Painted Front Door! {The good news and the bad news}

Jun 25th, 2012
I’ve always been the type of person who wants the GOOD news first instead of the BAD news. But, I’ve debated if I should even tell you about my problems at all. Ha ha. I’m thinking that in order to stay real here at A.T.T. I should always be open with you all, right!?!? 
The good news is that we have been working our booties off on projects!! And although I would LOVE to post about them soon, my computer is DEAD
When I say “dead” I mean that she won’t even BOOT UP! No bueno for this blogger. I actually knew the day was coming, but it doesn’t make it easier when she finally wouldn’t wake up last week. I miss her, and this blogger can’t do without a computer. Ha ha. It is actually at the computer hospital as we speak on the off chance that they can save her. Cross your fingers for me since that would save me a lot of heartache. But, odds are, she is gone forever. The other good news is that I backed up everything {except for the last two weeks or so}. So, that’s ok. It could be MUCH worse. So, until they decide if she is done or not, I haven’t bought a new one {and that isn’t something that costs $4.00, if you catch my drift.} So, I’m waiting patiently {or rather impatiently, but I’m waiting nonetheless.}.
I am typing from my hubby’s work computer at his office right now. {Thank goodness his bosses rock and let me!} I just HAD to show you a little sneak peek of my new painted front door! I LOVE IT! My hubby wasn’t sure of my plan {as always} but he loves it too {as always} after it got done. 
I’m telling ya, I feel like a salesman around here. I try and convince him to do “crazy” things a lot, and I always have the vision. But, it takes some convincing sometimes. I have to say that this time was harder than usual to convince him to have a SPUNKY, BRIGHT front door! 
The paint color is “backstroke” from Valspar, and of course I glazed this bad boy using the same glazing techniques as usual. I will be putting together a complete tutorial soon, but I just HAD to show you a little sneak peak while I was checking in.

I needed a new wreath, so I popped over to the local Homegoods store, and of course they came through for me!! This bad boy was $39.99, and I LOVE how cute and spunky it is!! Love, love, love!

Stay tuned for the tutorial, and say a little prayer for me that things will come through for my computer! xoxo.

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