I’ve always been the type of person who wants the GOOD news first instead of the BAD news. But, I’ve debated if I should even tell you about my problems at all. Ha ha. I’m thinking that in order to stay real here at A.T.T. I should always be open with you all, right!?!? 
The good news is that we have been working our booties off on projects!! And although I would LOVE to post about them soon, my computer is DEAD
When I say “dead” I mean that she won’t even BOOT UP! No bueno for this blogger. I actually knew the day was coming, but it doesn’t make it easier when she finally wouldn’t wake up last week. I miss her, and this blogger can’t do without a computer. Ha ha. It is actually at the computer hospital as we speak on the off chance that they can save her. Cross your fingers for me since that would save me a lot of heartache. But, odds are, she is gone forever. The other good news is that I backed up everything {except for the last two weeks or so}. So, that’s ok. It could be MUCH worse. So, until they decide if she is done or not, I haven’t bought a new one {and that isn’t something that costs $4.00, if you catch my drift.} So, I’m waiting patiently {or rather impatiently, but I’m waiting nonetheless.}.
I am typing from my hubby’s work computer at his office right now. {Thank goodness his bosses rock and let me!} I just HAD to show you a little sneak peek of my new painted front door! I LOVE IT! My hubby wasn’t sure of my plan {as always} but he loves it too {as always} after it got done. 
I’m telling ya, I feel like a salesman around here. I try and convince him to do “crazy” things a lot, and I always have the vision. But, it takes some convincing sometimes. I have to say that this time was harder than usual to convince him to have a SPUNKY, BRIGHT front door! 
The paint color is “backstroke” from Valspar, and of course I glazed this bad boy using the same glazing techniques as usual. I will be putting together a complete tutorial soon, but I just HAD to show you a little sneak peak while I was checking in.

I needed a new wreath, so I popped over to the local Homegoods store, and of course they came through for me!! This bad boy was $39.99, and I LOVE how cute and spunky it is!! Love, love, love!

Stay tuned for the tutorial, and say a little prayer for me that things will come through for my computer! xoxo.


  1. says

    I love it! I'm now picturing how that would look on my door! I know what you mean about working on the hubs. After 23 years, it's gotten a bit easier but there are still times when it soooo difficult! Hope your computer is ok!

  2. says

    I love the color you chose!! I just painted by front door bright red (from boring white) and I'm so happy I took that chance. It did take a little convincing for the hubs to agree, but after the fact, he will admit that it looks so much better!
    Hope your computer gets better soon! :-)

  3. says

    This is the color i've been looking for for my front door. We are in the process of moving and I can't remember exactly what it looks like but I think this color and the glaze tech will def be used. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with you computer.

  4. says

    How creative and gorgeous! Love that shade of blue, and indeed the glazing MUST INDEED be the crowning touch of your masterpiece.

    Anxious to look n learn once you finish the tutorial.

    Love your blog. :) It's the "ember" that keeps my creative juices alive.

  5. says

    oh man, I hope that doesn't happen to my computer but I feel like it's coming soon too!

    I thought you DIY'ed that wreath! I'm pinning it so I can haha, love the peacock feathers

  6. Nicole and Justin says

    Love it! One of the first things I want to do is paint our front door. The jury is out on the color though.

  7. says

    I love it! I would never be brave enough to pick such a bold color – but it's awesome!

    I want to paint our icky brown door – we have a tudor style house, so I'm thinking we'll be going with a nice deep red. SO pumped for getting around to that 😉
    Cant wait to see your tutorial!

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