If you haven’t watched the episode of Dan and I on Craft Wars yet, you better STOP reading because I’m going to spoil it in .2 seconds so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We got chosen!
We got eliminated.
And the viewing party was a HUGE DISASTER!

The Good:
Dan and I were really excited to be chosen as contestants for Craft Wars, and during the process we made this audition video to demonstrate our skill level and abilities.

What do you think, should we have gotten chosen!?! I’ll let you decide. Making that video was probably one of my most embarrassing moments ever. My neighbor Matt {the person behind the camera} probably thought I was insane. Heck- I even thought I was insane. But, it worked and we got chosen! Dan and I had a blast going to tape the show. We loved spending time together without the kiddos {which is very rare around here} and the folks at the show were all very nice.

The Bad:

Our poor project was super sad looking. Don’t you just want to give it a little hug? The vision has potential and that is why I re-made my lamp to show the true vision of this project!

We got eliminated too early. I have to thank all of those who have sent their condolences about us being kicked off the show in the first round. I have seen a surge of support from all over the place. I loved the, “You got robbed” comments and the “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!” emails. They made my day. The truth was, I wasn’t surprised at all. We were having bad luck. We kept breaking lenses right and left and we didn’t even have enough lenses to complete the project I had envisioned. So, unfortunately it is what it is. I thought our idea was definitely the most current, but it needed more lenses like the judges said. Had I had 20 more minutes and another pile of glasses to work with, we would have rocked it.

Being on the show was a fun experience even though we got eliminated in the first round. We had some mishaps, and an hour is not long enough to make something awesome.  I can’t remember when a project has ever taken me only an hour. In fact most of our projects take upwards of TEN hours honestly.  Does that mean I was over-qualified? Ha ha. Just kidding.


The Craft Wars Viewing Party started out as a huge success and I was blown away at the amount of people who came to support Dan and I. I am so grateful to those that came that night. Thank you for spending your time with me. It was fun to laugh and chat for a little while. Thank you to my super fans April and Summer who made me the best Craft Wars Queen crown ever! Plus, they made these DARLING “fan” signs that I didn’t get a picture of. Lameness.

But, we had a huge problem, and we didn’tactually get to watch the episode with most of our party attendees. For some reason the TLC on the television at the event center was on a different schedule than our tv at home. The episode didn’t start at six o’clock. Ummmmm, WHAT THE!?!

So with all of our attendees waiting, we found out that the episode was actually going to start at 9:00pm on that particular cable company’s schedule. I had no idea that particular companies had different schedules. I was soooo bummed. In the mean time, I am getting text messages right and left about how great I look on TV and how cool it was that they were watching Dan and I on the show. Well, we wouldn’t know since we weren’t watching it!! Ha ha.

So, in a moment’s notice, I announced the mistake to the crowd and invited them to come watch the show at my house! After all it was being recorded on the DVR.  Most opted to go watch it a their own home, but some came and we had an intimate viewing party at the All Things Thrifty headquarters! It really was a fun experience even though it started out slow. I had a great time mingling and chill-axing with the amazing girls that came over. We had some neighbors come too.

Overall, the night was a success. Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches and I was remarkably calm during this whole thing. I felt very happy that people came and showed their support for Dan and I. We were very proud of how hard we worked on the show even though the project wasn’t the best thing we had ever made.

Did you watch the show?


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    B, I thought you did a wonderful job on Craft Wars and I totally saw the awesome vision in your project. Epic awesome just doesn't happen in an hour sometimes :)

    xoxo, Tauni

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    I made my husband watch the show with me! (i also regularly forward him links to the blog at work for him to read hehe). I was so upset (because i thought your idea was the most current and imaginative) that i turned the channel after you were eliminated. I still dont know, or care, who won it. You two are fabulous! Keep on truckin'

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    I Loved watching this Episode, and I remember after you got eliminated and the 2nd round was making bedding I yelling "BROOKE WOULD OF ROCKED THAT" haha. I was so Angry, I was like "Brooke should of Won this, Hands Down."

    I think you guys did Awesome, Especially under pressure..and your Craft was the Best one, By far! :)

    -Ashlee Michelle

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    I LOVE Craft Wars! I watch it every week. It is so cool too see a fellow blogger on there! I definitely felt like you should have continued on. Even though the lamp wasn't "finished", it had the best vision, and the best technique overall (uhm, hello, home made seaglass?!) But it's awesome that you were on the show! Great Job!

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    I watched! Of course we watched… psht.

    I was kind of surprised at the choice to send you and Dan home first. You used the Mod Podge in a way I didn't know it could be used, and I thought the vision was WAY better than what the artist dude did… I'm all about a vision having promise over getting it done in an hour.

    Your audition video is spectacular. It should just be your "welcome to All Things Crafty!" piece that's posted on your blog. :)

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    Brooke, you did such a good job even though you didn't finish it. I too turned it off after they sent you home. You at least displayed craftiness, but just ran out of time the other guy on the show hardly used the materials and his was just UGLY. I didn't get how that was crafty at all and just because you finish it in one hour doesn't make it the best of the craftiest. I really think you should have made it to the second round. I'm actually kind of over the show now, they aren't judging fairly and they need to give people some actual time to complete a project. Anyways, you did a really good job and you got such a once in a lifetime opportunity. 😉 Good work!

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    I thought you would FOR SURE go on to the next round and was shocked when you were eliminated! (Maybe that's why they did it…shock value?) The other lamps didn't compare!

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    Yeah! I loved hanging out with you and getting to know you. I'm so happy to see me on your blog with you! I feel like I'm famous now!

  9. says

    Yeah! I loved hanging out with you and getting to know you. I'm so happy to see me on your blog with you! I feel like I'm famous now!

  10. says

    I watched it. I know you're would've been the best with that extra 20 minutes, it was chic and modern. That one guy's lamp was… weird. Sorry. Anyways, it was fun to see someone I recognized from "blogland" on real TV! haha Great job! I'm sure it was fun! :)

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    I thought your idea was the most universally creative (and useful). I blame the wooden balls that wouldn't sit still to be drilled! ;). Love your audition video (maybe cuz I'm a little insane, too).

    When we start a project I usually let hubby estimate a time frame, then I double it and predict at least a couple of extra trips to the hardware store :) That's part of the adventure.

    I'm a little "iffy" on Craft Wars…not crazy about their challenges.


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