What have I been doing? Well, you are in for a treat peeps. I have been PAINTING these kitchen cabinets. Yep. I’ve learned how to do it RIGHT so that I can pass on the knowledge to YOU! I am speedily typing a tutorial for you to share in the next few days. But, I just had to share so you can be prepared!
Nicole and Justins House 251 I did it because I love you all and I’ve gotten TONS of questions about how to do it.  Well instead of just winging it {which is what I normally do with painting stuff}, I felt more inclined to make sure whatever you do doesn’t cost you THOUSANDS of dollars in damage. Yeah, you’re welcome. 
Normally the items I’m painting cost $25.00 from a thrift store. If it doesn’t turn out, guess what? It cost $25.00 from a thrift store. WHO CARES! But, I have been collaborating with Shawn from Aspen Mill {my hero} and confidant in this project. He has taught me the ins, the outs and the products to buy so that you won’t make a $5000 mistake. In fact, I made some pretty bad mistakes that I had to fix during the process. I will teach you how to avoid those mistakes! photo (2)
I’m pretty pumped to share the tutorial with you. It will take me a few more days to finish the tutorial, but believe me, this is one you will NOT want to miss.
Shawn is the cabinet-maker who made the TV frame for Jill’s house. He is mega talented and I am super lucky to have him on speed dial!
jills house
Stay tuned!
xoxo, Brooke


  1. says

    Just bought a new house about 2 weeks ago. Well, new to me. It's about 10 yrs old. I hate brown cabinets. And they are in every single room almost! I painted my kitchen a gorgeous aqua color and want to paint my cabinets white. I think it will look amazing. Can't wait to see the tutorial.

  2. The Jensen's says

    OK…I CAN NOT WAIT. We are in the process of finding a house and the one thing I hate about most of the houses we go see are the kitchen cabinets. PS I would give anything for that kitchen just the way it is. But I can't wait to see what you do to it. Give me lots of details so I can find a house and do the same. Love what you do Brooke! And love you too! So great to see all your success!

  3. says

    I am glad to see someone wearing a real mask that does some good. Many woman throw on those ridiculous, little, white "particulate masks," and think they are protecting their lungs when painting. Especially spray paints are bad to inhale. And especially for women who might be pregnant.

    Good for you for doing it right. Looking forward to hearing what you learned, and seeing the results.

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