My adorable shih tzu Sugar {aka Shoogs} has turquoise paint on her paw. Poor thing can’t escape the painting chaos around here these days. Sugar Isn’t she cute!??!

P.S. I had to giggle a bit at Dan’s cute attempt to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday by hijacking All Things Thrifty for 30 seconds. What a nice thing for a husband to do! But, he didn’t make it clear what he was doing, and I hope people weren’t confused by the crazy picture of me holding the sign “Beware of Wife.” Ha ha.

Saturday we went to Vegas for a shopping day, and we made it to Hobby Lobby where the sign came from. I held it up because I am THAT crazy wife that probably drives her husband crazy at times. Soooooo, don’t be confused. It was only a cute husband trying to tell his wifey Happy Birthday. We had a lot of fun spending time doing nothing {the best present I could ask for!} I am now 31 years old. I have to admit, turning 31 was a whole heck of a lot easier than turning 30 last year!

Was turning 30 as hard for you as it was me?


  1. says

    Signs this reader is a craft blogger, I found myself concerned about whatever project might just have a puppy arm print in it! Lol. I hope your birthday was awesome. I turn 30 next March. I plan on ignoring it completely!

  2. says

    That's so cute. My pup gets drafted into my wild ideas and projects. I would love to have you link up your pup on Monday for our Puppy Love Photo Party. I just love to see new pixs of our fur babies. I always have a giveaway for one partyier too. Anyway … would love to have you join us…it's a once a month picture pup post link up.

  3. Tausha says

    We are blogging sisters forever now. I too have a shih-Tzu who has paint on his paws, more often than not! it's a sign of love…right?

  4. says

    I turned 30 this year but SHHH!!! you have to keep that a secret!!! It didn't bother me as bad as I have seen it bother others. First of all my year of birth is not posted on my fb or any other site ;), second when anyone asks me how old I am I without hesitation say 21, I've even got my kids where they will say 21 if anyone asks them they still giggle a little when saying it. I did not have a birthday party or do anything, our current financial situation was very similar then too so that helped out a good bit because we didn't have the money for anyone to make a big deal out of it. I made jokes about it & still do, there are many people who still to this day have no clue exactly how old I am. & I plan to keep it that way :)

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