find ~ Katy

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