I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I love my Silhouette CAMEO. I use it all the time. If you want to see some projects that I’ve made from this amazing tool, check them out by searching for “Silhouette” in my search bar to your right. It gets used a LOT around here.
Today I get to give away one of these AMAZING machines!!
{winner will be announced Aug 31st}
How to enter you ask?
#1: Leave a comment on this post telling me why YOU deserve a CAMEO.
for additional entries:
#2: Subscribe to the Silhouette blog {come back and leave a comment}
#3: Follow Silhouette on Pinterest {come back and leave a comment}
{Yep you can enter
THREE times}

Check out my latest project that embellished with my Silhouette CAMEO.

citristrip stripping a dresser stripping furniture 1 stripping paint off a dresser    BlogKilzPrimer1 krylon semi gloss Projects 027 Projects 029 painted furnitureSilhouette dresser

paint furniture  drawerpaint furniturepaint furniturepaint furniturepaint furniture   

dresser refinished painted furniture refinished dresser
If you want your very own CAMEO, I have a deal for you {from today-August 31st}CAMEO1 copy Click HERE to get the deal. Don’t forget to include the code “thrifty” to get your discount. Plus all vinyl is 40% off when you use “thrifty” too!
Love your guts!



  1. says

    I love to create and decorate–a Silhouette would make things so much easier for me and my Grandchildren who love to craft with me and their mommies…

  2. says

    I deserve a CAMEO because I have all of these wonderful inspirations crowding up my noodle and they need to get OUT!!! 😉 I have occasionally resorted to HAND tracing & cutting things…like once or twice, with blood, sweat & tears…but the older I get the more valuable my time becomes!

  3. says

    I really love the dresser. It's pretty awesome. :)

    I deserve a silohouette cameo because I never get anything fun. I always have to be a responsible adult and buy boring things like groceries or saving up to replace every window in our house… I would love to have one frivolous item this year!

  4. says

    There might be people who would deserve it more than me, but I sure would like it! With six children I will find lots of ways to put it to good use.

  5. says

    After a lifetime of little interest in crafting I have recently become addicted. This would be a great addition to my growing collection of supplies and tools. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  6. says

    i want one of these so badly! it's out of our price range (just got out of dental school and starting our first job), but i would put it to good use — vinyl wall sayings, stencils for decor and clothing, and it would be especially good for my homemade cards!

  7. says

    I deserve this because I have three kids, a old house and a low budget! What fun we would have and what a great way to make big improvements! Thanks!!

  8. says

    I just started DIYing to make my old apartment look and feel more like me, and this would make several of my projects SO much easier!

  9. says

    I've been dreaming and drooling over the Silhouette CAMEO. My daughters and I use stencils and have always been frustrated to not have the exact size we needed for a project Now in my 50's I get to repaint MY bedroom furniture from childhood. Using it for vintage signs and craft shows would make life a breeze!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. says

    I just found an idea for apothocary jars on pinterest that I could embellish with vinyl designs & the Cameo to make 400 gifts for our women's Christmas party at church. :)

  11. says

    I would LOVE a cameo! I have given up at trying to stencil…I have a stenciling deficiency… and with this I could still do all the awesome designs I want! Thank you :)

  12. says

    I've been dreaming of a Silhouette for ages!! So many projects I would love to do. It's so expensive and I've been trying to save up but a freebie would be awesome :)

  13. says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Cameo. I have endless projects lined up and will have so many uses for a cameo. I was looking into them earlier this week and low and behold you're giving one away! I would love it if I won!

  14. says

    Well, I probably don't deserve a Cameo but I'll happily take one since they're up for grabs :) It would just save so much time versus having to do things the old fashioned way and opens up a whole world of new possibilities for crafting :)

  15. says

    I would love, love, love to have a Cameo. I want to do a dress like you did for my granddaughter. Not to mention all the scrapbooking and vinyl I could do. Thank you for doing the giveaway! Also, thank you Silhouette.

  16. says

    Most of my projects contained transfer and stenciling. Ive tried to be resourceful using anything i could use around the house like medgepodge and or medium gel. Maybe its time for an update!!


  17. says

    Cameo has always been a dream for a craft lover like me…would love to win one and create beautiful home decor/gifts..Thanks!

  18. says

    Question – How many cans of primer and spray paint did you have to use on that one dresser? Also, Is the stencil that you made repositionable or did you have to make one for each drawer? Thanks!

  19. says

    Well I guess I deserve one because my 6×12 Cricut just isn't cutting it any more and I had to use the money I would have spent on one for school clothes for my kids.
    I know I know, sob story. : )

  20. says

    I'm an aspiring DIY-er who just bought a house and is planning a wedding! Can you think of all the possibilities? I can't! They are endless!

  21. says

    I have two young boys, we're just starting out, and the budget is super limited. I'd love to have a tool like the silhouette to help with redo-ing old furniture into fabulous pieces for our home. Our apartment is full of hand-me-down furniture that is so drab… that silhouette would get put to very good use!

  22. says

    Pick me, Pick me!!! I always have all these ideas and no way to actually do them! I've always wanted the Cameo since it came out but it's never been in the budget. I would LOVE to have one!! 😀

  23. says

    To be honest, I can't really say that I deserve to win this over someone else. I can say that I would be thrilled and give the Cameo a loving home and well, lets face it… Cameo would be working overtime with all the fun, creative ideas for home, family, classroom and community. I know, like many people out there, I can't afford to buy one for myself. As a wife of a teacher and being a stay at home mom, we are paid more with love of making a difference than money.

  24. says

    My daughter and I have been looking at the Cameo – we are in the talks of starting a party event planning business and using the Silhouette to make all the extras that go with party planning. We were going to start selling items on Ebay and Craigslist to get the funds for the machine and extras – this would be a great start. My daughter deserves this so she can start her business and become the stay-at-home mom she wants to be.

