Do you need a new series to glue your eyes on? If you start watching Downton Abbey, you will lose at least a week of your life. I started season 1 after a few recommendations from friends and family, and I got sucked into the drama and storyline immediately. My laundry may not be done, but I just finished season 2, and now I’m depressed. It reminds me of how I felt after I had read all four books of the twilight series in a two week span. I DIDN’T WANT IT TO END!!

downton abbey Season one of Downton Abbey is on Netflix and since I was fully addicted/committed after watching season one, I bought season two on iTunes. Take my advice, watch it. You will love it! :) (Your family may not have a fixed meal or clean clothes to wear until you finish, but those things are over-rated, right!?!?)


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    Ha ha ha! Had to laugh, I totally fell prey to the vortex of Downton Abbey a month ago and couldn't stop watching, I love it! I broke down and bought Season 2 as well, had to see it allllllll!!!!

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    I also LOVED Downton Abbey and can't wait for them to make more :)
    It is so proper and English – makes one want to make scones and tea 😉

    have a great week

    Betty Bake

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    Right in there with ya! I got interested in December when everyone was blogging about it, tuned in just in time to see the last episode of Season 2 and was hooked with nowhere to go.

    A few weeks later, I discovered another channel that was showing Season 1 and I caught it on episode 1. The channel shows 2 1/2 hours per week – I'm IN HEAVEN. Love that show!!!!!!!!!! Hope they get Maggie Smith back for Season 3.


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    I LOVE Downton Abbey!!! I bought the first season on itunes, but watched the second season free on the pbs website. Not sure if its still available, but if anyone hasn't seen it, check there first!

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    I'm also a Downton Abbey addict. I've also managed to get several of my family members addicted. And I just purchased the first two seasons on DVD. A good buy, if I may say so myself.

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    Oh I know JUST what you mean! Luckily for me, I watched it together with my hubby. He got addicted.. uhm I mean committed just as I am. Gotto get the next season!

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    hahaha what is it about these English people that we love! I, too became addicted after so much buzzz, then I went and bought Season 2 on Amazon to watch over and over, and I did, I even wrote a post about. I'm dying for the next round. I want Mr. Bates out of jail!

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    It's such a great show, I can't wait for season three! I found out about five days before season two was going to expire on, and seriously went on a marathon watching of it. Nap time and after the kids went to bed were all devoted to watching it. Lol.

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    After hearing so much about Downton Abbey, I started to watch the first episode about a month ago. I wish that someone had forewarned me about the content. I was watching with my young children and was quite surprised to discover that the show is not exactly family friendly. Needless to say, I turned it off.

    I know lot's of people enjoy the program, but I really wish that they would also let people know that some of the content may be offensive to some viewers.

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    I agree! It was great! I couldn't stop with just one episode either. I would always watch at least two. I just couldn't force myself to stretch it out!

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    I have a one week old baby boy at home with me and my husband and I just started watching Downton Abbey two nights ago during our bedtime feeding. :) I'm addicted. I think about it during the day. I can't wait to watch the rest! :)

  12. Sarah says

    My husband and I started it after many recommendations and we were glued to the couch every night from the time the kids went to bed until long after midnight, every night for a couple weeks. LOVE it!! And super sad that we have to wait until January for season 3. Ugh!

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    I LOVED Downton Abbey also. I found another BBC series just as good – Larkrise to Candleford. Some of the same actors and a view from the regular people of the time frame. Really enjoying it!!

  14. The Yoder's Four says

    Totally love it. We started season 1 back when it aired on PBS last year and were glued to season 2 when it finally came out this year. My husband loves it nearly as much as I do!

    PS. It comes out in England a few months before they air it in the US, so season 3 should be out in the fall in the UK but we won't get to see it till 2013. Same bad luck with the BBC show Sherlock. I'm dying for season 2!

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    I watched Season One all at one time and resisted the urge to buy Season Two thus far. Totally love the show though. I don't know why I waited so long to get with it!

  16. Janette's Blogette says

    So true; I'm in limbo with Twilight and many other series besides this. DA – It's so like Downstairs and Upstairs… I got hooked on that years ago!
    I'm manic crafting and gardening now to make up the gap :)

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    The Christmas special takes place right after season 2. It's an amazing episode…(I don't want spoil anything.) Go watch it if you haven't! We just finished the series over the weekend and I'm having withdraws!

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    The Christmas special takes place right after season 2. It's an amazing episode…(I don't want spoil anything.) Go watch it if you haven't! We just finished the series over the weekend and I'm having withdraws!

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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Luckily, I don't have little ones to feed, but yeah. No homework was done, no laundry, no meals, just Downton. Unfortunately, I got in on it half-way through season two, so I would have withdrawls all week til Sunday rolled around. It was bad… But in a good way. Such a good, good way. I regret nothing.

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