Beware, this post is RANDOM with a capital R! First things first…I would like to announce that:
I joined a local weight loss contest through the Washington City Community Center and the Planet 94.1 Radio Station here in St. George, and this was my team. I had a GREAT experience, and I’m excited to share some details about the results! I have gotten sooo many messages from you readers giving me encouragement. I have gotten before and after photos, heard terrible stories of why people gain weight, and I am soooo grateful for all of you who have reached out to me. I knew I had to DO SOMETHING. I was in a bad place with my self esteem and body image. I joined this amazing team {with a little coercing from my best friend Jo to be honest}.imagejpeg952 (1)From Left to right: Tiffany Forsey, me, Kaysha Price, Cari Ellet, Suz Papa, Terica (the scarica) Bishop, JoLinn Meier (my bestie), Allison Herring, Karen O’Conner, and Leslie Meier. Then on the bottom row, the only man on our team, Chris Mertlich.
If you missed the first parts of my weight loss journey, you can find them below:
Part 1: Let’s get REAL {I hate my weight}
Part 2: Let’s get real {I thought I was going to DIE}
Part 3: Let’s get real {the number went UP!?!}
Part 4: Let’s get real {establishing my new “NORMAL”}
Kaysha (on the right) and Terica (our fearless trainer on the left) were a definite highlight of this journey. In fact several of us have been working out every morning since the competition ended. I laugh at Kaysha every morning. She is a crack up {and looking super hot might I add…and she happens to be single.} So if you have a nice/super amazing man for Kaysha, let me know. :) Remember that we live in Southern Utah. :)terica and kaysha
Terica is fabulous. I have never had someone care so much about my weight loss success. She took the time to listen to all of us individually. She made a point to change up our workouts each week so that we were getting a new work out. She put together workout after workout after workout for all of us. I am excited because as part of winning one of the challenges, we all won an individual training session with Terica {the scarica} and mine is next week. I am terrified  I mean excited. Ha!terica
I wish I had better pictures of the team, but I had to steal these from my friends’ Facebook pages! I’m classy like that, and since I NEVER remember my camera to events like this, I HAD to show you all of these amazing friends! I wanted you to be able to put a face to each name! This team has been an absolute BLAST!! The last ten weeks have been a blur. I am super duper proud to be part of the Dark Blue team! I started my weight loss journey at the first of the year, but I joined the local Big Loser competition at the beginning of February with nine of the most amazing people EVER. I am soooo lucky to have these amazing people around me every morning!
Ok peeps, I am super pumped because I got my second bod pod results back. Over the course of ten weeks,
I lost 18.022 POUNDS OF PURE FAT!!!
I gained 6.514 POUNDS OF MUSCLE!
which means I lost 6.5% BODY FAT! 
I think that is a HUGE success. I am quite proud of these results. Remember when I posted about the scale going UP!?!? I was ticked. But, now I know why. My body weight was shifting from FAT to muscle. I am super excited to keep going on this journey, and I realize that I still have a long way to go. I am grateful for the support system that I have gained through this process. I never thought I would be able to share my weight with anyone and actually be ok with it. BUT, I have learned that being accountable to a team is really motivating to me. SOOOOO…I am sticking to it.
As a part of another local 94.1 The Planet (radio station) contest, my weight loss buddies and I made this funny video while we were working out the other day! Do you remember when I told you about Justin’s class!?!? {It is basically pure hell in 60 minutes!!} Well, we convinced him to wear short shorts, long socks and sing at the top of his lungs for the video! We have a lot of fun at the gym (even when we are getting our butts kicked, and our sweat is dripping off of our faces!). I thought you might get a kick out of this video!
And, another random tidbit for the day…I chopped off my hair! I HATE self portraits of people taking their own photos in the mirror, so don’t make fun of this picture, ok? Ok. If you do make fun of it, I understand, and I probably deserve it. BAHAHAHA.