  25. says

    I deserve it because….as much as I would love to have one…I just can't afford one :), I love crafting but I just don't have many crafting tools, I already have things to apply the stencils to, if I could upload a picture I would even show you my 2 ugly dressers who are in desprite need of a make over, we are also living with my in laws right now because of financial troubles but soon we will be finding out own home & how wonderful would it be for me to be able to decorate & make new awesome things for it. I'd even be nice & share it…now who else said they's share it…:)

  26. says

    Would LOVE a Cameo so I could do cool things with all the thrift store furniture sitting in my garage. (And – thanks for all of your design inspiration!)

  27. says

    I deserve a Cameo because I am really trying to get back to my creative self again. After baby and pregnant 6 months later I have been lacking in the creating department. I am tight with my money so I would love to win one and keep my pennies for more necessary items like diapers!

  28. says

    I have a boring ole house that needs some creativity BADLY!!! Winning this giveaway would allow me to make that happen!

  29. says

    I have been wanting one FOREV-AH! I would make good use of it for the crafty girls in the three Girl Scout troops I lead, and would have more fun with some pending furniture re-dos. Shhhh! Don't tell my husband that I'm going to paint the hutch and buffet!

  30. says

    I have been wanting one FOREV-AH! I would make good use of it for the crafty girls in the three Girl Scout troops I lead, and would have more fun with some pending furniture re-dos. Shhhh! Don't tell my husband that I'm going to paint the hutch and buffet!

  31. says

    I've been dreaming of owning a Silhouette ever since I started following you and the other crafting blogs. I've done some glass painting for friends, but hand cutting my stencils never works very well…there's always little knicks or the lines aren't "perfect". Having a Silhouette to do the cutting for me wouldn't only save me time and effort, but it would also make more "perfect" stencils than I can!

    It will also come in handy being a teacher and having the ability to save time when creating my own bulletin boards. There is just soo much a Silhouette can help me accomplish!


  32. says

    I've been eyeing one for a while and I'm not in charge of our church building bulletin board, this would come in handy!

  33. says

    I'm sure there are so many other people who "deserve" a Silhouette more than me, but I would really like one to create all kinds of decorations and stencils for our new home.

  34. says

    Don't know how much I *deserve* to win this but it sure would come in handy for church projects, making gifts for people, and decorating my house! :-)

  35. says

    I deserve to win the Cameo because I just moved half way across the country with my family so my husband can go to law school. We don't even have enough money to go on dates. Our 8 year anniversary was on Monday and we couldn't even go get ice cream. I've wanted a cameo for a while but the opportunity to get one will now be at least 4 years off. So please please please pick me.

  36. says

    I deserve to win the Cameo because I just moved half way across the country with my family so my husband can go to law school. We don't even have enough money to go on dates. Our 8 year anniversary was on Monday and we couldn't even go get ice cream. I've wanted a cameo for a while but the opportunity to get one will now be at least 4 years off. So please please please pick me.

  37. says

    I would use this for my small business. I make paper crafts and right now have to hand cut all my pieces by hand which takes a lot of time and this would be a great help with 2 tots running around. I would also use it for various crafts, label making etc. I would use it endlessly lets say. TO win is a dream as I am unable to afford to purchase such an item.

  38. says

    I would love to have a Cameo, although I'm not whether or not I deserve one. :) It would help put the final touches on my daughters' new rooms and other projects I have going on. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. says

    I would love to win a cameo! I've been wanting one forever & I'm getting ready to move into a new house & could REALLY use this to help decorate & spruce up the place!!!

  40. says

    I deserve a Cameo because I have been working on an accent wall in my guest bathroom for over three weeks. I spent A LOT of money on a stencil I found online and it looks horrible! I've restenciled THREE times! I'm desperate, please help me!

  41. Designers Bliss says

    I am inspired by all the silhouette projects in blogland and can't wait to do some of my own.

  42. says

    It's hard for me to say I 'deserve' to win a Silhouette, but I sure want one! I have 6 daughters and 1 grandson, I am paying off 2 sets of student loans and just dropped off #3 at college today so unfortunately, it's going to be a looooong time before I can fit one in my budget. I have a million projected pinned and filed for my grandson, girl's bedrooms, dorms, and gifts so if you pick me it will go to GOOD use!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. says

    I deserve a CAMEO because I'm bringing 2 roadside wooden rockers back to life and saving them from the trash. I would put our first initials on the rockers using the CAMEO.

  44. says

    I would give it to my friend Kristie! She deserves it so much. She has 3 amazing boys and she works full time and keep your house up. One of her sons was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this year. It's been such a change and she has been a champion. So I hope I win so she can have a bit of a dream fulfilled.
    mandersen32 (aT) yahoo (d0t) com

  45. Janae says

    I deserve one because my girls and I NEED one to craft up our new house…and we can't afford one. We love doing projects together!

  46. says

    I don't deserve a Silhouette but my daughter does. She has just started her first year teaching kindergarten and it would be an amazing gift for her!!!

  47. Melisa says

    I deserve a Silhouette because I have been making etched glass frames and glasses for friends for 10 years by cutting out letters in contact paper by hand (yay for tiny scissors). This machine is amazing!

  48. Pretty Little Peacock says

    I subscribe to their blog- I also fav them on FB :) You get free stencils on Tuesdays…. which is why I need the machine :)

  49. Pretty Little Peacock says

    I probably don't deserve one as much as the women with 6 kids or the ones teaching kids to craft…. but my husband says it's too $$$ and do you know how many fabu projects I can make!?!?!?!? holy toledo. I have a fabu idea to stencil stuff on my vintage slip collection.

