Ok peeps, I JUST finished the book “Dad Rules,” and I loved it!! The author, Treion Muller is actually a family friend who I just so happen to know on a personal level. He is amazing, and the. NICEST. person you will ever meet. I think this book is a must-read and only takes an hour or two to read. It includes 80 or so “Rules” that every Dad should abide by, and they are AWESOME.

Every rule should be taken to heart by all Dads {and a lot can be applied to Mom’s too}. It was a breath of fresh air, and I give this book two HIGH thumbs up.

The best part!?!? It is only around $10.00 at Amazon.com! I think it would be a great Father’s Day gift idea! One of the main reasons why I think I loved the book so much is because all of the rules in this book HELP MOMS and help Dad remember that the job is an equal partnership!! I loved it! :)

My personal favorite rule!?!? I loved them all, but one that I really liked was TAKE A KID WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO SOMEWHERE. I loved this rule because since I’m a Mom of four, having three around at times seems like a break! :) Even if Dan runs to Home Depot for a few minutes, when he takes a kid or two it REALLY helps me out. So, as practical as that sounds…it is a small gesture that helps me stay sane.

ONLY 18 more days until FATHER’S DAY!


  1. says

    Please tell your Dads Rules friend to send product to Amazon canada!

    amazon.ca – as when I ordered from the shopping cart it said 1-2months delivery!!

    That would not be in time for father's day!

    Thanks, much appreciated!!!

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