Navy and White Fabric Obsession!

May 22nd, 2012

dark blue fabric dark blue2

Kalah Blue by Duralee                          Imperial Trellis II (SHUMACHER) Ivory/Navy (this link shows a similar option)

dark blue 1 dark blue 2

Santorini Print Marine by Trina Turk                              Duralee Dalesford Blue

Ok peeps, I am OBSESSED  with navy and white fabric right now. I am searching for the right choice for some curtains, but I have found that it is hard to find this color without a HEFTY price tag. Plus, I am pretty picky about what I need it to look like. I can see the vision of what I want it to look like!!! So, check out my these pictures of inspiration fabrics so you can get a feel of what I am looking for. :)

Riley Blake Fabric trina-turk-louisnui_schf174720

Riley Blake Navy and White Chevron Stripe                            Trina Turk Yard Louis Nui Print Ocean

Anyone have any fabric hook ups!?!? I have been trying to find dark blue and white for my curtains for awhile now, but paying $20+ a yard is NOT what I want to do {especially since I need about ten yards}. So, if you see a navy and white fabric in your area that is fabulous for a great price {I’m talking less than $10.00 a yard} take a picture and send it to me because I am on. the. hunt! {And I don’t have access to great fabric stores here in little ol’ St. George, Utah!}

I’m thinking I might have to go to Vegas for the search! But, I already called my favorite fabric store and they don’t have anything like this right now! DARN! But if you are looking for bold colors of velvet, they said they just got in some fun options.

Anyone run into fabric like this!?!? If so, where and how much!?!? :)


  1. love these fabrics!! They remind me of summer just needs some coral or yellow and they would be perfect for a coastal home!!

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    ? Ashley

  2. i just made a cornice for my son's room (thanks in part to your tutorial! :) using Duralee's navy and loop de loop fabric. Normally around $50/yard, but sells it for around $20 — but they sell out FAST! but i love, love, love it! great weight, bold colors and texture.

    blog post:

    fabric link:

  3. Have you thought about getting a wholesale lic. to purchase fabrics and paints for cheap?

  4. I was just at Home Fabric and Rugs today and they had a few options similar to these. I'm also in the market for navy and white fabric to try to make a duvet cover so I was paying attention. They didn't have exactly what I was looking for but did have some good ones. Their prices are amazing. Most are $7.99/yd some as low as $3/yd. They have a website but it is not very good and hardly shows any of their fabrics. I'm in Northern California and I don't know if there are any near you. If I get back there soon I'll take some pictures for you.

  5. Take a look at this Imperial Trellis knock off from Just ordered it for a project. Price sure beats $100+ per yard!

  6. funny, i just took out some blue & white rope printed "fabric" yesterday.

    actually, it was thrifted vintage bedsheets! have you tried your local thrift store lately in the home section?

    keep your eyes peeled at garage sales, too!

  7. Hey Brooke. Love your blog! I've been a reader for a while, but this is my first comment here. :)
    I made some curtains out of a blue and white trellis print a few months ago. The fabric is called Waverly Parterre Porcelain and I got it for $12/yard because Joann price matched a price I found online for it (I can't remember where though, sorry!). Here is a post on my blog with pictures of my curtains, plus a chair I reupholstered, thanks to inspiration from your blog. Thanks! You're great!

  8. Check out! Here's a navy ikat for $8.98 per yd:

  9. Maybe you could buy some white fabric and stencil on a pattern in navy. That would be a cheap route. -Marci

  10. If it's for curtains why don't you try getting white curtains (or navy ones) and painting them. It's super easy, especially if you are planning on a chevron pattern.

    Good luck!!

  11. I too lack a decent fabric store. My go to source is! Good luck.

  12. Maybe you could find some print sheets that you like and use them for fabric. You might get lucky- target has some trendier home decor stuff! Just an idea.

  13. I've picked a navy, chartreuse and white color scheme for the living room and found several great fabrics at I chose a navy and white chevron print for curtains at $7.48 a yard:;=view&product;_id=481742&csid;=me9ikhmtkes49jueofnovelb01&sl;=EN&currency;=usd

  14. I have used Online Fabric Store at they have 390 pages of fabrics in the blue colour hue alone, shipping is free if over $50 and their prices are better than reasonable. I'm from Canada and have ordered from them, still making it well worth my shopping there.
    Thanks Brooke for all your posts and hope you find something that suits what you are looking for, luv to check out your blog.