  50. says

    I'm not sure that I deserve one more than anyone else. But, my husband and I just got married in February and he has 4 children from a prior marriage. So, needless to say we don't have a lot of money to decorate our house. This would help us so much with upcycling used furniture.

  51. Ulrich's says

    I deserve this because, let's face it, I'm awesome! I will win (putting it into the universe) because then I will be able to make awesome projects for my kids and for my home and I'll have a stack of "to do" that is bigger and better than ever before. THE END.

  52. Kris says

    That's a hard question! I don't think I deserve one more than anyone else. But, I have entered almost 50 giveaways for one. And with every new blog post I read with all of these amazing ideas and projects makes me really want to dig in and try them all. Maybe someday I will be lucky :)

  53. says

    I deserve a Silhouette because I'm an old grandma who likes to craft and make fun things with my young grand daughter :)

    Pass on the crafting bug!!

  54. Heidi says

    I need a Cameo because I see all of these amazing projects that I want to do, but I can't afford one!

  55. says

    I would love to win because we are a family of six and we are buying a house and I would love to turn it into a home. Thanks for the incredible giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  56. Maples Family!! says

    The cameo would be so nice to be able cute out big things for work, and school activities, along with just sprucing up my house!!

  57. says

    It would be so incredible to win this. It would totally make my day…..even yet my year:) What a fun thing to use in home decorating.

  58. says

    I deserves this cameo because I have entered a kajillion giveaways and have yet to win one. The odds have to be in my favor :)

  59. says

    I don't know if following silhouette was a good thing for me on pinterest…..I saw all of those projects and now I really want to make so many things if I were to get one of these machines:)

  60. says

    Can you win if you already own one? I'd really love to give one of these away on my blog. I've got a celebration giveaway coming up when I get to 100 followers; how cool would it be to give one of these away?!

  61. says

    The primary use of my cameo (if I had one) would be for my classroom. I teach kindergarten and I hate those hideous di-cut bulletin board letter options we have in the workroom. Instead I type all of my headings and titles on my computer, print them on cardstock and cut them out letter by letter. My poor hands. However I can think of a million and one uses for my home as well! :)

  62. says

    I probably don't deserve a cameo any more than anyone else who is entering this giveaway but I have wanted one for so long but can't afford it. I have some many ideas for home decorating, organization and crafting ideas that would be so much easier accomplished with one of these. Please oh please pick me.

  63. Jami Clark says

    I would love a Cameo because I am a SAHM and I craft to keep myself sane. Plus I'm in the process of purging and organizing and want to label!

  64. Carolanne says

    I deserve a Silhouette because I have tons of ideas in my head for things to make for my daughter!

  65. Unknown says

    I fell in love with the silhouette last night when I saw your owl projects. I am a homeschool mom of 5 and on a tight budget. I would use the silhouette on everything I could get my hands on. I love to craft, make gifts, repurpose and I would love a silhouette.

  66. Lori says

    I need a Silhouette Cameo b/c I wake up and go to bed thinking about how I need a Silhouette Cameo!

    I have 100 emails from Silhouette that I will NOT delete even though I don't own a machine b/c I know that ONE DAY I will own a Cameo, and I want to be prepared!

    I love crafting and blog about it so it would be free advertising for Silhouette!

    All the cool crafting moms have one and I want to be cool!!!! hahaha

    Finally, I would be able to pull off some AMAZING stuff with a Silhouette Cameo that I can't do on my own for people that deserve awesome stuff!

  67. Cassie says

    I would love to have one of these silhouette to redesign some furniture I am in the process of refinishing.

  68. Shanna Gilbert says

    I used to cut out stencils by hand but I now have arthritis and a cameo would really help!

  69. conchitamomo says

    Not sure I am the most deserving, but would definitely put it to good use. I love crafting and haven't been taking the time to do it. My craft buddies would also love to use it with me. Now that school has started we would have time to use it. Thank you for the chance to win!

  70. Erika Thriftyandfabulous says

    I would love to win this! I have so many projects planned in my head, so winning the Silhouette Cameo would be a dream come true :)

  71. Darbie says

    I've had my eye on one of these for months, but haven't been able to muster the budget. We just bought a house and I have so many decor ideas I could use this for!

  72. Mollyk says

    I deserve the CAMEO because I'm a pretty crafty girl, but this would put me over the top of my crafting game! :-)

  73. says

    If I were to win a Cameo, I'd be able to give my sister my SD (and then get her to design all kinds of cool stuff for me to cut out on the Cameo :) ). So, I'd be spreading the Silhouette love!

  74. says

    I have asked for one of these the last three christmases. My husband doesn't see a need, so I got a nice tennis racket in stead.(we play together, so he sees a need)
    One day

  75. Brandi says

    I would love to have a silhouette. Crafting is my favorite pass time. I also can not afford to get one on a whim. It would be a dream come true to win one of these. I love the inspiration and ideas that spawn in my mind after reading your blog! :)

  76. E. Hall says

    I "deserve" a Cameo because I would put it to VERY good use, but it's not in our family of four's tight budget (living on teacher salary). I love to make things, craft, decorate, etc. to give away and to relieve stress. The Cameo would be GREAT fun to use!

  77. Justin and Kenzee says

    We just finished out basement and I'm so excited to get decorating. A new CAMEO would be such a big help! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  78. says

    I would love to have a Cameo for home use and for at school with my students, and it's going to be a long time before the budget allows it!

  79. Lori says

    I don't really deserve a Cameo but I would love to have one! Thank you for this wonderful give away!

  80. Diana says

    I would love to try out the Silhouette machine. I have be trying to do some of these projects on the cricut but I am not getting the same results. Thanks for the contest!

