First of all, I have to comment on my hubby’s clean shaven head. Don’t you think he looks handsome!?!? I LOVE when he shaves his head like this. :) The other day we were driving down our street and our Brazilian neighbor {I LOVE HER} was standing out on the sidewalk. We pulled over to chat for a bit and she told Dan that he looked “Sooooo sexy” with his hair shaved. I love her accent and it made me smile because she is totally right. He DOES look sexy like that!! Remind me later to thank her for telling him what I’ve been telling him for a year. :)
Doggy Door 
Lately, we finally got to installing a few items around the house. These aren’t fun “DECOR” ish items, but let me tell ya, I think I might have been more excited about these items than anything we have done for awhile.
We have a cute little Shih Tzu named Sugar and for almost three years we haven’t had a doggy door. Shih Tzu It took us a little while to finally decide where we were going to put the pooch’s new door, and we had to wait for a few years until the backyard was finished so that Shoogs couldn’t escape.  So……we chose the spot and before we lost our guts {or I changed my mind, let’s be honest}, Dan sawed a hole in the wall!  Angie's chairs 030Good thing I have Mr. Handy himself as a hubby because it took no time flat and the doggy door was done.
Angie's chairs 031 garage sale and kid pics 146
Best $15 spent at Amazon EVER.

garage sale and kid pics 140I have kids. Ha ha. Yep. That pretty much sums it up. EVERY bleeping day when they get home from school they have homework. AND EVERY stinkin’ day we search the house for a SHARPENED pencil. We have about fifteen ba-dillion UN-SHARPENED pencils, but to find one that can be used for homework at one given moment around here became quite the frustration for a little while. I had bought those electric pencil sharpeners several times, but they kept breaking. I think we have broken four electric sharpeners in the last year. FOUR!!! So, Dan says to me one day after listening to me vent about the DARN {I might have used another word} pencil sharpener, “My parents had an old school hand pencil sharpener installed in their house when I was growing up.” I said, “LET’S ORDER IT TODAY!!!!!!” I have to laugh at the timing of it all because by the time we got the sharpener my kids had just gotten out of school for the summer! By the time August rolls around, I will be SOOOOOOO glad we have this bad boy, believe me!

#3: Baby Proofing Safety Gear!garage sale and kid pics 145

As Creed has gotten older, he has gotten into EVERYTHING. So, instead of worrying that he is going to find the sharp knives again, we finally made our home safe. It snuck up on us this time. We haven’t had a baby in this new house since we moved in three years ago, and within one week he was opening the cupboards, the dishwasher, and could reach in the top drawers all at once. It scared me to death, and now I can sleep at night knowing that the little darling cannot drink cleaner, unpack the disgusting garbage, or climb up the drawers onto the kitchen counter anymore. Do they drive me crazy, yes, but am I glad to have them, HECK YES!

I know, I know, random stuff, but I’m just keeping it real. :) xoxo. Anybody have any life changing products that help make your life easier that I might like!?!? If you do leave me a comment!


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    I've been trying to talk the hubs into a door for our cat so he won't poke me in the face at four a.m. to tell me he'd like to go outside. I think hacking a hole in the house is a little intimidating for him.
    As the mom of six, I totally relate to how satisfying dealing with the practicalities can be! Congrats on making life a little bit easier.

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    So, the dog door in the wall is basically brilliant. I'm having a very DUH moment. We also have a glass door and I've been trying to figure out how we could have a dog door without one of those awful sliding glass extension things. So thanks for that brilliant slap upside my head! 😀

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    We have the same doggy door, but bigger for our labs and LOVE it. We also installed it in the wall and couldn't be happier. Of course I can't really baby proof it and my 4 year old and 15 month old love to use it, too.

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    #1 – I love how secure you are in that your Brazilian neighbor can compliment your hub's sexiness AND you want me to remind you to THANK her for that!!
    #2 – I love the idea of a doggy door, but we can't have one because we live in the country and we have to consider not only what can go OUT the door, but also what can come IN! Hello, little black and white neighbor cat! Oh – no! You're not a cat!

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    Our pup a Shih-tzu/Chihuahua is named Sugar too! Yours is so cute! I wish we could have a doggy door but with our winters(Canada) it wouldn't work. The pencil Sharperner is a handy idea too! Great job!

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    I SO have the same problem with the pencil sharpener. I keep buying the electric ones that keep breaking too. I love the idea of the old school one…IT WILL BE DONE before next school year starts! Thanks for the inspiration!:)

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    LOL when you mentioned your Brazilian neighbor and his shaved head…I couldn't help but think that she wanted to wax it for him! He does look good, though. I think that haircut is in my Hubba Hubba's future…

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    Adorable dog! We have a Pekeapoo. Good pets.

    Love your husband's "bald is sexy" look. I am skeptical about my husband doing the same, something about the size/shape of his head…will it look proportional…?

    If I thought it would look as good as your husband's look, I would say go for it.

    I need a pencil sharpener too.

    I'll be 52 next week; beyond the need for safety latches, but it brings back fond memories. :)

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    Sometime the little things in life are the BEST!!! I don't think a doggie door is a little thing but I know your loving that! Your pup is probably too, being able to go in and out on her own!!

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