My cute hubby and I recently got back from a fun vacation to L.A, and shopping in the fabric district was a ton of fun!! I picked up this amazing colorful Ikat fabric at Michael Levine’s upholstery store, and I cannot get over it. Finding fun fabric is my favorite part of decorating. Ikat fabric has a distinctive look to it. The best way I can describe Ikat fabric is that it looks like the colors are blurry or bleeding into the others. Does that make sense!?!?aprons and fabric 038 I love how many colors this fabric has in it, and I especially love the cool blues mixed with the warm oranges and reds.aprons and fabric 031Ikat is a very popular fabric trend right now, and I love how colorful this fabric is. I love how the perfect fabric choice can tie in all sorts of colors into a space, and if you know me, you know that I LOVE COLOR!!aprons and fabric 034 Here are some more pictures of this amazing fabric. aprons and fabric 035 I know someone is going to ask me the brand and name of this fabric, and I wish I knew. But, I really have no idea. My receipt doesn’t say. But, I purchased it about a week ago in L.A. at Michael Levine’s upholstery fabric store in the fabric district. It cost $25.00 a yard so I didn’t buy much. I loved it enough to buy it though even though it was a little pricey.aprons and fabric 036 I know it’s different, but I LOVE IT!!aprons and fabric 037It reminds me of a peacock in a weird way. Random sidenote: Speaking of peacocks, do you remember my diy peacock rug!?!? That was a fun project! 


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    That's the first IKAT fabric that I've liked…more like LOVE!

    Thanks so much posting a link to your brothers site. After reading a few articles I've finally got my butt in gear. I'll be reading more of them after I read your blog (which I do daily)!

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    I almost bought some IKAT pillow covers that look a lot like this today off of Etsy. I've hesitated because I'm pretty sure my hubby is going to say they look Southwestern. :/

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    Love the fabric!!! I wish I could get my hubby on board with something that colorful and bright… how do you do it lol? I am also excited to see what you will make :)

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    I love Michael Levine. I live in Hawaii now, but making a trip to LA from San Diego was always fun and always included a trip to Michael Levine.

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