  81. says

    I NEED this because of the stack of unfinished projects that are in the corner. Because it would help me finish them in half the time!! dmattice13 [at] msn [dot] com

  82. MarLaney @ Our Marvelous Clan says

    How do you generate tons of comments? Offer a free Cameo that's how! Haha!

    I would love one of these babies to redo my kids bedroom furniture. We downsized due to me losing my job and my 4 & 5 year old son & daughter are now sharing a bedroom. I scoured CL and found the perfect beds & dresser but they need to be painted.

    Would love one! (Who wouldn't!)
    (our marvelous clan (at) gmail

  83. geek by proxy says

    I'd love to win a Cameo, 'cause I've got a truly hideous end table sitting in my garage that could be soooo pretty with the help of a gorgeous Cameo stencil! Not to mention all the other super cool things I could do with it…

  84. says

    I need and deserve a cameo because I just brought my baby to college and now have spare time to finally scrapbook! I will have to wait a few weeks until the tears dry up, but then I know I want to get busy "catching up" all 3 of my boys albums!

  85. says

    I would love a Cameo!! I have wanted one for a long time now! I always think of ideas for my furniture makeovers that would be much easier if I had one! So instead I hand draw and paint by hand… which isn't bad, just waaaay more time consuming! Regardless if I win or not, this is an awesome give away! And whoever does win~ HAVE FUN!!! :)

  86. Sarah Kate says

    I have been DYING for a Silhouette for years, but I never have the money to splurge on myself. I'm a working mom of one with another on the way this October. My husband has tried to get me one for every big occasion, but the money always needs to go somewhere else. We've recently opened a booth at our local Antique Mall and I've started selling some painted furniture, etc. Having a Silhouette to make custom projects and designs with would open so many doors for our little business. I would appreciate winning a Silhouette more than you could ever know! Thank you for the opportunity!! :)

  87. Dido says

    I signed up at the website and I am already a follow of your blog. I would love to win this give-a-way. I am 62 and don't have one. That is a pretty good reason don't you think?

  88. says

    I have subscribed to the Silhouette Blog… I think. I added my email to receive their new blogs they put on their website…? So I believe I did it correctly.

  89. Liisa says

    I NEED a silhouette! I have a long list of projects that I am dying to do, but most need a Silhouette :( I am not ashamed to beg either. PLEASE!!

  90. says

    I need one because I am cranking out baby number four in a few weeks and will be all nestled in for the winter and I will need some sort of outlet before I go crazy!

  91. says

    I can think of a million things to do with this machine! And I will probably never buy one for myself! I always seem to find something the kids need first! 😉

  92. says

    I would LOVE a Cameo! It would speed up my crafting quite a bit and I'd love to share it with my friends! I guess that's why I deserve it! :)

    sarah8914 at gmail dot com

  93. Sami and Mark says

    having the silhouette cameo would take all my projects and ideas up a notch, which would be awesome!

  94. Jen says

    After waiting patiently for many many years, we were finally blessed (through IVF) with two little twin boys! They are a handful so it's hard to find time to make little projects/activities for them to do and having a Silhouette Cameo would make it a sinch to put together some fun stuff for them. Husband is a student and we're still trying to pay off IVF, so little extras like this Cameo are not in the budget. I would love to have one to fix up some of our old house decor/furniture and create some fun stuff for my boys!

  95. Michelle says

    Why do I deserve a Cameo? I can't honestly say that I do. I would love one and put it to good use though.

  96. April and Paul Monroe says

    We are building our first house and I have so many projects I would love to do with a Cameo!!

  97. says

    Wow, that dresser is lovely! More ideas for the collection in the garage!

    I'd like a Cameo to help make signs for our animal shelter's fundraisers! Painting everything by hand or having to trace it using a projector takes for-eve-R.

  98. Kaytee Pettett says

    Oh. My. Gosh! I love silhouette! I've got a small booth in a local vintage shop where I give furniture new life and it would be amazing to have the cameo to give the furniture that extra punch! love it!

  99. Kaytee Pettett says

    I so didn't know that silhouette had a Pinterest but you better believe i'm following it now!

  100. the LOVE girls says

    I am recently married and one love to add this to our home. Right now we can afford garage sale DIY projects and this would be just the thing to spruce those projects up.

  101. Jamie says

    Fingers crossed, I've been wanting one of these for ages! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  102. says

    I deserve a cameo because I was supposed to get one for mothers day but then the hubsters suggested we get a bike trailer and bike so we could spend more time as a family. What kind of mom would I be if I said no? We purchased the bikes and trailer a couple weeks before mothers day so he assumed he was off the hook and didn't need to do anything for mothers day. No card, flowers, breakfast or dinner plans. I believe he said happy day around 12. It was my very FIRST mothers day. I informed him how he made me feel, like I wasn't a good mother, or wife, "I only needed a sweet homemade card(fighting back tears)." since he thought I was mad he chose not to talk to me or touch me the rest of the day because he didn't want to make it worse. Oh my, how clueless can our dear sweet husbands be sometimes. So, I'm begging you to make it up to me because of his idiodicy.

  103. says

    First of all~great dresser!
    Why do I deserve a Cameo? I don't know that I do~but I have a daughter getting married sometime in the next year, and a Cameo would be SO handy to use in decorating the wedding.

  104. Cory & Mindy says

    I am not sure if I deserve a Silhouette, but I really want one and the only way I am going to get one is if I win one. I am pretty sure my husband will never agree to me getting one, but I have a lot of crafts that would be so much easier to do with one.

  105. says

    I deserve a CAMEO because every time I enter, I never win, and I WOULD LOVE A CAMEO!! I could do so many things with a cameo…it would just make my creativeness bloom! AHH!!

