As an avid pumpkin carver myself, I have compiled a list of what I think is the best pumpkin pattern websites out there. I share these websites with you because I know how fun it is to carve pumpkins and for my family it is a HUGE family tradition. I hope you enjoy carving pumpkins this year! If you need instructions on how to carve pumpkins visit our pumpkin carving 101 post to help make carving easier for you and your family. carving sites copy is my very favorite site for pumpkin carving patterns. This dude is mega-talented and his patterns are always a crowd favorite at our pumpkin display. Stoney’s patterns aren’t for the inexperienced carver though. You need to have rockin’ skills to do his patterns justice. Stoney has several different levels of carvings, and you can find cut-through patterns on his site too. In order to download the patterns on Stoney’s site you need to purchase pattern credits and then you can choose which ones you want to get.
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The most impressive patterns involve intricate shading and they people always LOVE the results. My sister in law Jessie carved this amazing Dragon! My Dad carved John Wayne, and my brother Court carved the Joker.
draco the dragon john wayne joker
zombieZombie pumpkins is another website that we get a lot of our patterns from. These patterns are impressive and pretty easy because they are all cut-through patterns. You don’t need special carving tools for shading for all of these pumpkins. Just the plain ‘ol pumpkin carving tools kit from Wal-Mart will be perfect. There is a membership fee for Zombie Pumpkins, but it is worth every penny.
I love that Zombie pumpkins has a ton of TV and movie patterns along with kids patterns for the whole family.
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jpJP Jammin pumpkins is a rockin’ site that has amazing pumpkin stencils to choose from. They are a little harder than Zombie’s patterns, but they are mega impressive too. JP’s extreme patterns are always some of patterns that people love the very most. You can join JP Jammin for as little as $2.00, but we always use tons more patterns than that so we opt for a larger membership.
JP gets an e-mail from us every year because we want access to his amazing Ghost Rider pumpkin pattern that we start on fire every year plus we can’t live without his intense Spiderman carving pattern. For returning members he gives a “bonus” pattern section that is amazing.

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JP also has a ton of kid favorites in his pattern archives.
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pumpkin wizardPumpkin Wizard is another pumpkin carving site that I absolutely LOVE. Like Stoney’s site, you need professional carving tools to complete any of the shading patterns on this website. By the time our membership was authenticated this year, we were done with carving. So, we didn’t carve any from Brad this year. Brad is a good friend and has amazing patterns. I learned a lot of instructions from his website. His site has a membership fee for full access. You can also buy his pumpkin patterns individually. Brad {the owner of Pumpkin Wizard} is a big-time pumpkin carver.
I love the pumpkin forums at pumpkin wizard. If you want to ask some amazing carvers questions, they are quick to respond with the answer. I love it!
orange and blackOrange and Black pumpkins is a site that we found for the first time this year. The patterns are fairly easy and are cut through so you don’t need special tools to carve these bad boys. This site is FREE.
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PumpGlowLogo2Pumpkinglow is a favorite site of ours and we have carved lots of his patterns in the past.  His patterns are FREE and are great for those that don’t want to pay a membership fee. I love the John Wayne pattern the most, but we didn’t carve it this year.
pumpkin glow patterns

cartoon jr Cartoon Jr has some fun and easy Princess patterns that are bound to make any girl happy. These patterns are FREE too!
cartoon jr patterns

pumpkin-carving-patterns-spookmaster-logo Spook master has some easy patterns for the beginning carver and only has a small membership fee. This site also give some free patterns. This site is great for traditional Halloween patterns and sports teams. sports patterns

halloween pumpkinsAlthough, I don’t think Halloween Pumpkins is the original source of these paterns they have archived some of the patterns our kids like to carve year after year. Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto can be found at Halloween Pumpkins.
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banner_r1_c1Pumpkin Pile has a ton of patterns for the beginning carver. We haven’t carved any from this site because they are too easy for us, but for someone who is new to pumpkin carving, this is a great site to start with. Plus, the patterns are FREE!
pumpkin pile


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    Thank you for such a wonderful writeup! I do pride myself on the diversity of designs and Extreme patterns.

    Jammin Pumpkins will be relaunching for 2013 shortly, co come by and see what’s new!

    (Yes, really!)

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