Sometimes implementing a weight loss plan into an already “busy” life is tough, but things are going really well. It takes effort to constantly think about what you eat. It takes effort to get up at 5:20 every morning. Of course it takes effort, all things that are worth it do, right!?! I was talking to a few blogger friends about dieting the other day and some of them mentioned that they can’t diet AND take care of their blogs at the same time. It makes sense. It is hard to do both. I love my blog, let’s be honest it is like my fifth child. It needs nourishment, love, and lots of $$ to get through life. Ha ha. So, if you have noticed that I have posted a little less lately, you are correct, BUT, it is ok because I am trying to establish my new “normal” around here. The same thing happened when I had my last baby. It took a little while to adjust to change. After I had Creed, it felt like I was constantly swimming to keep my head above water for a few months. It feels exactly the same lately. Don’t worry, it will be ok. I have learned that staying up late to do projects and posts can’t happen anymore because getting five hours of sleep turns me into a BEAR. My life is adjusting and soon it will be ok. :)

Over the last nine weeks, I have worked out six days a week, and when I say that I worked out, I don’t mean that I walked around the block. {When I went to Disneyland, I walked all day, so I am counting those days!} If you have been following this new chapter of my life, you know that my weight was impacting everything in my entire life. It impacted my self confidence and my ability to be myself. So, after a few months of feeling sorry for myself and eating everything in sight, I decided to do something about it. I started my weight loss journey at the beginning of January, and I joined a local “Big Loser” competition at the beginning of February. If you missed Part 1 {My weight loss journey begins}, Part 2 {I thought I was going to DIE} and Part 3 {My dirty Laundry} you should check them out to bring you up to speed.

Here is my weight loss team, doesn’t Terica {the scarica} look soooo nice!?!? She is the cute blond in the middle. She is our trainer, and she is VERY nice, but scary at the same time. Ha ha. I hear her voice ringing in my ear, “Don’t you QUIT!” It makes me crack up inside as I think about it. She is tough, and we are lucky to have her. Big Loser

Let me be clear about something, I have never been a “thin/tiny” person, and I know that getting pregnant and having children FAR outweigh the challenges that come with it. So, please don’t think that I am ungrateful because I am not. I have a lot of friends/family members who don’t easily get pregnant, and I do not want to seem insensitive to those who have not had the chance to have children either. Having said that, when I get pregnant, I gain weight, a LOT of weight. Every time I get pregnant, I struggle with gaining weight. Today, I weigh fifty pounds less than I did when I had my son Creed 14 months ago, and guess what, I still have a lot to lose.

The REAL problem is that I have been a “yo-yo” dieter for the last ten years of my life, and my metabolism was screwed up because of it {emphasis on WAS}. So, I sought the help from an expert {my amazing brother, Court (from The Skinny School)}, for those that have been around for awhile, you know that my son Creed Courtney is named after this brother (or brotha as I call him). When I called Court, I poured out my heart to him because I was working out harder than I ever had, and eating 1400 calories a day, but guess what, I wasn’t losing an ounce. My weight was staying the exact same. Court was patient with me and explained that what was happening was my fault {in a nice way of course}. He calmly explained that my body has dieted too much, and that when I start restricting calories, my body reacts and says, “I can survive eating 1400 calories, I’ve done it before LOTS of times.”

Isn’t that great!?!? {sense the sarcasm in my voice}.

Do you want to know his advice for me? He suggested to switch to the Paleo Diet. He said that it could heal my metabolism and that I wasn’t eating near enough. I trusted him. I have learned a LOT about diet since I started down this new road, and I was willing to try anything at this point. I have done things the wrong way A LOT of times in the past, and we all know how that ended up. :) So, if you want some education about the Paleo diet and what you should and shouldn’t eat while trying to lose weight, check out The Skinny School. He really knows what he is talking about.

Eating the Paleo diet is not that hard, and guess what happened when I started eating Paleo? I started to lose weight. I had been stalled for weeks. It worked for me. I’m not sure if I could eat Paleo all the time for the rest of my life, but I could eat Paleo MOST of the time forever. I am not hungry, and I don’t have to count calories or “points” like I have in the past {if you catch my drift}.