  106. Courtney says

    Oh baby I want one of these! I have a dining room that needs some serious patterns painted on the bottom half :)

  107. Brittny says

    I deserve one because I've always wanted one but cant talk the husband into getting me one:) hope I win! Love your blog.

  108. Brittny says

    I deserve one because I've always wanted one but cant talk the husband into getting me one:) hope I win! Love your blog.

  109. Tausha says

    I feel like I deserve a Cameo because I work FULL time, go to school Full time, and am 5 months pregnant. My husband just graduated and is trying to get into Dental School. We live mostly off my paychecks in a small apartment. I've tried to DIY most of our apartment, and make it as 'cozy' as possible. With a little girl on the way, I am wanting to turn half of our bedroom into her nursery. (yep, can't afford a 2 bedroom apartment right now). And I think with the Cameo – I would be able to use vinyl to decorate her space, as well as ours. I would be able to DIY some cute onesies to help save money. That's why I deserve one!! I can't justify spending our diaper money – but I want a cute decorated baby and home!

    Thanks for the chance! Good luck everyone!!

  110. Tausha says

    I have followed the Silhouette blog for as long as I can remember!! I LOVE all of their ideas!!

  111. says

    I honestly don't know what it would take to deserve this and I'm not one for sob stories. If I have to, I can produce on the "Woe is me." However, I would really appreciate wining :)and I promise to give it a good home.

  112. Rayna Jepsen says

    I would love to have the silhouette machine so I can make stencils without slicing my fingers.

  113. says

    I would absolutely love to win. Then I can do all the cute crafts you and other bloggers do. I have so many i want to do.nThanks for the chance.

  114. says

    I donate memory books and boxes with special cards and burial clothes to a local hospital. These are given to families who loose their newborn babies. Most items are hand cut. A cameo would be much quicker enabling me to donate more.

  115. says

    I am the youth leader, and I could also help decorate other sunday school rooms if i had a cutter…make youth shirts, craft for my house make my, neice cute clothes, get crafty with my two year old, make awesome party stuff, make gifts, cards…i will put this to use!!

  116. says

    I don't deserve one, but my wife sure does. She is the most caring and giving person I know! She has wanted one for so long but never spends money on herself!

  117. says

    I won't say I deserve one. But it would be super awesome to win one. I've been wanting to get one just so I could give it to my Granny. She's over 70, but she is so passionate about scrapbooking and she wants one desperately! It would be such a great birthday gift for her in September!

  118. says

    I have to say that I've wanted one of these bad boys for a long time now. I've been a cricut user for less than a year now and already finding its limitations. I can't say that I deserve one, but I can say it would make an awesome birthday present since my birthday is on Sunday! 😉 Just saying…

  119. says

    The dresser turned out fabulously. I'd love a cameo. The silhouette would make my girl scout leading so much easier. There would be far fewer late nights with an exacto knife.

  120. Kelly says

    I deserve a cameo because I work hard to support my family and many of the things I would like get pushed aside to get the little things… like food and clothes.

  121. The Knudsen's says

    I deserve a cameo so that I can put all the creations in my mind out for the world to see!

  122. says

    I'm a stay at home mom of 2 (and counting) with a high school teacher husband. Money is tight, but we still want to have a cozy, cute home. So I craft a lot and try to do it cheaply (which is one reason I love your blog!)Having a Cameo would help me be able to do a good deal more for our home!

  123. Summer says

    I wish I had some noble reason for why I absolutely deserve a Cameo, but I don't really. I have one of those awkward bathroom windows on the first floor (right by the front door {!!!}) and I've been thinking a cute vinyl damask would be a nice solution for some privacy. So maybe that is a noble enough reason for a cameo…? Guests who use the first floor bathroom won't feel weird when they need a moment….? Love your blog! :)

  124. says

    What a fabulous giveaway!!! I totally love this machine and would use it for home decor, scrapbooking and card making. I am in awe with what one could do with this….

  125. says

    I love my Cameo, so if I won, this would be a SWEET Christmas gift for my BFF. I know she could never afford to purchase one herself, but she's a crafting goddess, and totally deserves one.

  126. says

    I could so a lot with my scrapbooking with a Silhouette, not to mention crafts with my kids, projects around the house, things with my church, and the list goes on . . . Plus, as a SAHM of 2 preschoolers, getting my own is just not within my budget, so winning one would be a dream!

  127. says

    I want to start my own Tshirt line to raise money for charity! I think the silhouette will be a perfect tool to silkscreen since we will have to start small :)

  128. says

    I don't know that I DESERVE a Silhouette, but I REALLY REALLY want one! It is such an awesome machine and there are so many things that I could do with one. I've got a new house that is just begging to be decorated. :)

  129. says

    I host a craft group, have for the past almost 2 years, and having a cameo would be absolutely wonderful and cut down on our costs!!! Myhedwig(at) gmail(dot) com

  130. says

    My daughter and I founded and run a nonprofit (www.momentshouse.org) for anyone living with a cancer diagnosis in our area. We would love to have this for our facility. Peace and blessings!

  131. says

    this is truly a beautiful work on this chest.

    I could use a Cameo for so many things, here at home, at church and school. love love love it!

  132. says

    I dont know about deserve, but I would truly love to have one. I am a major crafter and go through my own weight in contact paper/freezer paper trying to make stencils.

  133. says

    I would love a silhouette cameo because it I have tried to hand paint scroll and it turned out awful. Well maybe not awful, but definitely unfortunate. And it would make me so happy! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  134. says

    Because my husband has no problem spending money on the things he wants, but I do? Seriously, I don't even want to buy things I need (like, oh, bras) let alone things I just want.