  15. Try under outdoor fabric. They have several selections similar to the ones you have listed that might work at around $8.98 a yard. They also have a coupon code which would save you even more money. What I like about the outdoor fabric is that it is indoor/outdoor fabric which is washable, and that is a real plus in my book!

  16. I have gotten some good deals at

    I did see some navy fabric in very similar patterns to what you are looking for. Hope this helps. Have a great week and hope you find your fabric.


  17. Brooke @ says:

    Erin, SOOO CUTE, but that might be too much for me per yard. :(

    Melissa, someone else just told me about Premier on my facebook page too! :)

    BrinaBabe: I should do that! I love fabric and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get wholesale prices!!

    April!! I LOVE Home Fabrics! It is my favorite fabric store! I go to the one in Henderson, NV {by Vegas} and they said they don't have anything that color right now. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you could about your store. :) You rock.

    Jill, thank you for that link. It isn't too shabby either. I knew my readers would come through for me!!

  18. I too have a navy and white fabric obsession. I found a shower curtain at Target that I am cuting in half to make curtains for my master. It's $23.99 and i figure that's way less than any of the fabrics I found at Which some of my choices are identical to yours above. I'm not sure how much yaradge a shower curtain is, but I know it will work for me. I have 5 windows in my bedroom and 2 weird frosted door windows in the bath. So let's say i buy 4 and cut them in half. That's still $100 for the cuirtains. Can't beat that! :)

  19. Hey that Home Fabrics is like 2 blocks from my house…let me know of you ever need me to go check things out for you

  20. My little online fabric shop sells the Riley Blake chevron print. I only charge 8.50 a yard. :). Which is an amazing deal!!! I am currently sold out of all the chevrons at the moment but have more on order. The chevrons are on back order right now but should be in stock closer to the end of May.

    Just a thought!!! :)


  21. Love the Blue prints! I am in St. George and have an Etsy Fabric Store (TheSewSweetShoppe). The Riley Blake Chevrons are on back order until the end of June, but I would for sure give you an awesome deal if you need any!

  22. It's out of stock right now, but has this navy chevron
    for $7.48 a yard. It's a nice wide yard too, 56". Should be back in stock 6.15.12. And if you order over $35 you get free shipping. AND you can still use a coupon code with the free shipping. Great deal in my opinion.

  23. Hey girl. I just got my post up about being at your garage sale on Saturday! I can't wait to get started on that headboard. All the ideas are just rolling around in my head with all the fun possibilities! Thank you so much!


  24. love the Louis Nui print..your finding pretty well from St. George.

  25. I live in MO and have a local place called FM Stores that sells AMAZING fabric for $6.99/yard in canvas, duck, twill, and lightweight cotton. I will be happy to stop by and look for navy and white prints. I'll be back in town Monday and can run by if you can wait until then. You might want to price shipping from MO to UT, but the price per yard can't be beat.

  26. oops, sorry – totally didn't read all the way to see the under $20 part. i've used premier prints before too, and was pleased. also has 15-20% coupon codes online and free shipping over $35. can't wait to see the final product!

  27. Hey Brooke, Quilted Works off the blvd has that Riley Blake Navy Chevron. $9.99/yard. It's kind of sheer, though. May need to line. Take Luck!

  28. If you don't need a LOT I almost always (for some reason) find great shower curtains to use as fabric, especially in Target. I think they just had a run of navy and white stuff very similar to what you posted. Good luck – oh….and Goodwill stores (at least here in PA) get Target's "salvage" so I often find things there too!

  29. oh my goodness they are absolutely gorgeous.

  30. Don't know if you'll see this but I lied. I have had some trouble with blogger erasing my post. I just re wrote this post for the third time. Here it is

  31. I adore that Dalesford Blue!

  32. I also LOVE navy and white, and my house is showing it. These are great fabric choices. I'm wondering though if the Riley Blake fabric is heavy enough for curtains. I used this type of fabric (in gray and white) for my office and it looks really good and is the right weight.;_search_query=navy+chevron+fabric&ga;_view_type=gallery&ga;_ship_to=ZZ&ga;_min=0&ga;_max=0&ga;_search_type=supplies. If you want to see it in action, here's another link When I was pricing curtains to fabric, making them myself was definitely cheaper. Good luck and have fun!

  33. I’m looking at the navy imperial trellis knockoff on but it seems like the background is off-white and not a bright white…my walls, trim and other decor is bright white. Do you think you can mix white and off white fabrics in a bedroom?

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