Yes, you read that correctly, I said PLAID. I will explain, just give me time.

Yo, yo, yo! Did you think I dropped off the face of the planet? I know that projects have been sparse lately, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been doing any. We have been up to our eyelids in projects around here.  Plus, I’ve been sick lately. Yeah, I won’t give you a sob story, but it hasn’t been fun. My family is ready for me to be better. Heck, I am ready for myself to be better. 

To keep to the point, my girls room began looking like this, it was cute with a lower case c. It had some cute elements, like my Christmas Ornament Lamp, and my Embroidery Hoop Wall Art, but it needed a facelift.
2009-08-08 kids roomunique lamp 1
Then, the room took the back seat to other projects for years. Story of life, right? I wanted their new room design to be girly, bright, fun, and new, so the process began.
I already showcased part 1 of my girls room a few weeks back, where I explained some deep/dark secrets about the girls sleeping on the floor on their mattresses. I planned to do “something” really cute for my girls room for ahem, a year now, and to make a long story short, it took awhile to get our ducks in a row. But, then after a few fun projects, the room is finally coming together.
girls room small
My motto around here has always been GO BIG or GO HOME, and I found myself wanting the craziest paint plan ever. I was determined and by dang I was going to continue until I figured it out! Luckily I have the most amazing friends on the planet who came to my rescue to help with this beast of a project. Dan and I were in over our heads on this one. I will be posting a tutorial soon, but just know that the math involved made my brain hurt for DAYS. Ha! The uber-so-talented Mandi from Vintage Revivals and my amazing friend/assistant Jolinn came and helped for hours and hours. They deserve 25 diet cokes. Yep, I pay in carbonated beverages. I am very grateful for both of them.
We started with a reckless plan that continued until midnight. I’m not joking about the midnight thing, either. We measured, taped, measured and taped until we were slap-happy.
girls roomm before girls room painting pics 554
I have wanted a basic plaid design on their walls, and I was determined to get it. I’m excited, and the results blew me away. The pictures truly don’t do this room justice. Don’t the walls remind you of a cute plaid shirt? I’ve seen some really fun plaid shirts popping up around the fashion industry. Don’t believe me, check out these plaid shirts from some of my fave wish list stores: Buckle, J.Crew, Gap, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie.
The room turned out a perfect pattern on pattern design!

girls room ideas
Mandi and Dan had a fun time teasing me about just painting stripes instead, but I couldn’t let go of my plaid vision. Luckily, they were on board and helped figure out the madness. We taped and taped and taped some more.
girls room  before girls room girls room painting pics 556
This picture is the only one we have of me during the process, and to prove I was there, I thought I’d post it! Just pretend I’m looking at the camera and pretend I’ve got a cute smile on my face, instead of looking into nothingness and looking like an orphan. Gah! I promise I was there, working the entire time.

painting pic1emerald_lg 
The room was painted in Sherwin-Williams’ Emerald paint in standard white. The Emerald paint definitely impressed me with a true two coat coverage. No primer was needed. I thought for sure it would need more than two coats because the blue was dark that we were covering. But, sure enough, two coats covered the blue perfectly.
The paint is different in a good way! It leaves a completely different feel than I’m used to and I like it! It feels more durable or something. It’s really smooth and pristine looking. I can’t even explain it, it looks really good. Trust me, I don’t just say stuff like that, and I wasn’t paid to tell you that either. I also LOVE that this paint has a lifetime warranty.
I’ve used their floor paint in the past too on my painted rug project, and that product was also amazing! Plus, the Sherwin-Williams store employees were super nice and totally know their stuff. If you have a question they are super good at what they do. I definitely trust their advice. I’m excited to use this paint on more projects because it’s different than any other latex paint than I’ve ever used.
girls room before 2agirls room painting pics 555
Overall, I can definitely say that I’m super happy with the results of this project. It is exactly what I was hoping for.
girls room paint ideas 1
My girls LOVE their new room too! It is sooo much brighter than the tan walls from when we moved in!

girls room before 1a IMG_2069 
Now I just need to accessorize! Shhhh, don’t tell the hubby. Ha! J/K. He knows me too well.girls room 1The great news for you?Sherwin-Williams is having a HUGE sale that doesn’t happen but a few times a year! It starts in a few days! You can try their products at 40% off! So, if you’ve got a paint project on your to do list, now is the time to buy the paint. The sale will last from Nov. 9-12.Nov_supersale_flyer[1][1]

I was not compensated for this post by Sherwin-Willaims, but I was given Emerald paint to try. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Tam says

    This is AMAZING!!! Wow, I can imagine this being something I would want, then start the project only to get frustrated & quit! But you pulled it off and it is fabulous! The only problem now is I would NEVER want to paint over them down the road! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Tracie Harris says

    I want to do something similar in our master. It looks amazing!

    I have to say I'd never used Sherwin Williams paint, but I bought a gallon during their last big sale and was AMAZED. Really, really nice paint.

  3. Nicole and Justin says

    That does look awesome! I'm sure the girls love it! I'm so sorry you've been feeling crummy. Send your kids over anytime! Creed included.

  4. The Yoder's Four says

    FABULOUS! So unique and girly and fun!! Dang, I wish I had you and Mandi around to help me paint my house, haha.

  5. says

    This room came out beautiful! I love the way that it doesn't actually match fully, but it GOES. I constantly have to explain this to my mom when it comes to my clothes… "No mom, I don't match today, but it just GOES together!" haha! I love your blog!

    <3 danielle

  6. Carly says

    If I’m being honest… I prefer the solid color walls. The plaid does look nice, but I think it looks to busy with the headboards.

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