  135. says

    My husband and I are children's pastors and always crafting with the kids. This would be a huge difference in our ministry.

  136. says

    Brooke, let's just cut to the chase. You can just skip Random.org and just pick meeee! I think we both know I need one of these BAD.

    Beth @ Sawdust&Embryos;


  137. says

    I deserve this because my husband would never allow me to buy one, and I get so jealous of your wonderful projects and can't wait to make a few of my own.

  138. says

    Why do I deserve a Cameo? During the school year, I teach struggling readers in K and first grade. I am a baby boomer who reads a lot of blogs and is getting up the nerve to sell some thrift treasures. I would adore having this tool to embellish items and to make some signs to sell. I am looking to add to my income and have a little business that I may take off for my retirement.
    This would be a dream machine for me, hope I might be lucky enough to win.

  139. says

    I think I deserve a cameo because I would take great care of it ….and hug it, hold it and LOVE it forever!! lol Plus, I have just the perfect spot for it. :)

  140. says

    I really don't deserve this wonderful prize package anymore than all the other wonderful people who really, really want this prize as much as myself. However, I would really like to win this because I see all the wonderful projects people in "blogland" do and I would like to be able to do so, also. It is a very expensive item to justify purchasing with a daughter just starting college… so winning this would be wonderful.

  141. says

    I deserve one because I have four boys and although I love them to bits I am a girly girl in need of some decore therapy! Did I mention my oldest boy is 6 and youngest is 6 months? Oh the time I would save creating with this:)

  142. says

    I would love this. I want to expand my furniture redo ability! Love this giveaway! Thank you thank you thank you

  143. says

    I'm not sure if I deserve it, but I would love to win a Cameo because I would love to try all the awesome projects I've seen!

  144. says

    I definitely NEED a cameo because we just moved to a new home and I would LOVE to use this to help me decorate! Especially vinyl for my daughter's freshly painted pink walls!

  145. says

    it would be awesome to use for a youth group I've been recently involved in for church and for back to school things too. The vinyl and paper cutting especially.

  146. says

    I NEED a cameo! Every time I sit down to scrapbook I wish I had one!I love decorating with vinyl and I have so many ideas that I would love to be able to do!

  147. says

    I want a Silhouette because a friend has one and we used it to do teacher gifts last year, oh wow i'm insanely jealous now! It's been on my wishlist for a while but out of my price range!

  148. Lynnalou says

    Brook you are so amazing. I love inspirational lettering. My abby has cerebral palsy. When I take my daughter to her therapy (which is intense and it is hard to hear her scream and cry) they have very motivation saying all over the walls which give us courage to keep going. I would love to put up lettering all over my house to encourage my family to keep going and let them know how much I love them all the time and in different ways. Added measure I love to decorate too.

  149. Lynnalou says

    Okay brook you have managed to hook me on another cute blog. I am totally going to follow the Cameo blog. I love it thank you. You are awesome. luv ya. 😉

  150. Lynnalou says

    And I am following them on Pinterest now too. Yeah!!! So many cute ideas. Thank you so much for showing me the amazing thing that you can do with a cameo. I can't wait to have one someday. Thank you. Have a Wonderful day. Keep smiling!

  151. Claudia says

    I love to craft, and could use this for so many unique projects! Love seeing how you use this on your blog. :)

  152. Apollonia says

    I am always cutting my own stencils, they sometimes take hours. I would love to have one of these machines, it would make things so easy for me and I can finish decorating our new home.


  153. says

    I totally deserve a cameo! I've been wanting one forever,(ask my husband), but I've used the money to take classes that I need. Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. says

    My husband is in the army and there is always a need for personalized gifts for soldiers leaving the unit, to show appreciation for wives, for new baby gifts, for volunteers, I could go on and on. I also have a large family and work with the children at church. A Silhouette would be such a helpful tool to have to help personalize the gifts I like to give to the wonderful people I get the opportunity to be acquainted with in all of our military travels!

  155. says

    I totally deserve the silhouette because I have been waiting SO PATIENTLY for years!! I am a poor teacher who cannot afford it…but want it so badly for projects to blog about & make my home more beautiful!!

  156. says

    I don't know that I "deserve" one but I would definitely use it a LOT! I have the Silhouette and would love to pass it along and stop cutting 12×12 sheets to fit.

  157. Samantha says

    I can't say I deserve one, but I do have a little round cabinet just waiting to be re-done. I also just found out our painted cabinets are hideous wood veneer underneath, and we won't be able to refinish them, so winning this would really cheer me up!

  158. says

    I would LOVE to win a cameo!! I have an SD and although I love it, I feel like I am limited with what I can do. I really need the bigger one 😉

    Thanks Brooke!!

  159. says

    I think I deserve a Silloutte machine because I have seen so many nifty ways to use it on Pinterest and other people's blogs. I would totally buy myself one, but I have just decided that I need to go on a serious spending diet and only buy things I "need" not things that I "want." So maybe I'll get lucky and win one! Thanks!!

  160. Steele, Amy, Abi says

    I would love a Silhouette Cameo! I love making things for other people and my kids.

  161. says

    My husband is working 70 hours (2 jobs) a week to support us so I decided to start a business crafting and distressing furniture. If I won the Silhouette, it would really help to increase my profits.