I have been quite proud of myself for a few reasons on this journey. First of all, I ran my first 5k ever. I ran ALMOST the entire way. It was a miracle. I am hoping to get better at running, and I am still working on it. I haven’t missed a day at the gym {if I was in town}, and I’m grateful for my weight loss team for making it fun every morning.

Our lives never slow down these days! If you have any tips for me, let ‘er rip!


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    You are doing great! Keep it up! I just finished a 45 day challenge at my CrossFit gym where we had to eat Paleo, workout five times a week and get 7hrs of sleep a night. It was tough at first but it totally was the kick in the butt that I needed. I had stalled in the weight loss for several months and now I am getting back to losing weight. It is going slow but I know I am gain muscle at the same time.

    I also met one of your teammates Karen so I am definitely rooting for your team!!

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    Congrats on your progress thus far!! I do Crossfit and most of the people are on Paleo diets. I go back and forth with it, but since I've had surgery I haven't been as active as I was before and I need to focus on the food. Thank you for your motivation to get back on the Paleo bandwagon again!

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    Congrats on your progress. I agree with you, eating properly takes a lot of time. I am doing Weight Watchers and the best part is the meetings. It sounds like you are getting the support you need as well.

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    I think you are doing great! I too write on a blog and when I started my weight loss journey, I began to blog more about that, than my family/crafts. To be honest I think that is what is amazing about having your own blog…you can write about what YOU want! I would love for you to stop by and say hi. I am over at Faith, Family, and Me!

  5. Valerie says

    I swear–there HAS to be some kind of divine intervention going on here or something.

    Within the last hr, I stepped on a scale for the first time in a looooong time. I avoided it on purpose.

    Since an auto accident in Jan '09, where my back was irreparably damaged, I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight. Ridiculous. I was in tears, sick over the confusion that is eating and losing weight. Paleo was on my list & after following the link to your brother's site, added to what I've read here, I feel an answer.

    Where did you (& your team) find your particular trainer? I think you're in Utah, and I'm in Utah, but I don't think we're close to the same area…

    Thanks for inspiring me!

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    This is awesome! I was introduced to Paleo this past January too. I have been a messed up yo-yo dieter most of my teen to adult life. Paleo is an awesome plan and just makes sense. I'm proud of you for being committed and journaling about your experiences!

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    WOW so exciting!! Your little comment about counting points hits home…just "re-joined" WW last week!! Ahhh just need to get back into the mindset of controlling myself and moving MORE!

    CONGRATS on the 50 pounds (wow!!!) and on the 5k!! That's such an accomplishment!! :)

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    Way to go Brooke! Keep up the good work! I'm not sure I want to read anymore of The Skinny School stuff, haha. It all makes perfect sense though.

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    I love the paleo diet!!!! I'm so glad you are trying it out. It's not even a diet really, more like a lifestyle change. I started it about two years ago and it completely changed my body and my relationship with food. It isn't about restricting what you eat but eating a ton of the right things.

    If your journey is anything like mine was, you'll start to notice that you don't get tired in the middle of the day, your stomach stops making weird noises, and you have a ton on energy.

    I hate to push websites on peoples comments but the website I want to tell you about isn't mine so I don't feel as bad. Check out Marks Daily Apple dot com if you haven't already. He has a ton of tips and success stories that should keep you going if you need a pick-me-up.

    I am really sooo happy for you and hope that this turns out to be incredible amazing!! Good Luck!!

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    Hey! I just found your blog and I think it's pretty amazing, well structured and with a lot of inspiring posts:)
    If you want we can follow each other, I would be very glad to have you as my new friend!:X
    I also have an amazing GIVEAWAY on my blog, please check it out:)

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    My husband and I are doing the Whole 30 right now! I am so GLAD I started. I won't do strict Paleo forever, but I am learning so much and losing weight, and will do MUCH of the Paleo diet forever, like you said. Now that I know what it is, I am hearing about it ALL OVER!

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    I started reading your post, thinking to myself that I've got to tell you about eating paleo….lol. I've lost 8 pounds since I started March 22nd. Sweets have crept back into my life over the last week though. :( I thought I would miss pasta, but sweets are my downfall. It's hard when I'm the only one in the family doing it 100% so there is still pop and ice cream in the house. So bad. Good luck on your paleo journey. :)

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