My entryway has been fun to decorate, but if you missed yesterday’s post, let me bring you up to speed. It’s been YEARS in the making. I had a few decorating challenges to hurdle.

#1 Challenge {WALL ANGLES}:The wall with the mirror has funky angles, so just anything would not fit.
# 2 Challenge {HALLWAY MUST FUNCTION}: The wall is actually part of a hallway to my bedroom to the right, so everything needed to be extremely narrow.
#3 Challenge {FIRST IMPRESSION}: this is the first wall people see when they enter our home, so it needed to be the right balance between functional and pretty.
The plan was simple, and it shouldn’t have taken so long to complete, but finding the right narrow little table was hard {because of challenge #2}. Sometimes searching for just the right items can take patience and when I held the Hoard Sale of 2012 with Mandilicious from Vintage Revivals, I told myself I couldn’t come home with any more crap. After all I was trying to get RID of crap, right!?! Wrong. I knew it was love at first sight when I saw the little table. Mandi {from Vintage Revivals} was selling this adorable little farm table for $15.00. It. was. perfect. I love that it has small paint splatters too. It gives it character! It is just the right height and it is very narrow for my small hallway. I bought it without batting an eye.
I got busy decorating and had it almost completely done within a day. BUT, the table needed a small basket to put keys in so that it would not look cluttered. I didn’t like the first option…the turquoise basket was too bulky.

 entry way before copy entry way table

But when I found this fun dainty gray pale Monday, it was perfect. I found it at HomeGoods along with the flowers and wire baskets under the table.

entryway decorWe are a family who takes off our shoes at the door most of the time, and the baskets are constantly full of shoes. So, I think I am going to line the baskets with white fabric and put labels on them {just to hide the shoes}.
entryway 1 entryway 3
But overall, the look is exactly what I wanted. A little pop of color, a little farmy feely and a LOT of spunkiness to show off the turquoise mirror.
entrywayentryway 2  entryway table entryway accessories
Here is one more reminder of what it looked like before….                            and AFTER!!
entry way before     entryway decor 1
Now I just need to finish the molding squares {like the rest of the entryway}…the to do list never ends around here! Happy Wednesday!


  1. says

    Adorable. Great look. We have similar taste. I just did an entryway makeover too! I painted an old dresser with homemade chalk paint. I put some pics on facebook. (Jodi Rix Wheat)

  2. Nicole and Justin says

    Love the flowers! It looks darling:) we are getting ready to stencil one if our walls, you'll have to come check it out:)

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