  162. says

    Deserve is such a strong word. Covet? Pine for? Dream? Drool? Wish upon every star? Guilty of all the above and more. But Deserve?
    I do know I would use the heck out of it! the freedom, the creative opportunities it would provide for me… The absolute thrill of creating projects for myself as well as helping others adorn their homes and projects with my nifty sought after and GREATLY appreciated Silhouette… Well I just can not come close to describing the joy! If I were to be awarded such a wonderful piece of equipment to be at my disposal even at 2AM… I think I would USE IT! It sure would not get dusty around here :)

  163. says

    I did not realize what I was missing out on not searching out the Silhouette blog! I am gonna have a great time reading through the back posts for sure.
    I subscribed under AzNacha@q.com My blog following email addy :)

  164. says

    WOW I just spent a great amount of time checking out the Pinterest boards for the Silhouette! I had no idea how much there was available to learn from.
    I am a new subscriber! thank you for the opportunity to find all this great info. One day I wish to have one of my very own. :)
    Selena :)

  165. Allie says

    Hey Brooke! I would like this Silhouette Cameo to use in my classroom this spring. I will be a student teacher, and it will be extremely useful as I plan creative, crafty lessons. By winning this I would save a lot of money. :) Being a graduate student is very expensive!!

  166. Butterfly Boutique says

    I would love a cameo so I could do all kinds of projects for my kids and for work.

  167. says

    Oh my gosh! What you've done with that cabinet is amazing! Direct to my Pinterest!!!

    Anyways… I was gonna say: we all deserve a Cameo. It is a must have in every house with a creative woman in it!

    However… I deserve one right now!!! I live in the UK (I checked with Silhouette America and as long as I give them an american address to ship it I can participate!) and here it is $460!!!!

    I'll be in the US soon visiting some family and I planned on buying it. However, what do I want the Silhouette for with no accesories, vinyl, heat transfer, etc?? :(

    And no, after buying one, I won't be able to afford buying the rest of the material…

    However, if I was sooo lucky to win one, I could use those $300 to buy different vinyls, heat transfer paper, etc!!!! :)

    Wish me good luck! 😉

    xo, Blanca

  168. says

    3rd entry: Yes, I follow Silhouette on Pinterest!!! :)

    Good luck to all of you! I guess we all have our reasons to win one!

    xo, Blanca

  169. says

    Because I work 80 hours a week helping low income seniors and having a Silouette would save so much time it would make crafting a possible again!!! Thanks for this awesome give away. You rock :)

  170. says

    I don't particularly deserve a Cameo but I have been stalking that bad boy on everyone's giveaways and I am too cheap to buy myself one..deserving, no, but honest, of course!

  171. says

    I am a teacher and need all the help I can get with creativity. Pinterest has been so inspirational and when I'm inspired, my students are inspired!

  172. says

    Well, I don't think I necessarily deserve a Cameo, but I certainly would enjoy having one! :) There are so many fun things to be made with it.

  173. says

    I would love to win a Silhouette. I have a list a mile long of projects I could create with a Silhouette, starting with monogrammed towels for my children!

  174. says

    I have wanted a Cameo FOREVER! I've actually cut stencils myself a couple times now, and this would obviously be soooo much easier. Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. says

    I love these! I've wanted to get one to update my new old house, but with a new baby and growing family money doesn't allow me to! I'd love to have this!

  176. says

    I deserve a Cameo because I have a mile long list of things I could do with it! And it would be dream to use verses the old way of tracing printed designs and hand painting. :) Thanks!

  177. says

    I would LOVE to win a Cameo because I've wanted to try this fun little machine for awhile now. I'd love to try so many projects with the Cameo, and think I would finally try some crafts I've been meaning to try but haven't had the means to do! :) Thanks so much.

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  178. says

    Hm. I would love a Silhouette cameo. Like everyone else who visits this blog, I love home decorating and would love to use the Cameo to embellish furtniture, stencil walls, and create papercuts with inspirational quotes. I love your blog, by the way. You make beautiful things. Thanks for giving away the Cameo.

  179. says

    Thanks for the chance to win! I always cut all my own stencils by hand and sometimes it just isn't pretty. This would be amazing!!!

  180. says

    I would LOVE a Silhouette! I currently use a cricut for all my vinyl projects but always feel so restricted by it and would love the freedom of a Silhouette!

  181. says

    Personally, I think everyone deserves a cameo – lol. But obviously that does not help my chances of winning haha! I love crafting and right now I do all of my cutting by tracing it from the computer monitor (flipping it backwards) and then gluing it to the back of the vinyl or paper and then cutting it with an exacto knife which gives me blisters, but I am determined enough so I do it – I guess that's why… Plus my one year old likes to try to "help" while I cut which scares me… a cameo would eliminate that problem.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  182. says

    I deserve the Silhouette Cameo because I am unemployed (not my fault!) and would be able to create beautiful and very unique pieces of furniture and accessories for my start up business! The Cameo would give me an edge over the competition because of all the beautiful items you can make…I need this to help myself and my family get my business off the ground.

  183. says

    Hmm…why I deserve a Silhouette Cameo. Well, I just had twins a few months ago, so most of my free time (really just those tiny pockets of time) is spent on crafty blogs such as All Things Thrifty, making me wish that I had the tools to do some of these fantastic projects!

  184. Cassy says

    I have always wanted a Sillouette! Now, I could cut my own stuff! Now, that would be cool!

  185. andrea says

    I've been wanting one for a long time but haven't been able to afford it due to my husbands job loss. It would help in a lot of ways, too many to count!

  186. says

    I'm a Utah girl that just moved to DC and I've discovered some AWESOME thrift stores! I'm thinking I might just duplicate your gorgeous dresser with one of my new "finds"! Laura

  187. says

    I am a new blogger and have just started to get my blog up and going. I work with Autistic Kids and would love to do projects with the CAMEO! I have been saving for 3 months for one with my goal being Christmas and being able to use it after the New Year! Wouldn't it be great to have one before then for Fall projects??

  188. says

    I am a mother of two college students, to help pay tuition I make and sell creative clothing. Currently, I make all my stencils by hand and it is so time consuming. This product would let me spend more time making and selling!
    Thank you for the consideration.