2012-04-17_20-26-47_264 I hope you have a great weekend. I’m actually headed out for a run right now. I am trying to convince myself that I can be a runner. I want to like it. BUT, right now I HATE IT. I’ve heard that it is all mental, and I’m going to keep trying to enjoy it. Give me some pointers about learning to like running, will ya!?!!!
I love my readers and I wanted to personally thank you for putting up with me over the last couple of months. I realize that All Things Thrifty has suffered a bit from this weight loss journey. Don’t worry, we are back, and things are going to be as GREAT as usual around here.
XOXO, Brooke


  1. says

    Loved that video of Justin's fun class – doesn't look like 60 minutes of hell that day, anyway! He must be a pretty good sport. I'm so proud of you. I had my own mini-meltdown last night about my weight. Time to get serious! That wedding is only four months away!

  2. says

    YOU are my favorite!!! You are so freaking cute I can't even stand it!!! XOXOXOX So glad I was able to be on your team! It was a chance of a lifetime! Especially since you are famous! I actually am friends with a famous person! Woooo!

  3. says

    I enjoy seeing successful weight loss stories and you all look great! I've been a lurker, but had to comment and congratulate you! I know another blogger who decided it was time to lose weight and she started running and has now won some first place ribbons in races for her age group! Let me know if you'd like a link to her blog and maybe she could give you some tips about running.

  4. Lois@frugaldecormom says

    I run about 3 times a week and what helps me is music with a really heavy beat. Also, running outside in the early morning is great because you can enjoy the beauty outside and it's such a great start to the day. Also, I run on the balls of me feet. It helps with knee pain to not run flat footed or on your heels. Plus you'll have great calves!

  5. says

    Awesome possum! With the running. If you are going for distance. Go slow. When i say slow, I mean SSSSLLLLOOOWWW. Most people start at a pace they think is "good," but are huffing and puffing 100yards down the rode. There is an easy test: If you can speak a stentance without having to take a breath your good. If you can't= slow down. This changed running for me. I thought it was hard and anything over 3/4 mile seemed impossible. The first day I started with test, I did over 2 miles!
    This is basically making sure your heart rate is in the cardio zone and not anaerobic.

  6. says

    Congratulations to you and your team! You did it! You look great, but more importantly, I hope you feel great! Keep up the amazing work!!

  7. says

    Congrats!! 6.5% body fat?! That is amazing!!! Seriously, you are awesome! I totally understand how hard it is trying to lose weight, run a household, take care of kids, and run a business. Keep up the great work. Oh, and yes, the running will get better! I am an avid runner, but I still go through times when the last thing I want to do is go for a run. But I just always have to keep in mind how great I feel AFTER the run. Also, sometimes it takes a while to "catch your stride." It takes me a good couple miles to really get into a run, so just keep at it! And I LOVE your new haircut. So cute!!

  8. says

    CONGRATS! I'm a blog stalker and have never left a comment but thought I'd say I am in your same shoes. I want to run and I want to like to run. I am running the Susan G. Komen Race on May 12 but I dread running everyday. My biggest motivator is my music and the thing I suggest most is GOOD SHOES I went and bought some cheap shoes today and then went running this evening BAD IDEA!

  9. The Yoder's Four says

    You look smokin' Brooke!! So happy to see those amazing results! You have been working so hard–I hope you keep going strong!

  10. says

    Way awesome stats. Congratulations!!! One of the best ways to like running (as with anything!) is to have some measure of progress. See how long it takes you to go 5k and then time yourself again in another month. Once you see some improvement, you'll want to keep going!

  11. says

    You can do Brooke. I write about running on my blog too. I hate it. I have never been a runner. But after a few times and encouragement from my husband I enjoy it a bit better. I love waking up and seeing the sun rise on a run. It's such a great feeling of peace. I love doing races not because I'm super fast and I am going to win a prize but the prize for me is the feeling of accomplishment. I want to do a marathon this year so I signed up for the St. George. I hope I get in. Good Luck on your training.

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