  189. says

    Have to admit, not sure I deserve it, but I sure would like it. I would use the Cameo to stencil beautiful things!

  190. says

    I deserve a Silhouette Cameo becuase I am trying to find my creative goddess again, trying to let her out of the bottle she has been stuffed in. After years of putting aside my own creating and taking time for me, my boys are finally old enough and have enough independence that I can create again.

  191. says

    Please enter me! I'd love to have one – I'm a scrapbooker at heart, but more recently have become an aspiring DIY'er like you and several others I follow. This would be GREAT! :)

  192. says

    Deserve may be a strong word, but I'll go with 'I deserve one b/c I've tried a million times to win one'!! I'd love it for some furniture projects where a cameo would make them so much easier.

  193. says

    I definitely deserve this cameo! are you kidding me? hehehe! this will be a dream come true! I cannot afford to buy one even with all the coupons combined simply because I am broke! heheheh! I have a lot of projects I can do with this! Our house will be beautiful and I get to make beautiful parties! the possibilities are endless! please make me win!

  194. Kati @ Obscured Flair- says

    I would love to have this because I have lived in my fully furnished rental home for almost 2 years, with ugly furniture. I have been slowly buying furniture to revamp and make this house feel more like a home, and adding that special touch with the Cameo would help! Thank you!

  195. says

    I am a total DIY momma! I have been begging and borrowing cricut's off of anyone I know who has one. This would be HUGE for me to do what I love to do!

  196. says

    OMG – I am not sure how I stumbled upon your site, but I am addicted!!

    I paid a lady 1200 bucks to glaze furniture, how CRAZY is that!

    Now I know better….

    Now for the question at hand, "why do I deserve a CAMEO"

    I have been living in my house for over a year now, I have only purchased 1 item to decorate it, I've got 2600 sq ft to cover, I need help!!

    I've looked at the vinyl decals at the stores, hate em!

    Can not find what I like….and I am sooo tired of looking.

    I have 3 kids, 10 yr girl, 8 yr boy and a 22 month girl AND I work full time–> I need lots of HELP!

    Seriously…I can send photographic evidence!! I spent all my cash on furniture only to leave the walls barren and empty…

    -Your newest follower as off yesterday 8/27

  197. says

    It's hard to say that I DESERVE this more than anyone else, but the ideas I have are endless…. but truthfully I would give this to my creative daughter who has been designing and painting shirts, and has been hand cutting contact paper with an exacto knife; starting completely over for each project. I deserve to see her face when I gave her the machine she's been dreaming about!

  198. says

    A Pinterest post lead me to your site. I feel like I have found the holy grail! I have been trying to think of a way I could make my own stencils to use on furniture. This product would be wonderful. BTW, I also followed you on Pinterest and liked you on FB!

  199. says

    My wife does a lot of decorating and puts a lot of time in to it – she likes to use vinyl but she has to cut it with an exacto knife … so I think she deserves this because she is awesome!


  200. says

    I don't really think I deserve one but I sure would love to win one! It would be put to good use that's for sure!

  201. says

    I deserve a Cameo because I have a ton of great projects that I would LOVE to do, but just can't afford one right now! Once I get one my poor kids…better teach them to cook now!

  202. says

    I would love a Cameo to give to my sweet daughter in law. She would love having one in her home. She is always working on different projects and this would be so helpful for her.

  203. says

    I always see these fun stencils and wish SO BAD that I could do them, but plunking down the moolah for these machines are just not reality for me. I have so many projects that I'm afraid will just have to stay in my head because I don't have the right tools to make them reality.

  204. says

    I deserve a silhouette cameo because I love creating. I have wanted one for SO long, but just can't bring myself to justify that I need one. I would LOVE to have one and would make really wonderful things with it and even start blogging about them!! PICK me please! Plus I have a ton of crafty friends that I would share with and they would be sure to fall in love and have to get one too. :)

  205. says

    I would love a Cameo. I'm currently 14 weeks preggo (yay! boy or girl? we'll find out soon!), I work full time and have a side business that involves wood burning and staining/painting onto reclaimed furniture. I call it "Scorched Wood Tattoo", and while very underground, once Baby arrives I hope to make it a reliable source of income. My husband and I are in the process of purchasing our first home (a 1914 Craftsman Bungalow in desperate need of help), so any opportunity to earn free goodies to help us make the bills is always welcome. Plus, I will make you a personalized Lazy Me (my name is Susan) using the Cameo as a huge THANK YOU from all three of us!

  206. says

    I deserve a Cameo because I am an avid scrapbooker & cardmaker with NO die cutting machine. I am a divorced mother of 2 who just can't afford one. I am so in need of money that I am now looking for a part-time job on top of my full-time job. I could go on but I bet you get the point!

  207. says

    I think I totally deserve a Cameo, I currently have a Cricut and it makes me so mad! Just today trying to cut out letters for a DIY art project/print for above my son's bed and it just would not cut, used up to much paper and was just a pain to use! The entire time, all I could think about was that I would LOVE to have a Silhouette to work with and how AWESOME that would be!!!Don't get me wrong, I am happy that I have the Cricut, it is better than nothing at all but I just hear that the Silhouette is such so better and cooler! Thanks!

  208. Maria says

    I deserve the Cameo machine because I am in the process of undertaking a HUGE project for my church's Sunday School department. I will be organizing all of the teacher's supplies for class as well as all of their supplies for decorating the classrooms and it is an organizational nightmare!!!! I need the machine to make it work!! Please Please Help!!! :)

  209. says

    We just moved into a new house and it needs some DECORATING!! The Cameo would be great for that!!

    chic_style at live dot com